Cellmen Face Cream Review


The Cellmen Face Cream is a product made by a Swiss company known as Cellap Laboratoire. We were disappointed to find that this company’s website was difficult to navigate and provided very little information about the individual products. The company claims that it is “renowned as the expert in Swiss cellular and phyto-cosmeceuticals”. While this sounds quite impressive, we found little information on the website to back up these claims. The website actually reads more like an infomercial, making grand claims and throwing around a lot of technical, scientific terms without providing many facts in the mix. The cost of the Cellmen Face Cream is $180 for a one-ounce bottle at the time of this review. All we can say is, “Ouch!”

The company does not seem to offer any sort of money back guarantees or customer testimonials to back up their claims. Complete ingredient lists also seem to be absent from the information that is offered. We perused a couple of online retailers that also offer the Cellmen Face Cream for sale, but were unable to find ingredient lists on these websites either. It is of great concern to us when a company does not disclose this information to consumers because it makes it very hard to determine whether there are effective active ingredients in the mix or if there should be a concern over an allergic reaction. We would caution any consumer against purchasing a product without knowing all of the ingredients that are included.

Product Details

While the Cellmen Face Cream promises to stimulate skin regeneration and protect the skin from free radicals in the environment, no ingredients are listed to show whether this purpose will actually be met effectively. We are leery of any company that makes grand claims about what their product can do without providing the necessary facts to back up those claims. It appears that this is the precise marketing tool that Cellap Laboratoire uses to sell their Cellmen Face Cream.

When hunting for an effective anti-aging product, we would encourage consumers to look for proven ingredients like matrixyl to stimulate the production of collagen and argireline to relax the facial muscles that lead to wrinkles. Sodium hyaluronate can effectively hydrate the skin and collagen provides the plumping action that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are already present.

The Good

  • The Cellmen Face Cream is specifically designed for men, which is a niche market that is somewhat underserved.

The Bad

  • No ingredient lists are provided for this product.
  • We could not find money back guarantees or customer testimonials.
  • The cost of the product is exceedingly high.

The Bottom Line

While European companies are appealing to some consumers, we believe any company that does not provide a full disclosure of product ingredients should be evaluated with extreme caution. There are many quality anti-aging products available that do disclose this information so that a consumer can shop with confidence and knowledge. We recommend that consumers stick with these companies when shopping for skin care products, and not risk the unknown with a product like Cellmen Face Cream.

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  1. I bought the Cellmen Face Ultra, which was more than a $180.-, after a very persuasive sales person at Saks told me how great this was. Used it over many months and could not see a noticeable difference between Cellmen & Anthony’s Anti Aging.
    What products do you find deliver the best results

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