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Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

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In the field of wrinkle fighting, people will go to any lengths to find a product that helps them eliminate their fine lines and wrinkles. Every year, new ingredients are discovered that show enough potential in the wrinkle fighter department that a batch of products are created based around this “break through” ingredient. Celltone is a product in this vein.

Celltone cream uses Chilean snail secretions as its active ingredient. This particular snail uses these secretions to assist it in repairing not only its shell but its skin as well. Celltone claims that using this unique ingredient, you can rejuvenate your skin, eliminate wrinkles, get rid of acne scars, cover up burns, and much more. Celltone also may act as an exfoliating agent, as various websites claim that it encourages the production of new skin cells while helping to slough off old cells.

Product Details

Celltone is quite a unique product. We have seen all types of ingredients in wrinkle fighting products but the use of snail secretions is very unique. Celltone also contains allantoin, protein, vitamins, collagen, elastin, and glycolic acid.

Collagen and elastin are commonly found in wrinkle fighting creams as they might help your skin create new cells and encourage the skin to become a little firmer. Glycolic acid is also found in many skin creams, and it helps get rid of dead skin cells and encourage the growth of fresh skin cells. This may make your skin look younger and more radiant.

Celltone doesn’t seem to have an official website that we could find, but third party sites seem to sell this product for around $50 US. You will receive a jar of the cream and a manual of some kind. We assume the manual has a lot of information on the ingredients, as well as directions for use.

The Good

  • Contains collagen and elastin, which are popular ingredients in many wrinkle fighters.

The Bad

  • Celltone has no official website.
  • Celltone doesn’t have free trials or samples available.
  • Not all users may be comfortable with using a snail derivative on their skin.
  • There is very little information on this product available.

The Bottom Line

Celltone may fall into the “alternative” category when it comes to wrinkle creams. There is a lack of reviews both positive and negative, so it’s hard to get a feel for this product at all. The lack of an official website doesn’t help Celltone either. If you truly like the idea of exotic ingredients such as snail secretions, this might be a product to check out. For most people, however, we recommend sticking to a well-known product that contains numerous wrinkle fighting ingredients working together for maximum effects in the shortest amount of time.

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82 Comments/Questions/Answers to Celltone

  • 1


    i just want to know how long should you use celltone for strcth mark before you see result on the product

  • 2


    how much is celltone?can you come to me to algeria?

  • 3


    i have been using celltone but the only thing i can say is that the product is not working i feel like ihave wasted my money

  • 4



  • 5

    cheryl murless

    I have been using celltone for 1 week now. The first evening i used it and woke the next morning with a very soft skin, but extreemly dry. Can i use it in conjunction with night cream?

  • 6


    Can i use celltone cqeam to clear my dark neck and armpits? How long wil it work and im a black person.wil it work

  • 7

    tracy baparam

    ihad very bad acne and have been using celltone for a month now. it is the only product that has worked. i am a satisfied customer

  • 8


    Hey ther I’m using celltone at the moment for the same purpose but it seems to be makn my skin realo dry and dark at the corners of my mouth and under my neck.it also leaves white trails..did this happen to you and are you supose to rub the celltone in or jus apply it as a paste

  • 9


    you should go to the doctor regarding your dark neck and armpits. it might be a medical condition called Acanthosis Nigricans that can be a warning sign for diabetes and other insulin-related illnesses.

  • 10


    no u should not rub the celltone plus it’s a good product but if it seems to have on ur face these side effects i think you should stop using it though it’s working great on my skin till now…

  • 11


    My husband skin is very oily, he has been using Celltone Skin Extract for a month now and i was so suprised to see his skin glowing, soft and looks like he had a facelift, his skin is no longer dull and lifeless, he has tried so many products this one works so well for him….

  • 12


    I have been using HELIXGEL for about a week, too soon to tell. I got it from Ebay

  • 13


    Hi have had very bad acne many years ago.however the marks are still there.I have more of the Ice picked skin.would Celltone help me.

  • 14


    I have a very oily,dull skin and it has acne,pimples,and it is very sensitive,can celltone do it for me?

  • 15


    where can i get it,i mean which stores?

  • 16


    Is it safe to use while pregnant?

  • 17


    Where can I purshase Celltone snail gel in the UK..and how much is it?

  • 18

    Cornél du Toit

    I’ve been using Celltone for a month now. I’ve got blemishes from the sun, but there is no improvement in my skin.

  • 19


    my son burnt his hand last night. i was wondering if i could use celltone on it to prevent it from scarring and to heal quicker?

  • 20

    Kwangu Phiri

    I am 50 years old, have been using celltone for the past six months and I look 30. All wrinkles gone, I would say it works better for people with oily and fair skin.

  • 21


    i really have stretch marks ,will celltone works for me?

