CeraVe Review

Have some questions about how Cerave works?

Cerave is a skincare line from Valeant Pharmaceuticals. It looks like the company started sometime before 2001. You can buy online, but not directly from the official website.

What is Cerave?

Cerave is a skin care line that’s developed by dermatologists. We’re happy to say all ingredients are listed, including parabens. There doesn’t appear to be any sulfates or fragrance. You apply the products daily, but detailed instructions are not provided. Hydration should occur instantly.

Quick Facts on Cerave

  • Products are not tested on animals.
  • The prices are affordable.
  • You can only contact Cerave customer service Monday to Friday.
  • Cerave hydrating cleanser doesn’t contain sulfates.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Cerave?

“We’ve heard the Cerave product name for years,” says our Skincare Editor. “But, we thought it was supposed to be a line that works for sensitive skin. If this is the case, why are there reports of irritation?”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The two issues we found mentioned in numerous reviews were skin irritation and a greasy feeling – sometimes long after the product was applied.

Issues with skin irritation appear to be common:

  • “I bought the lotion to keep at work…there must be a different chemical makeup, it left my hands red, bumpy.”
  • “Every time I put it on, my faces burns for hours!”

But, you have to look at the fact that some people with sensitive skin felt no such reaction.

  • “I’ve got fairly sensitive skin and I have had great results.”
  • “It’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin.”

A greasy feeling is also an issue for some.

  • “It feels light when applying and absorbs easily but by the end of the day I feel greasy.”
  • “This moisturizer is greasy and it just kind of sits on my skin.”

Others didn’t feel the same.

  • “It goes on very much like Lubriderm and has the same consistency and no greasy feel.”
  • “This is an okay lotion, no scent and feels very clean and not greasy.”

Are We Recommending Cerave?

Are we lathering on Cerave lotion as we write this? Well, we have no doubt that most of the formulas will hydrate skin and the prices are affordable, but we are skeptical about recommending the products. The skin irritation, greasy feeling and mixed reviews leave us wondering just how good the line really is.

What Do We Like Better Than Cerave?

Through our experiences in 2016, we’ve found a product that exceeds our expectations – BioGeniste. The formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients and customers are raving about the results.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.

76 thoughts on “CeraVe Review”

  1. I have had a heck of a time in the past finding a lotion that moisturized my hyper sensitive psoriasis/eczema prone face. I can’t use products with fragrance or certain preservatives. Even dermatologist recommended cetaphil caused a flare up. CeraVe finally worked for me! Its not gross and greasy either. 4.5 stars (it has a mild grandmother smell but is totally worth it)

  2. I love this product I’ve been using it for a month now and its really softening my skin and makes it look flawless.. I recommend this to everyone.

  3. I was just put on CeraVe as I got a mild case of acne (out of nowhere) Tried lot of other stuff that dried out my face and made my acne worse. My dermatolgest told me to use this. And wow I have been using it for 4 days and already see a big difference. I can’t wait till my acne clearsup and really see the whole difference. I would have to say this has been the best facial product that I have ever used. Will keep you all posted.

  4. NYTimes article – Thursday, August 19th 2010. And I quote, “Niacin, in its two skin-friendly forms, is in over-the-counter anti-aging creams: two CeraVe facial moisturing lotions (both $13.99), containing niacinamide, claim to help repair DNA damage from sun exposure and improve fine lines and wrinkles.” Obviously you have been misinformed. CeraVe products do improve fine lines and wrinkles. I own it and it is a fantastic product for a little amount of money. They go on to also recommend Olay’s Pro-X line with scientific proof that it works better then the prescription for Tretinoin. Also, these products scientifically prove they are better then the outrageously priced StriVectin line – which has no research backing it.

  5. I have VERY oily skin and am always looking for a lite and quick absorbing moisturizer that doesn’t leave me feeling like a grease pit by the end of the day. CeraVe is my new friend. I have been using it for about a month now and I am so happy with it, I can’t imagine using anything else ever again. Thanks!!!

  6. Dr OZ had a guest Doctor and she said that women over 50 must use a cream that contains Ceramide and I found CeraVe … I will give it a try!!!

