Lancome Visionnaire Review

Curious about Lancome Visionnaire and how it works?

Lancome Visionnaire is the name of an anti-aging product from Lancome Paris. Items have been available for sale online since 1995, but we expect this was not the first. You can purchase on the official website or through trusted retailers. There are even reviews available in the product description.

What is Lancome Visionnaire?

Lancome Visionnaire serum is supposed to help fight the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Some ingredients in the formula include glycerin, denatured alcohol, mica, adenosine, dimethicone, citronellol and fragrance. There are irritants in the mix and that could cause further harm to skin and that can mean premature aging.

Quick Facts on Lancome Visionnaire

  • The anti-aging cream is available in three sizes.
  • It will cost you about $80 an ounce.
  • There are both positive and negative reviews.
  • Denatured alcohol, fragrance and citronellol are irritants.
  • We found no parabens in the formula.
  • There are reports of skin irritation.
  • You can return products ordered online through Lancome Paris.
  • There is no information on how long you have to return products.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Lancome Visionnaire?

“Lancome Paris is a big name in the skincare market,” offered up our Skincare Editor. “For the price and the clout the company has, we expected more. There are three irritants in the mix and quite a few reports of irritation. The two are likely connected.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The two things that we found most commonly in product reviews for Lancome serum dealt with irritation and lackluster results.

Side effects were not exactly welcomed by some customers.

  • “After a week or so of use, my face started breaking out in these little bumps. They looked like tiny water blisters all over my face.”
  • “It stings and my face felt sore after I used it.”

Others felt it worked perfectly even on sensitive skin.

  • “No reaction with my sensitive skin. Thanks!”
  • “My face is very sensitive, for years I’m only able to use very simple and basically no use moisturizers, but this serum didn’t make my skin break out.”

There are also reports on both sides of the fence when it comes to whether or not Lancome Visionnaire actually works.

Unhappy users claimed:

  • “Unfortunately after finishing the bottle, there is no noticeable difference with my skin, this product did absolutely nothing for me.”
  • “I’ve been using this product for about 6 weeks now, but I have not observed any improvement in my skin appearance.”

Pleased customers said the opposite.

  • “I first tried a small sample and it made my skin so smooth. Then I decided to buy one for myself. Nice work!”
  • “This product helped my skin to see more life, the pores were reduced and my skin was less oily.”

Are We Ready to Give Lancome Visionnaire the Green Light?

Well, we have to look at both the good and the bad. Because of the irritants and reports of irritation, we have reservations about suggesting this Lancome serum. There’s also the issue that numerous users saw absolutely no results.

What Do We Like Better Than Lancome Visionnaire?

For 2016, the one product that meets every one of our expectations is BioGeniste. It works with clinically tested ingredients, so you know what you’re getting. Plus, reviews across the web talk about some amazing results.

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Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Review

Have a few questions about Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

Jeunesse is a global skincare line that sells Instantly Ageless. The official website was purchased in August, 2009. You can buy directly from the company, but we also found it for sale via other outside retailers. Distributors can also get stock of Jeunesse products, as well.

What is Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is an anti-aging treatment that works in minutes to tighten skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s sold in small vials that can be used numerous times, depending on the size of the area where applied. Ingredients include sodium silicate, magnesium aluminum silicate, acetyl hexapeptide-8, phenoxyethanol and ethylexylglycerin.

Quick Facts on Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

  • Sodium silicate is an irritant.
  • The price is more expensive on Amazon.
  • It’s supposed to work in just two minutes.
  • Dries white and flaky for some users.
  • Based on reviews, it does not last between six and nine hours.
  • You can expect to pay upwards of $75 for 50 vials.
  • This amount could essentially last for two months or longer.
  • Does not fight aging at the root of the problem.
  • Long-term results are not associated with this product.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

“If you are looking for a short-term solution to fine lines and wrinkles, Jeunesse Instantly Ageless may be a good option,” says our Skincare Editor. “This gel dries tight to literally pull the skin taut, but the results may only last a few hours and many users claim it looks white and flaky on the skin. Plus, the first ingredient is an irritant.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two of the most important measures of a good skincare treatment is look and effectiveness. With this Jeunesse serum, both are on the chopping block.

Dryness and flakes are a big issue for some users.

