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Circadia Skincare has created a line of various types of products intended to help increase skin health and reduce the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and other unsightly effects such as lines and crow’s feet. They have created a website where a great deal of information is posted about their entire line of products, from creams to serums and more. Also, Circadia Skincare has a portion of the website devoted to information about skin care and anti-ageing remedies in general, even outside their own products. The information is backed up by a licensed doctor on the site. The ingredients list, however, is not available on the site, so we couldn’t determine what the products were composed of.

Product Details

Circadia Skincare is one of the products we’ve reviewed that happens to have received press coverage. The product line unfortunately doesn’t seem to contain any special ingredients – if it had we assume it would have been mentioned. However, user testimonials and a dermatologist’s approval appear to corroborate the fact that whatever this line is, works. Prices and refund policies aren’t available on the official website, which leads us to believe that the company mainly is seeking to offer information first, then sell their products. We feel this adds a bit more to a company’s legitimacy, but it remains to be seen how well their products actually hold up to use.

The Good

  • There is customer service available on the website to explain what the best uses and applications of the products are.
  • Press releases have supported it, which lends more of a sense of credibility.
  • Also, the products are endorsed by dermatologists, and their testimonials can be viewed on the official website. We aren’t sure what the prices on the products are, but if they are officially endorsed, it’s possible they’re worth investment.

The Bad

  • The ingredients list isn’t available, so we aren’t able to tell what type of real care this product is able to offer. It’s potentially dangerous to use any type of medicine for which you don’t know the ingredients.
  • The website isn’t really geared toward people who actually want to purchase the Circadia skincare products – there are no prices or refund policies listed at this time.
  • Also, there are no user testimonials that we saw. Official endorsement is good, but the real draw to these types of products comes from consumer endorsement.

The Bottom Line

Circadia Skin Care is a product line that we’ve seen that has press coverage, but because we never really were able to see what the official website offered as ingredients or any sort of user testimonials, we were unable to determine just how good the products were on paper. No trial samples of Circaida Skincare are offered.

2 thoughts on “Circadia Skincare Review”

  1. I have been using Circadia skin care products for 7 months now. In conjunction, with the SWICH treatments; just completed my 6th one today. In between SWICH, I usually have an enzyme facial. My skin has definitely and noticeably improved. My frown lines are gone. My deep wrinkles are much less pronounced, whereas smaller wrinkles are not noticeable at all . My skin tone is even and has more radiance. Yes I do look younger, and colleagues have commented on how youthful my skin looks.

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