Clarins Review

Curious about whether or not Clarins works?

Clarins is a high-end skin care line that costs more than many competitors. You are supposed to notice changes to skin texture, signs of aging and other issues with regular use. We know the Clarins Group is behind the line. The official website for that company was purchased in 2006. You can buy direct, but many outside retailers also carry the products.

What is Clarins?

Clarins is a rather expensive skin care line that contains ingredients like sunflower auxins, oat sugars, dimethicone, biotin and more. Some of the tightening products also contain caffeine, which has been shown to work short-term. We did find parabens, sulfates and fragrance in some formulas. There are detailed instructions, but there’s nothing about how long you have to wait before seeing results.

Quick Facts on Clarins

  • Clarins is more expensive than some comparable lines.
  • You can only return unused products unless defective.
  • Parabens and sulfates are used in some formulas.
  • Outside retailers often sell the products for less than the official website.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take?

“We went into our research expecting big things from Clarins, because the line is quite expensive,” says our Skincare Editor. “What we found were some irritants and quite a few negative reviews.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We look closely at reviews to see how customers feel about a line or product, like Clarins eye cream, for instance. With this company, we found both positive and negative. It also concerns us that we read numerous reports of lackluster results.

Some negative reviews said:

  • “My skin is unevenly hydrated – dry spots in some places, while other parts of my face break out.”
  • “I have been a loyal Clarins customer for almost 20 years, so I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I will be switching to another brand.”

There are positive reviews as well.

  • “My skin is smoother and I can see less bumps.”
  • “I like the feel of it. It makes my skin tingle, and that makes me think it’s working.”

Lack of results was another issue for some.

  • “Used this nightly for a solid month. Noticed no difference whatsoever. Disappointed.”
  • “It smelled nice and has a [nice texture] but after 3 wks absolutely NO difference.”

Others say some nice results in only a few days.

  • “I noticed the difference in the second day.”
  • “The texture if my skin is smoother and softer.”

Is It Time to Place an Order with Clarins?

Should we give Clarins a chance? Well, we have no doubt that some formulas will hydrate and others will fight the signs of aging, but we have concerns about the formulas. There are irritants in there, plus parabens and sulfates are used. This is not what you’d expect from such an expensive product line. Plus, we found far too many mixed reviews.

What Do We Like Better than Clarins?

Of all the products we’ve seen in 2016, the best is BioGeniste. The unique formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients. And, the customer reviews are absolutely fantastic.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.


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