  • “When I looked up close, I was horrified. It looked like dried Elmer’s glue. When I smiled it cracked.”
  • “Feels like you put egg whites on your face and then flakes off in a 1/2 hour.”

Others claim this result has to do with how it was applied.

  • “When I put on my concealer it all kind of flaked up. Second time I tried I applied to bare skin, and it worked as it said it would.”
  • “Pat on just a tiny, tiny bit, wait and see how it works, then dab a little bit more where you need it. You will use much less that way, get better results, and avoid the white mess that comes with a heavy application.”

Some customers saw absolutely no changes in the skin.

  • “I REALLY wanted this to work! It doesn’t. Do NOT buy this product.”
  • “This item has rave-reviews on Facebook and YouTube but it does absolutely NOTHING for my under-eye wrinkles.”

On the flip side, other customers did see the instant change.

  • “I feel refreshed and renewed when I’m going out and use this product.”
  • “Somehow the tightening of the skin actually makes the dark look lighter too.”

Have We Decided Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Is Worth a Try?

Well now, we like that this formula will likely dry tight enough to make fine lines and wrinkles look less pronounced, but we have reservations for a number of reasons. There are far too many negative reviews, people report a flaky look on the skin and it does nothing to fight the factors that cause premature aging.

What Do We Like Better Than Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

If you’re looking for a solution that fights the signs of aging, our top pick for 2016 is BioGeniste. This formula is made with clinically tested ingredients shown to help hydrate skin and fight fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it’s a huge benefit that users report seeing results faster than they ever thought possible.

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Dermaroller Review

Do you have a few questions about how Dermaroller works?

Dermaroller is a micro-needle roller that’s supposed to cause fine holes. Topical treatments sink into these holes and, after a few minutes, the skin heals and the lotion or serum is trapped. Sellers claim this increases absorption of active ingredients.

What is a Dermaroller?

A derma rolling device is a small, hand-held tool that has hundreds of micro needles. As you roll it across the skin it causes these tiny holes allowing anti-aging, vitamin or other creams can soak in better. Skinmedix lists a number of Dermarollers, but we’re not sure this is the company that created the technology. We think it may be DermaRollerSystem. This website was purchased in 2010. There is some research that shows the process can help with certain types of scars and improve effects of anti-aging products.

Quick Facts on the Dermaroller

  • Make sure you use a good quality Dermaroller.
  • There’s a possibility needles can break in the skin.
  • Prices are relatively affordable.
  • Research shows it can help with scarring and anti-aging efforts.
  • You can get treatments in a professional setting.
  • It takes as little as two minutes to complete a session.
  • Multiple companies sell the devices, but not all quality is the same.
  • There are Dermaroller before and after pictures on the official website.
  • The device is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on the Dermaroller?

“We like the idea of the Dermaroller, especially because science has something positive to say,” offers our Skincare Editor. “When paired with the right anti-aging treatment, there’s a good chance you’ll see better results.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found quite a few positive reviews for the Dermaroller, but there is a catch. Many are written by people who received the unit free in return for a testimonial. We found no negative comments from these customers.

Pain doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Dermaroller.

  • “No pain when rolling it over my face but wow~! you can feel tingling when applying product after. “
  • “Painless, but it works!”

Other users were happy with the results.

  • “It helps push the serum go deeper into the skin without bleeding. My skin is red after rolling but this fades in about four hours.”
  • “I use it 3 times per week and can really feel a sensation when I apply SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic right afterwards. I’m convinced it is dramatically increasing the absorption of the serum.”

Are We Sold on the Dermaroller?

Well, this is one of the good one’s ladies and gentlemen. It does work to help fight scarring and improve absorption of anti-aging treatments. There are plenty of positive reviews and science even backs it. However, you have to use it with the right cream to see optimal results, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and improvements in other premature signs of aging.

What Do We Think Should Be Combined with the Dermaroller?

In 2016, we’ve found an anti-aging treatment that would work wonders with the Dermaroller – BioGeniste. It’s made with clinically tested ingredients that, with the help of this device, will absorb deeper into the skin for even better results.

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Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Review

Are you curious about how Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 works?

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 is a product sold by Vichy Labratories. They offer a variety of beauty products for all kinds of skin. Vichy also targets different kinds of conditions based upon your age in order to create specialized formulas.

