Charmzone DeAGE Review


Charmzone was originally established as Bu Han Cosmetics Co. and from 1966 to 1984 it was based out of Pi Bo Pharmacy. Kwang Seok Kim, the chairman and founder of Charmzone, attended Sung Kyun Kwan University’s College of Pharmacy. Kwan Seok Kim practiced at Pi Bo Pharmacy after graduating. During his time there he studied Korean women’s skin for twenty years. He ended up consulting with about 300,000 women and compiled data over time of their skin characteristics. Kwang Seok Kim established Bu Han Cosmetics Co. in 1984. Bu Han Cosmetics Co. later became known as Charmzone in 1993. Instead of advertising, Charmzone would hand out samples for individuals to try to see if they liked the product before they purchased. Chairman Kim’s slogan is, “You will see the difference just by using the sample.” Charmzone’s products are available through their official website in addition to other online retailers and are all reasonably priced in comparison to other skin care products.

Product Details

Charmzone offers various products including five DeAGE creams: Red Addition, CRD, White Addition, Mela-White and Fresh. Charmzone DeAGE Red Addition was designed for individuals with a busy urban lifestyle to keep their skin animated and fresh. The nutrients in this cream are obtained from red foods such as pomegranate, tomato, mulberry and red wine. There are eight different products in the Red Addition line. Charmzone DeAGE CRD helps to protect your skin from dry air, UV rays and other environmental elements. It contains CRD-1 which is a new ingredient derived from red wine and designed to renew your skin by reversing the aging process. There are nine different products in the CRD line. Charmzone DeAGE White Addition uses botanical energy along with whitening albutin to help clear up fatigued and dull skin. There are six different products in the White Addition line. Charmzone DeAGE Mela-White keeps kin healthy and beautiful by providing rich nutrients. It contains arbutin which is a whitening component. This will make skin more transparent and white by revitalizing dark and dull skin. There are five different products in the Mela-White line. Charmzone DeAGE Fresh will make your skin feel fresh naturally. It will help you skin maintain a young, moist and fresh look by using natural green grape extract. A variety of minerals, vitamins and poliphenols are found in natural green grape extract. There are four different products in the Fresh line.

The Good

  • Charmzone products are reasonably priced.
  • Charmzone offers a wide variety of products to appeal to a wide variety of individuals needs.

The Bad

  • There are no ingredient lists to be found for any of Charmzone’s products.
  • The products can only be used by women.
  • There is no money back guarantee offered.

The Bottom Line

Charmzone offers a wide variety of skin care and anti-aging products. These products are designed specifically for women. There are no ingredient lists to be found which may pose a problem to individuals with certain allergies and who cannot use certain products. It is hard to know whether Charmzone products will be safe and there does not appear to be any scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness.

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