    1. Yes I saw the Dr. Oz show also. I have only found one product (so far) with Ceramide which is CeraVe. I wish they could actually give brands on shows, it would certainly help the consumer.

    2. I saw that show too and tried CeraVe…I do like it a lot and wasn’t aware it came in a facial moisturizer. When I’m done with the body lotion, I’ll give it a try. That same day I also bought Curel which claims to have ceramide but checking the label, did not see it listed. Only CeraVe had it in the ingredients.

  7. I am a micro-current tech and do electric stemulation “facelifts” for a living, well yesterday I turned 50 and got CeraVe as a gift from 1 of my clients that knows I watch Dr. Oz have an autograph book by him and most of the time he is right on. So I am giving the CeraVa a honest try tonight.

  8. I have been using this for several months now and LOVE it. I use Differin for wrinkles, skin tightening and this for general moisturization morning and night. Can’t imagine ever using anything else and I’ve never said that about a cream. It’s not greasy yet moisturizes well. Biggest downfall is the price.

  9. I was given samples of CeraVe by my dermatologist to use after blue light therapy for actinic keratosis. The CeraVe lotion has worked wonders on smoothing and protecting the dry skin. I love it.

  10. I saw Dr.Oz show & tried CeraVe PM. Its not greasy. My skin is healtier, firmer, it cleared up wrinkles, bleamishes, bags under my eyes. It made my earlobes &neck younger. For me, CeraVe had been the next best thing to a total face lift!

  11. I have eczema and extremely dry skin everywhere. Cera Ve has been a life saver – used to have skin that looked sunburned it was so cracked and irritated, but my skin is so much better now. I use Cera Ve everywhere – scalp, genitals, eyes, face – from top to toe. One warning, if your skin is red and irritated, Cera Ve will burn initially. So apply the product and put up with the burn as long as you can then cool off with a cold wet washcloth. As your skin becomes repaired this burning will go away.

  12. My dermatologist recommended CeraVe Lotion, CeraVe Foaming Cleanser and Retin-A. I use the foaming cleanser with a Buff Puff Pad from Rite Aid and apply Retin-A at night. This has been the best skin care program I’ve ever used! I gave all of the above to my daughter and she’s absolutely thrilled as well.

  13. Have searched for a good lotion that doesn’t irritate. React to fragrance and allergic to lanolin. Always had dry irritated skin on my face and raw hands from washing a hundred or so times a day(I’m a Nurse). CeraVe is the best. No longer flaky and skin on hands recovers quicker The face lotion doesn’t seem different, so I just use the regular lotion. The facial cleanser is also awesome.

  14. I’m a 49yr young man. Iv been using cerave for 3. Yrs now after a shower and shave use it on my face neck head(buzzed head) a love this stuff. No oily feel left behind makes my skin nice and smooth I def recomend this product

    1. This reply is pretty late but maybe it will help someone else who reads this. I have dry, bumpy skin but it’s only on the scalp at the top of my head. I use a cotton swab with Cerave SA and I part sections to apply it. It helps but it does make the scalp flakier at first because it softens the dead, dried skin that is causing the bumpy areas. The softened skin will shed over a couple of weeks. You can use a soft bristle brush (sort of like boar hair but I use the synthetic ones) and that will help stimulate the scalp and get blood flow to the area. I had to Cerave SA once every day for a couple of weeks to completely renew the skin. The salicylic acid (SA) shampoos are too drying for my hair but the moisturizer in Cerave SA keeps it from drying my hair while still renewing the scalp.

  15. I am diabetic, and the past several years my skin has become very dry, flaky and itchy. I tried several creams and a coworker recommended CeraVe. There has been an 80% improvement in my skin texture, and a 98% reduction in itchiness. I just wish I could but the stuff in bulk at a cheaper price. I use the hydrating cleanser as an entire body wash daily, so the 12 oz bottle only lasts a week!

