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Cellcosmet is a line of skin care products from a Swiss company known as Cellap Laboratories SA. This particular line of skin treatments is suited for women, while a separate line called Cellmen is geared toward men. Cellap Labs was founded in the 1980’s and claims to incorporate marine extracts into their skin products. Like many other topical skin products, Cellcosmet treatments aim to assist with skin cell regeneration, anti-aging and overall radiance. There are treatments for the face, body, eyes, cellulite zones, bust, legs, hands and feet.

The “exclusive” method involved with Cellcosmet products is called “cellulotherapy,” which is stated to be a skin cell regeneration process. The official website actually offers tips for women of different ages, discussing what they should do to take good care of their complexions. Some of the facial treatments offered by Cellcosmet are the Purifying Gel, Gentle Cream Cleanser, Active Tonic and Activator Gel. Cellcosmet has eye treatments such as the Cellular Eye Contour Cream, Ultra Eye Complex-XT and the Eye Contour Gel-XT. These skin remedies are claimed to help minimize fine lines, crow’s feet, blemishes, sun damage and facial wrinkles. No customer testimonials or free trial samples are available via the website. There is a convenient sales page found on the Cellcosmet website that allows users to order any and all Cellcosmet products.

Product Details

Cellcosmet is a group of skin treatments marketed toward women who desire assistance with anything from skin cell regeneration, to facial wrinkles, to crow’s feet, to sun damaged skin, to fine lines, to the overall smoothness of their complexion. Clinical studies for Cellcosmet products are not provided on the official website. The notable ingredients found in Cellcosmet treatments are natural marine extracts. A process called “cellulotherapy” is also involved with the manufacturing of Cellcosmet face, eye, hand, feet, body, bust and leg topical remedies. There doesn’t appear to be a 100% money-back guarantee posted on the official Cellcosmet website.

The Good

  • All Cellcosmet cosmetics can be conveniently purchased through the website.
  • The company that manufactures Cellcosmet skin products also makes skin treatments for men as well.

The Bad

  • It appears that the lowest priced Cellcosmet products are around $60, which may be a tad costly for some individuals.
  • There are no customer testimonials offered on the official website.
  • Free trial samples of Cellcosmet treatments are not available at this time.
  • Clinical research isn’t posted on the website for Cellcosmet products.
  • Full ingredient lists for each product are not available on the website.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a 100% satisfaction guarantee offered with Cellcosmet products.
  • Those allergic to shellfish may have an allergic reaction to this product’s “natural marine extracts.”

The Bottom Line

Overall, this line of cosmetics/skin care products is presented in a professional manner. While the idea of “cellulotherapy” sounds wonderful and the incorporation of marine extracts may be beneficial, it would still be nice to see some actual clinical research posted on the official website, along with a money-back guarantee, some free trial samples of Cellcosmet products and full lists of ingredients for each treatment, making it easier to determine if allergies may apply. It’s probably a good idea to do some additional research on current skin care treatments prior to settling for those like Cellcosmet.

6 thoughts on “Cellcosmet Review”

  1. I have rosecea and have a hard time finding a good cleanser that doesn’t dry my face and a good moisurizer that doesn’t make my face break-out or too greasy for my foundation.

  2. I have used cellcosmet for five years, there is 100% refund and you can get all the samples you want at any Saks that sells this product in the USA

  3. I use the product and love it – I found the hyperpigmentation lightening cream works really well. It has removed a very dark spot that was on my face.

  4. The best skincare I’ve ever used.. I have used it for six years and have tried some of the best in the market!!! Amaizing results… A bit expensive but worth it…

  5. My sister recommended Cellcosmet to me, we have only used the best products out there. I left La Mer (after I found out they used mineral oil in their products) for 3 Lab, used it for years and when my sister told me to try Cellcosmet products I fell in love. I use almost all the products and I have found the entire line to be simply wonderful.

  6. I was disappointed :((( So expensive and no results at all. but before buying one should look at personal faces!! Marketing manager I saw was not with perfect face skin and looked at about 55. (but maybe she is 60…) don’t waste your money

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