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Caudalie was created by a couple who met in 1993 in college. They were both very intrigued by the thought of creating their own cosmetics company so, after graduating, they did. They enlisted the aid of a pharmaceutical professional named Vercauteren who taught them about grape seeds and the benefits they offer the skin. In 1995, Caudalie officially launched and in 1996, Caudalie began research in cooperation with the Faculty of Bordeaux in France.

The official Caudalie website offers a lot of info on the company’s history, and you can examine Caudalie’s company philosophy from a scientific, historical, or even a romantic perspective. Many ingredients are listed with each product so you can make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated by something you can’t tolerate.

Currently, Caudalie offers five different anti-aging and wrinkle fighting products. Each one of these products contains many natural ingredients that are full of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and oils. Let’s take a closer look at the Lifting Serum and the Radiance Day Fluid which are located in the anti-aging product section of the official website.

Product Details

The Lifting Serum claims to provide immediate results as it smooths and regenerates your skin. It is marketed to women who notice some sagging of the skin and also have fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredients list contains grapevine Resveratrol, alfalfa, fern, ceramides 3, rose, soy, witch hazel, and other natural ingredients.

The Radiance Day Fluid is also marketed towards women who want firmer skin with less wrinkles and contains an SPF of 8 for minor UV blockage. This product contains grapevine Resveratrol, grape seen polyphenols, vinolevure, coppery pearlizers and light-reflecting pigments, and a slew of other natural ingredients like camomile, basil, and mint.

The Resveratrol product claims to increase the lifespan of cells and increase collagen and elastin production. The Caudalie website has a clinical test posted that was conducted on 41 people and the results say wrinkles were reduced by 24% after 28 days using Caudalie’s Reservatrol. No third party websites were found to substantiate these studies.

The Good

  • Caudalie products contain mostly all-natural compounds.
  • Easy to use website you can order products from.


The Bad

  • The studies and trials aren’t substantiated by a reputable source.
  • Some ingredients are left out on the official website.
  • No patented wrinkle fighters are in the anti-aging products.
  • A money-back return policy or a first-time user free trial sample do not seem to be offered.

The Bottom Line

Caudalie has a romantic history and the products all contain grape derived compounds that are full of anti-oxidants. Unfortunately, not all of the ingredients seem to be listed in the product description and the studies on the grape compounds don’t have enough research posted to be useful. The anti-aging and wrinkle reducing products from Caudalie just don’t have enough well known ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 or argireline. Grape extracts certainly provide some benefits for a user’s skin, but we’d probably pick a product that makes use of more proprietary ingredients when it comes to fighting wrinkles.


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