Catrix Review


Catrix skin care products are manufactured by Lescarden Incorporated, a biotechnology company that develops products for cancer treatment, autoimmune and wound care, as well as their Catrix skin care line. The Catrix line consists of three products: Catrix 10 Ointment, formulated to heal the side-effects of post-cosmetic surgery and procedures, Catrix 5 Rejuvenation Cream, a daily moisturizer for skin toning and maintenance, and Catrix Lipcare, for chapped lips and the treatment of cold sores and fever blisters.

According to the Catrix website, all three of the products are irritation-free, chemical fragrance free and non-steroidal. The company also advertises that its products are formulated for all skin types. Catrix provides full ingredient lists for all of its products on its website along with application instructions. Catrix products are not available for purchase through the company’s website nor are there links to approved retailers. The Catrix website has a telephone number to be used only by health care professionals, suggesting that the products are distributed only through clinics and physicians’ offices. However, Catrix products appear to be readily available from many third-party online beauty retailers.

Product Details

Catrix 10 contains some of the same ingredients in Catrix’s Wound Care products, including Catrix Cartilage, which is advertised as expediting the development of new skin cells. The first ingredient listed in Catrix 10 is Petrolatum, which is another word for petroleum jelly, commonly sold under the Vaseline name brand. The purpose of petroleum jelly is to provide a barrier on the skin to protect from it from air or external irritants. Beeswax and paraffin are also listed as non-active ingredients. Catrix 10 is to be applied per the instructions of a health care professional only.

Catrix 5 Rejuvenation Cream is a daily moisturizer that the company claims works to reduce the effects of aging and stress, as well as environmental irritants. Catrix 5 Rejuvenation Cream also contains Catrix Cartilage in its formulation along with several essential oils and extracts. Among its non-active ingredients are methylparaben and propylparaben, two preservatives that can trigger allergies in some users. So while the company claims its products are non-irritating, they are not necessarily non-allergenic. Application instructions state to smooth the cream on clean skin morning and evening. Catrix 5 Moisturizing Cream can also be purchased in an SPF 15 formula.

Catrix Lipcare contains common ingredients found in many lipcare products. These are: Petrolatum (petroleum jelly), cocoa butter, beeswax, and paraben preservatives.

The Good

  • Catrix skin care products are produced by an accredited medical research and development company.
  • Products have clinical research to prove their effectiveness.
  • Company website provides complete list of ingredients for all products.

The Bad

  • Catrix 5 Moisturizing Cream has no information as to its effectiveness on wrinkle reduction, nor does it seem to be particularly formulated to treat wrinkles.
  • Catrix products cannot be purchased directly from the company and therefore have no money-back guarantee or trial sizes available.
  • Products are not non-allergenic.
  • Consumers cannot contact the company directly for more information.
  • It seems like products are meant to be distributed exclusively by medical professionals.

The Bottom Line

Catrix products are backed by a 50-year old biotechnology company, along with clinical research studies showing the effectiveness of the products. However, there is no information on the products’ effectiveness on reducing or eliminating wrinkles or fine lines, nor is there a product guarantee or free sample. Therefore purchasing these products requires an outlay of money that is not recoverable if the product doesn’t work or triggers allergies. There are many skin care products on the market that are formulated specifically for aging skin and wrinkles, and these products may be a better choice for those with these skin needs. However, if your doctor prescribes these clinical strength moisturizers, they could be what your skin needs.

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