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Christine Valmy is a school for beauty with location in the New York area. It is well known for its reputation as a beauty school but the cosmetic lines are not as popular. The beauty products offered by Christine Valmy are of a wide variety for all types of skins and conditions, according to their website. The line we are looking at in this review is the anti-aging line of skin care products. This Christine Valmy line is called the Peach Suite Line. This line of anti-aging products includes 6 products ranging from cleanser and toners to the more advance age fighting treatments like moisturizers and gels to reduce wrinkles.

Product Details

The key ingredients for each of the Christine Valmy products are included on the official website. This is not a complete list of ingredients, but at least it gives the active ingredients. Many of the Christine Valmy anti-aging products in the Peach Suite Line contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This is even suggested for those with dry and sensitive skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acid has been known for its harsh treatment of the skin especially those with sensitive skin types. This ingredient can cause rash and even drying of the skin. Not a product that should be used for those already with dry skin. The Christine Valmy Peach Suite products are rather expensive. There are 6 products in this line of skin care ranging from $18.50 to $125 per item. It is the more expensive items which would be required for the anti-aging treatment and reduction of wrinkles which is the concern. This makes this anti-aging skin care line very expensive. There also does not appear to be a money back guarantee or a free trial offer for the Christine Valmy skin care products.

The Good

  • Christine Valmy has a dedicated website.
  • Products can be purchased directly from the official website.

The Bad

  • The Christine Valmy skin care products use Alpha Hydroxy Acids, rather than Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl.
  • There does not appear to be money back guarantee or free trial offer.
  • The products in the Christine Valmy line only have key ingredients listed.

The Bottom Line

The Christine Valmy name maybe well known as a beauty school, but the skin care line of anti-aging products seems to fall short of that great name. The products contain ingredients known to cause reactions in some users. There is a lack of information on the official website, as they only list key ingredients and not a complete list of ingredients. The Christine Valmy website does not offer a free trial of the products or a money back guarantee. It would be nice to see such ingredients as Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl included in these products. These two ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

10 thoughts on “Christine Valmy Review”

  1. Christine Valmy is terrific, just don t ever go to the spa in Marina Del Rey. There is brunette who works the front desk who needs mental assessment and clinical help. (not snobby, just freaky scary) you must see her to pay and she is so creepy and treated me, a loyal and very good paying costumer for years like a peasant. She is the kind of person who slows down business. I ve already told everyone I know, they ve told their friends and so on..Marina is small, word gets around quick. Don t waste your time, unless that is you want to be subjected to someones neurosis and desperation and cruelty. So bad, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. You are the one who treats others like peasants. Demanding that staff busy with other clients bring you coffee… making your therapist stand idly by as you take cell calls… insulting working women because they have an accent… and not leaving a tip, you cheap snob. There is a bad taste in your mouth because you are rotten inside.

  2. I have had problems with the owner, Gina, in the past but just called right now to make an eyebrow appt. When my usual gal was out for the day I asked for the next best eyebrow waxer to do my brows. Instead of suggesting to me who she thought was their best, she would NOT move on until I told her what time I wanted to come in. I knew this meant she was just going to shove me into a slot that she had open. I refused to give her a time and kept insisting I wanted a name first. She wouldn’t give one. Finally I said something between 11:30 and 3. And what do you know, all of a sudden she was able to produce a name of a lady who just so happened to have an opening at 11:30. So I asked her who else was available at 11:30…and of course, the answer was no one. So I asked her, are you just putting me in a slot with someone who is available or is this truley your next best technician? Her answer? “You are being very rude to me, I would never do that and this phone call is disgusting me”. I said, excuse me?!! I am just trying to be sure I get the best service, these are my eyebrows, I’ll be walking around with them if someone messes them up! What does she do? SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!! I called back and immediately the front desk gal answers instead. I ask who i just spoke with and low and behold, it was the worst customer service rep you have ever met, Gina the OWNER!!!! I have heard MANY a story about her in the past and now it confirms I am no longer giving them my business. I feel horrible for Maria who has to work there, as she is the best eyebrow gal around, and is stuck under the umbrella of Gina’s horrible leadership. Poor Maria has now lost me as a client.

  3. Where can i get chritine valmy products in India (mumbai- borivli). is it effective for sensitive skin
    which product ctm is effective for me.

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