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Clarins “Paris” is a cosmetic brand that specializes in skin care treatments and makeup products. Like many other cosmetic brands found in common departments stores, Clarins is a “high end” beauty line. Since 1954, this skin care line has offered a broad array of treatments for women and men. There are essentially seven different categories found within the Clarins brand. These are Face, Make-up, Sun Care, Well Being, ClarinsMen, Fragrance and Body. Although all Clarins products are available through the official website, they are also offered in select department stores. Free samples are not offered on the website, but may be available in stores.

Similar to many skin care treatments currently available, Clarins incorporates key ingredients such as essential oils and natural plant extracts. This line of skin products offers something for every skin type and aims to assist with common skin dilemmas like aging, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, crow’s feet, dry skin, acne, fine lines, irritation and facial wrinkles. The official website offers a store locator apparatus, as well as “beauty advice.” Furthermore, Clarins separates skin care treatments into age groups such as 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, ect. All Clarins products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, however, customer reviews are not available.

Product Details

Clarins is a “high-end” skin care and makeup line that offers many products intended to suit all women and men of varying skin types. This brand emphasizes the use of notable ingredients like natural plant extracts and essential oils. These skin products are claimed to help users with anything from aging, to sun damage, to hyper pigmentation, to crow’s feet, to dry skin, to acne breakouts, to fine lines, to irritation, to facial wrinkles. Clinical research doesn’t appear to be offered on the official website at this time. Unfortunately, full ingredient lists for Clarins treatments are not offered.

The Good

  • All Clarins products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • There are natural plant extracts found in Clarins treatments.
  • All skin types are addressed on the official website and suitable Clarins products are available for them.
  • Clarins offers a line of skin treatments for men.

The Bad

  • There are no customer testimonials or reviews posted on the website for Clarins products.
  • Clarins skin treatments are rather expensive compared to other brands.
  • Full product ingredient lists are not revealed for Clarins products, so it is not clear if products contain any proven wrinkle fighters.
  • There are no free trial samples of Clarins treatments available via the website.
  • Some individuals may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients found in Clarins products.

The Bottom Line

Clarins, like many other high end department store brands, has a lot of skin, body and hair care products to offer. While these treatments may be suitable for some, they will unlikely be ideal for everyone. It would certainly be nice to see the full list of ingredients found in each skin care product they offer, as well as some customer reviews found on their official website, along with free trial samples. It’s probably a good idea to consult a Clarins specialist in the local shopping mall department store prior to ordering any of these skin treatments. This way you can determine if they contain ingredients that may irritate your skin. In general, Clarins products seem to be more dedicated to promoting general skin health than to specifically treating and preventing wrinkles.

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19 Comments/Questions/Answers to Clarins

  • 1

    Elizabeth Gainey

    I am 48 years old I suffer with bags under my eyes. I have tryed a lot of eye creams and still have bags under my eyes. I tryed clarins eye cream and after 2 days I dont have it any more.

  • 2



    I was using True Comfort foundation but when I went to buy it again it had been discontinued.

    So then I was looking at Extra Firming foundation but find that it is “out of stock” on the website. Is it going to be discontinued as well?

    Where can I find out what products are on to be discontinued?

  • 3


    clarins products verygood.iam 45ys old.i been ues clarins for 15ys.i try not to use the products.becuase i go to store to buy clarins products the castomer service its nogood some of them dont want sell.or bad moo.most of them nogood with the job or ship on the showder.i just want to see friendly shop castomer service.please do something about castomer service.

  • 4


    Which clarins eye cream do u used?…mind to share the specific name?
    i’m concern about my eye bags, tried many product but the results are very disappointing. :-(

  • 5

    Elizabeth Gainey

    I use priori smoothing eye serum but i found if i dont get a good night sleep i still have some bags under my eye. I started useing garnier nutritionist regenerating eye cream with it on first and it work great no bags under the eyes

  • 6

    Gardenia Martinez-Milligan

    I been using the moisturing and the serum for about 3 weeks. My face has dry patches and red spot now everywhere going to determatogist tomrrow.

  • 7

    Gardenia Martinez-Milligan

    reaction dry patches, peeling, itching, redness after using clarins moisturizing and serum

  • 8

    Naomi Gonzalez

    I am 19 years old. I use to use Clarins exfoliating foam cleanser and toner along with the serum and moisterizer (matte-line). It worked miracles on me for the 1st time I had clear beutiful skin that people complimented me on, but 6 months later it stopped working on me and I had pimples. Clarins is no good for treting acne but it is great if you need to clean your face and keep it healthy and smooth!

  • 9


    I am a Clarins Advisor and I do have the Extra Firming Foundation. You may conctact me @ 334-321-3900 ask for Rhonda. I work a Dillard’s and have a good selection of CLARINS.

  • 10


    I am trying the day and night cream and before I buy it again I would like to have a complete list of ingredients for both. Thanks. Wendy

  • 11


    I want to verify if the Sunscreen Cream High Protection for children is still available in the market. I was told by it’s phased out already. Do you have other sunscreen products that has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients? I tried the Sunscreen For Face Control Cream 50+ but I like the consistency of the one for children, it’s thicker. Been using it for over 8 years I think.

  • 12


    I work for Clarins and I don’t see the children’s sunscreen with zinc oxide on the shelf anymore, I took a look at all of them for that specific indgredient and only found it in the sunscreen stick. I too am wanting zinc oxide in my sunscreens because it is one of the best sun Protectants. Unfortunately I found a lot of zinc oxide onion the shiseido sunscreen and use that for now. But I do use a lot of other clarins products.

  • 13


    I bought serum eye cream toner and day and night cream for a special treat. advised that I had a nut allergy and sensitive skin. after two days I looked like I had a reaction, puffy eyes took a week of anti-histamine to get better and skin all red and blotchy – should have stuck with Clinique but got tempted by the freebies on offer with what I bought! Not sure whether to use again or see if I can get refund what a disapointment!

  • 14


    question….what is the kind of products the Clarins has for ladies 60 years old, is the red line of white?

  • 15


    question… is Capital lumiere jour spf 15, soin anti-age unifiant-toutes peaux.
    Vital Light Day spf 15 good for 60 years old lady? or is better the one that cames on red battles?

  • 16

    Gina Sangmeister

    I am allergic to nickel and am looking for a nickel free eye makeup. Is ther nickel in Clarin’s eye make-up?

  • 17


    TOO DARN EXPENSIVE, I bought the firming lotion and I feel so guilty for spending that kind of money, NEVER AGAIN.

  • 18


    I bought the super restorative redefining body care and need to make sure that there are no hormones in the ingredients before I can safely use it.

  • 19

    Rita DiPalma

    Can you tell me where I can find the
    Clarins Everlasting Foundation 103 Ivory. It has been discontinued.

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