  16. This stuff is AWESOME!!! I have been using it daily for the last three years. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist at the time because my skin is quite temperamental, fluctuating from very oily to extremely dry. I use the daily moisturizer and the facial cleanser, and my skin feels amazing. I immediately get a refreshing and relaxed sensation in my skin upon using it. I have noticed that with time, my skin has gotten softer and more even toned through its use. I highly recommend that you at least try it for a few weeks to see how your skin reacts to it as well.

  17. Been using Cerave cream for a couple weeks now. It’s amazing! Recommend by my dermatologist for eczema an extremely dry skin. Works wonders and best of all it is Made in the USA

  18. Purchased AM & PM CeraVe after using the regular CeraVE. Unfortuanately it broke my face out terrible. I called 4 times and the customer service was awful. Hold on to your receipts or you’re stuck. Unlike some other companies who have gladly refunded money without receipts they flat out refused. Apparently they needed the money more than I do. No more CeraVe products for me.

  19. Best lotion and cream ever, for my dry skin. Even helps heal painful winter cracks on my fingers when I apply before bed. Wearing gloves to bed enhances treatment.

  20. I heard how wonderful this was and bought the facial wash, the cream and the PM moisturizer. Used the product for one day and my eyes burned. Eventually had to see my eye doctor and was given steroid drops to relive the swelling. No I did not put the product into my eyes;just my face but I could sense the vapors hitting my eyes. Very disappointed.

  21. I have been using the AM lotion for 6 weeks, and loved it until the other day. The lotion now comes out the bottle in hard little clumps, and I have to brush my face off before applying foundation. Don’t know what to make of this!

    1. The sunscreen that it contains is very good but doesn’t last long. I had several products from different companies that contained that blend of sunscreens and they all did that after a month or so.

  22. I just wanted to say Thank You for this product!! I have been working in Healthcare for 30 years. Since the “Paperless”system has increased,I would end the week with cut & bleeding thumbs.I would either have to wear thumb covers or put bandaids on to prevent the cuts. I have been using CeraVe for about 6 months. A week after I started,my thumbs healed and skin improved. No more cuts or bleeding.I now use all the products,Facial wash & night cream.Thank you again!

  23. If you are using the lotion with the sunscreen, that may be what is irritating your eyes. I cannot wear any sunscreen at all on my face for that reason. Inevitably, somehow it will get in my eyes.

  24. My first experience with cerave cream on face wasn’t good as its kinda thick. I was so afraid it might break me out. Fortunately, it didn’t. Have been using it day and night for 4 months since lol. I know it works wonderfully in conjuncture with retin-a (night), eliminating all drying effect the following day. In the am, I use LRP sunscreen daily as this contains no UVA/B protection.

  25. I tried cerave cream when my friend started using it because the dermatologist recommended it. I just love it! I also use the hydrating wash. My face is softer and my skin isn’t dry. I have noticed (after only using 1 1/2 weeks) the wrinkles under my eyes are softening up and the dry, red spots at the base of my nose are disappearing.

  26. Cera Ve is great. Dermatologist recommended to help ease eczema issues 3 years ago and I’ve used ever since – more in the winter than summer. It’s the only thing that heals my finger tips from splits (due to cold weather) or eczema flare ups. Doesn’t aggravate my skin/eczema like most other creams and lotions I’ve tried over many years.

  27. I’ve been an Operating Room nurse for 35 years and have battled dry, cracked,burning,itchy skin for years, especially my hands. I wash my hands or use the gel, at least 50 times in an 8 hour shift.Two days of using Cera Ve, after using almost every product on the market has turned my hands soft, smooth and the cracking is almost gone. If you think Cera Ve doesn’t work, I can tell you flat out you’re wrong

  28. Been using the cream for about a month, luv it. Started using face wash and my eyes hurt and burn. Thought it was my contacts, wrong. It’s the face wash. Today got an immediate reaction.

  29. This product is great. Due to skin sensitivity I have had trouble finding the right moisturizer for years, until I tried this product. Ya it’s pricy but you get what you pay for!