  • 22


    :(I’ve Bought 3 Packs And My Stretch Marks Still Arnt Closing. I Have No Clue Why, Please Can You Guys At CellTone Help Me? Its Hidious. I Really Had Faith In The Product:'(

  • 23

    Chene Francis

    Can I use the celltone for my daughter that is 9yrs old for a scar on her cheek?

  • 24

    Orlando George

    Pls i am currently in London, which cosmetics shop can i buy celltone snail gel?

  • 25


    I bought and used three jars of celltone after seeing it advertised on tv.i havent seen any results at all and my caesarean scar still looks the same.what a waste of my money:-(

  • 26


    I’ve been using celltone snail gel for about two months now bt still thres no improvement.The pimples keeps coming back so,I was asking if i could get any further help with my face I dont fill comfortable now

  • 27


    online you can get it cheap from amazon.com and ebay. i am not sure if you can get it from any shops but its rrp is much higher than the prices on amazon

  • 28


    Is celltone safe to use during pregnancy?

  • 29


    my daughter had third degree burns on her legs. We packed them with Manuka honey every day – you can’t see where the burns were now. I use it on everything

  • 30


    hi,i am wanting to buy your facial cream for wrinkles,but iam a bit confused on what to buy?i am 50 yr old !there seems to be a lot to choose from.but ia m only wanting the facial one.

  • 31


    I’m indian 18 yrs old and w0ndering if celltone wil help with my marks caused by pimples…although frm wat iv read it doesn’t seem 2 help ppl wid dark skin?

  • 32


    Can someone wu has usd the product plse comment on my post its urgent cz I wana knw b4 I spend my money on something dat may n0t wrk on my skin…

  • 33


    I have been using celltone for over 2 mnts already and I have not seen an improvement in my skin. I have light scars that still have not gone away or improved. It was expensive for nothing. The only difference I have seen in more pimples.

  • 34


    Hi, did you end up using Celltone for your daughter’s scar? I am in the same situation.

  • 35


    Where do I buy cell tone from. I live in Sydney Australia.

  • 36

    Stuart Crichton

    Are you awaire that snail ? liquid is very good for burns as I had an experience with my glue gun and put some of the snails ? on the burn -next morning no blister no mark.

  • 37

    Chene Francis

    No I did not, cause of all the negative feedback I read. Did you?

  • 38


    Anyone using celltone fr excezma ? Ive had really bad excezma scars fr years , need help asap ! Any suggestions for scars that really will make em disappear ?

  • 39


    To Jacinta

    To buy in Australia:
    I just saw the paid ad by Celltone on Ch 74. Buy 1 get 1 free – 1800335335… wondered sbout its efficacy for pigmentation below my eyes. Warnings ~ I’ve never used this before — I can’t be held responsible if you try it and it doesn’t work or worse, severe side effects!

  • 40


    I would like to no if there any shops in australia that sell the celltone.

  • 41



  • 42


    I’ve read that some snails are infected with rat lung worm disease, so how do I know if the gel is taken from a snail that is not infected. Does the manufacturer guarantee that these snails are tested for it, or that the gel is produced in a controlled environment?

  • 43


    I have old scars on my face and my upperlip is has a moustache shadow from too much threading. However, the texture of my skin is pretty good. Will celltone work on getting rid of my old scars and toning my upperlip colour together with my skin. My skin is brown.

  • 44


    I have been using celltone for the past 2 months to treat my 15 year old stretchmarks and I have seen such amazing results. I have tried many products on the market before including laser surgery and I have never had such impressive results. My stretchmarks have improved dramatically and I believe that they will disappear completely. It seems to work for some people and not for others. I noticed results straight away. My recommendation is to give it a try but if you dont see results quickly or have a reaction to the product then its not for you.

  • 45

    Jessica Robertson

    My BFF and i are wanting to try it on our acne burns, tans and stretch marks and from the television commercials everyone liked it and on the reviews on YouTube. We also found some other products made or this miraculous snail gel and we want to know which product is the best. Please reply ASAP!! Thanks

  • 46

    Jessica Robertson

    Really? What did you use it on and how much? Remember to apply just a little and spread evenly! Thanks!

  • 47


    guys plz help me out here. I wanna knw if celltone wil work on my severe stretchmark on my knees. They look horrible. Will celltone work?? I have dark and soft skin *plz help*

  • 48

    lasiwe njovu

    i have embarrasing stretch marks between my boobs and to be honest they have become a burden in my life,,how guaranteed am i that celtone will work for me????

  • 49

    Karen Yu

    does anyone have experience with celltone for scars? I have tried many products but non of them works. i hope celltone really works for clearing scars as the tv ad says.

  • 50


    I have used Celltone for the past 3 days and I have seen some great results already on old scars, facial marks and stretch marks. From what I have read here, it seems that it works for some and not others. I apply morning and night to clean skin. It doesn’t come with the best instructions, it does not say to rub in or leave thick. I rub in, it dries within minutes. So far so good, I’m happy…JF

  • 51


    hi jade could you tell me where did you buy celltone cream ? Thank you in advance

  • 52


    Hi Jade. I also have the same question as Diana. Where did you buy celltone? How much did you pay for it?

