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Chantecaille launched a cosmetics, fragrance, and skincare line in 1997. Chantecaille is a company that has branded itself as very high-end, and this shows in their very high prices. One product that really sticks out is the Nano Gold Energizing Cream, which is composed of 24-karat gold and silk fibers. Believe it or not, this product retails for $420 for a tiny jar. Another product is the Vital Essence with Arbutin which is billed as “the ultimate anti-oxidant face and eye serum” and claims to lighten skin that is suffering from age spots, an uneven complexion, and over-exposure to the sun.

All of the products from Chantecaille promise both immediate and long term effects and come with very interesting claims and a wide variety of mostly natural ingredients such as pineapple juice, as well as some type of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is basically the manipulation of matter on an atomic level. What this means is atoms and molecules are moved around for one purpose or another, in this case to presumably fight wrinkles.

A unique line of products from Chantecaille are the Protect Paradise line. These products donate a percentage of their sales to the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation.

Product Details

It is difficult to determine what exactly is in Chantecaille products because the official website has been “under construction” for months. You are only able to see the home page, which has no information but will put you on a mailing list if you wish to be contacted later. This seems fishy to us since the company may then fill your inbox with stuff you don’t necessarily want.

Some ingredients you can find online for Chantecaille’s various anti-aging products include Chinese flowers, soybean extract, grape seed oil, and in the case of the Nano Gold Energizing Cream, gold. Many products are over 90% botanical but the exact ingredients can’t be found. If you are truly interested in what is in them, you would need to either find a retailer near you that can read them off the packaging or order some for yourself.

The Good

  • You can buy Chantecaille products in high-end department stores.
  • Some products donate a percentage of sales to charities.2


The Bad

  • Extremely expensive so not for your average consumer.
  • No trials or ingredients listed on the website (which is not functional at this time).
  • Mixed testimonials on third party websites.
  • It certainly grabs your attention, but we found no convincing studies regarding gold as a topical wrinkle fighter.

The Bottom Line

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and like the idea of putting ingredients such as gold and silk on your face, Chantecaille might be something to check out. The price of most of these products, however, will deter most people from buying any of them. You can find some sets available online but even these sets are well over $200. There are other companies that offer gold in their products at a cheaper price. As far as anti-aging products, you should stick to products with well-known wrinkle fighting ingredients that tighten and hydrate your skin and encourage collagen and elastin production.

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  1. I am allergic to gold sodium thjiosulfate and products containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Can you give me a list of skin care products that would be good to use and foundation. Thank you.
    Carole Wodos

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