  30. I have extremely dry skin and numerous allergies to ingredients in a lot of OTC products. the RX moisturizer was working but could only use it twice daily so never really cleared up the problem. when the Dr. asked me to try CeraVe for extremely dry skin in a matter of a week my legs and arms started to look and feel so much better. Its pricy but well worth it.

  31. I would HIGHLY recommend this product line if its as good as the moisturizing cream. I had the worst case of dry, itchy skin Ive ever experienced, and NOTHING worked UNTIL this. Overnight results were unbelievable.

  32. I’m 49 year old and almost 6 months ago I started having acne at my jawline. Which cerave product should I use to cure. I have combination and sensitive skin . Thanks

  33. LOVE these products. Best skin products ever. I spent thousands dollars on expensive products that never worked. This is my #1 product and money saver…Thank you CeraVe

  34. I just started using the renewing SA cream on my feet. I have had deep cracks in my foot for probably 10 years that would bleed and very painful. Within about 3 weeks of using this my cracks are totally gone. I have tried everything to get rid of these. My kids can’t believe how good they look. Love this stuff and I have been telling everybody about it. Thanks for such a great product!

  35. I was using Neutogena naturals for abt two yrs and I didn’t feel like it was really washing away all of the dirt and make up. I’ve been wanting to switch to something else, but was afraid of to bc I knew my skin would flare up and didn’t want to dish out a lot of cash. So I went to the mild skin section in the store where the products contain no harsh this n that and ended going home with CeraVe. I loved it the first day! For one my skin look bright after one use, felt completely clean, and the next morning my skin was NOT oily. That’s what impressed me the most. I’m usually oily the next morning but this time I wasn’t! I was sold! I got the moisturizer the following weekend and it was light, non greasy and again I wasn’t oily the next morning! I’m impressed and plan on getting more stuff from this line. However, I’ve learned from the past to slowly introduce my face to products, not just buy the entire kit and put it all on my face in one nite bc my skin will go into shock….major breakout! 8/16/15

  36. I have very dry sensitive skin and nothing seemed to work. I’ve tried it all! Expensive, very expensive, dermatologist recommended moisturizing creams and lotions not finding relief for dryness! I without knowing nothing about it I bought ceraVe am and Pm lotions and loved it!!! Love the PM lotion more and used it both day and night! I then bought all the other CeraVe products and love them all! I’ve been very sensitive to sunscreen but This one is simply awesome! Love this line of product! Wish they could add a wrinkle fine line cream!

  37. I have been using ceraVe for about 5 days and after 3 or4 days I have an itch on my left cheek that comes out like hives, I do have sensitive skin but it is pretty good skin for an 84 year old I do not look my age I am told by many. Just wonder if the lotion would e better for e than the cream?

    Thank you for any constructive information you can give me!


  38. Karen.mtl.after speaking to my dermatologist he suggested I try the cerva ve lotion within a few days people started to notice a change as my face was extremely dry, the lotion is great and my sister is trying it. Wow something that actually works. No more money down the drain. I also tried the hydrating cleanser wow what a difference.
    I am hooked. Glad I tried this product. It’s a winner try it ….

  39. I also use Cerave face wash and moisturizing lotion. First off, I love the instant moisture that I feel on my face when the wash is applied. when using the face wash on a regular basis I did notice a small burning sensation however, I concluded that I stemmed from the product including hydrolonic acid in its ingredients. Overall, I’m in love with this product. The moisturizing cream on the other hand is a little different. I would use about 3tsp of the lotion and realized that it would make my face very oily. Now, I already have oily skin so adding to it is too much. I will try the lotion on my hands and feet though as those are the dryist parts of my body.

  40. I haven’t had good results when using it along with a Retinol product. I read that moisturizers with ceramides were a good option, so I picked up the CeraVe PM after seeing it recommended by numerous sites for use with Retinol. It always stings, whether spots are dry or not. I haven’t tried it while off the Retinol, so I can’t say that it does so on my skin outside of Retinol use. Perhaps it just doesn’t pair well with my particular Retinol formulation. As a matter of fact, I’m changing my Retinol formulation for a weaker one. That could be my issue right there. I do like the CeraVe face wash though. It does a great job of cleaning my skin.

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