    Thank you.

  • 53

    Michelle du Plessis

    I super love my Celltone. it has lighten my bad pigmentation so much. i looked for over 2 years using every product on the market worldwide to fade my pigmentastion. Cellutone lightened it within the first 10days of using it. I super love it

  • 54


    Hi Michelle du Plessis, May I ask where you have pigmentation?? And also what colour is your complexion? I have an Olive complexion and dark pigmentation on my upper lip, and some on my cheeks that I would LOVE to get rid of… I have noticed that Celltone seems to work on people with fair skin??!

  • 55


    I have used celltone for a year, after the first bottle finished i bought the next one after using my skin on my face got a rush. i discontined tried again got the same reaction what could have caused this

  • 56


    Hi Leanne.. I wnt to get celltone buh m nigerian will it work 4 me? And does it clear my stretch marks completely?? Plz I nid to knw asap

  • 57


    i have been usng snail gel on m scar on the face for month now bt da scar its stl here so i dnt feel happy i feel lyk i puted m money in da drain n i was so sure dat it wil wrk

  • 58


    my skin gets really dry after using celltone. ive only used it for 2 days now. is it my skin reacting to something new or am i just reacting to celltone and do i need to stop?

  • 59


    Hi ihav 2days starting using celltone am having a very bad skin wth small blackheads,dark spot,dough skin,uneven tone and my pores are open I just want to know this celltone will help me as I’ve been started using it?plz guys I need ur answer asap

  • 60


    I am light skinned..I wanna know how long does it take for celltone to work. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and I have spots from pimples

  • 61


    Dark spots that are left from itchy bites , can celltone et rid of this ? Also how long does celltone take for it to work ?

  • 62


    can celltone assist my skin with repairing minor scratches

  • 63


    Does celltone gel repair skin? My problem I was using gentle magic bt now my skin turns to be white nd having big rounds of black spots,so I wondering if it going to help me or not?

  • 64

    Safi camara

    I have a scar on my knees will celltone remove the scar completely

  • 65

    nwankwo Tony

    Good day, pls where can we buy celltone product here in Nigeria, am in Lagos Nigeria.

  • 66


    i have an old burnt scar for atleast 10years now and i wana know if this celltone gel will take it away and when using it when will i see the results

  • 67

    lungile mkhize

    do i have to use tissue oil, axtract and oxfolating gel ať d samé time and after how many days do i see the results?

  • 68


    I just had a baby, and my skin have body spots and got stretch marks. Can any celltone product help me to get rid of spots and stretch marks, they really uncool

  • 69


    How much z de celton??

  • 70


    Celltone snail gel worked wonders for me.. I had bad acne and I saw improvements after a month of use and ever since I haven’t stopped buying it (been using it for 2 months now).. Maybe you guys are doing in wrong.. And if there are any Zambians looking for it you can find it at Game… Amazing product

  • 71


    2 years not months

  • 72


    Hi everyone i have an uneven skin tone from my face to my neck.and on my ears too.i got burned on my ears and head while in the salon.a stylist working on my hair incidentaly left me to be burned by the gel.will Celltone help me even out my Skin to be all light skinned?

  • 73


    I am 55yrs of age now and would like to know is it not too late to start using Celltone products since I have dark spot on my face and also noticed that loose flash starts to appear under my chin and on both sides of my neck, please advise mesince I am a dark person in colour.

  • 74


    Hi my name is Vuyelwa. I would like to know whether celltone does remove dark marks completely on one’s face as am thinking to opt for it. I’ve used lots of products but I couldn’t see any difference.

    Thank you

  • 75


    Hi I am Light of Complexion, I’m a toast skintone, I would like to know will celltone Gel work for my Brown stretch marks that’s on the side of my waist. please someone advice me, I do not want to waist money.

  • 76


    Which celltone must i buy?….i have stretch marks on my legs…..anyone who can help plzzzz guys i hate my legs now……

  • 77

    niklaas snyders

    For your face to reduce how long im 53

  • 78


    Can I become an agent of celltone. It is just awesome to use but very difficult to get.

  • 79


    I have these deep stretchmarks that occurred after birth I really want to try celltone snail gel, will my stretchmarks disappear?

  • 80


    I have pimples and dark sport on my face. Which celltone product I must for my face?

  • 81


    hi I am a 34 yr old black guy….I hv acne scars on my face en legs…which product cn I use?
    Thank u

  • 82


    Bought the cell tone cleanser and moisturizer used both now my skin is too dry with dark marks at the corners of my mouth and skin very rough at the forehead.its now 3 weeks I’ve been using it, this is not helping it seems I wasted my money. Any advice on my condition?

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