What is Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme?

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme is a serum containing ingredients like Rhamnose and hyaluronic acid. It’s main purpose is for dryness, dullness, and aging of the skin, though its claims focus on an ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It costs around $50.00 and is allergy tested.

Quick Facts About Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10

  • It claims to work in just 10 minutes with results visible in 10 days.
  • The serum can be used in combination with LiftActiv Night Supreme.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • This product does not double as a moisturizer.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme?

“Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 seems promising as they offer clinical research, a full ingredient list, and some positive customer reviews. However, we have some reservations about this product as it contains fragrance, but claims to be suitable for sensitive skin. Overall, we aren’t 100% sure on this one,” says our Skincare Editor.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Many people couldn’t handle the fragrance.

  • “This product has a very strong scent that makes me feel ill, nauseated, headache-y, etc.”
  • “If they removed the fragrance from this product, I’d be able to use it.”

Some customers didn’t seem to mind the scent.

  • “It doesn’t have a strong odor and feels nice on my face.”
  • “It meets all of my criteria for a good skin care product: it’s made with quality ingredients; it doesn’t have garbage (eg parabens); the scent is not overpowering; and it feels amazing when you put it on.”

Many other customers had complaints about the packaging.

  • “I also found the delivery system poorly designed and a bit messy.”
  • “I hate hate hate the bottle. It’s dreadful.”

Other customers didn’t seem to mind.

  • “Yet, if the product actually does what it says, I’d tolerate perfume and dropper.”
  • “It’s great because it prevents you from wasting the product but sometimes it doesn’t work at all.”

Are We Sold on Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10?

Although this seems to be reliable, we can’t recommend this product without reservations. There seems to be a significant issue with the packaging, as well as some confusing claims about being suitable for sensitive skin when it contains fragrance. That’s enough to give us pause, especially when irritation can promote premature aging.

What Do We Like Better Than Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10?

BioGeniste is an anti-aging cream that has had our eye for a while because it is formulated with clinically tested ingredients and user reviews are out of this world.

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DermaWand Review

Wondering how DermaWand works?

DermaWand is designed to work like some professional machines. The cost is much lower, but the results are not going to match up to those you’d get in an office setting. ICTV Brands, Inc. is behind the DermaWand. We know the company started prior to 2008, but we’re not sure the exact date.

What is DermaWand?

DermaWand is a small device that’s used just three minutes, twice a day. The head is tiny, so you’ll need to move it around after each treatment to cover the entire face. Depending on the number of wrinkled areas, it could take upwards of an hour or more to finish. There are no details about how long it will take to see results.

Quick Facts on DermaWand

  • The price is charged in three installments.
  • You have to spend three minutes on each section of the face.
  • You pay $14.95 even if you return DermaWand.
  • You may be charged the first payment before the 30-day trial is over.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on DermaWand?

“We all want to get those professional results at home for a small fraction of the price,” says our Skincare Editor. “There’s nothing on the market that can do that, not even DermaWand. That’s not to say you’ll see no results. We found happy and unhappy customers.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two of the most important things with any product like DermaWand are – does it work and how long will it take me to do it. Regarding the first, we found users that saw good results and others that used it for months with no change at all.

  • “I have been using Derma wand for three months, and I am very happy with the results.”
  • “I have had my DermaWand for 6 weeks now and see noticeable improvement.”

Those that didn’t see results said:

  • “I saw no improvement in the firmness of my skin. Very disappointed in this product.”
  • “I have tried the Derma Wand for a month now and I don’t see one bit of difference.”

As for time, it looks easy because it only takes three minutes, but that’s just for a small section. Multiply that by the number of places you want to treat and you see the real investment.

  • “Having to do this every day morning & evening forever seemed too much for the results I didn’t get.”
  • “I have very little time left in a day to actually use something like this.”

Some didn’t mind the time, or used it less often than suggested.

  • “I use the DermaWand every other day in the mornings.”
  • “I have not been using it mornings and nights like you supposed to, I have used it just once a day and the results that I’m getting are [good].”

Are We Positive About DermaWand?

This is a tough one. DermaWand functionality is based on some real science, but the time commitment is something that’s just too much for many people. We’re also hesitant to suggest it because you are spending more than $150 for a product that has mixed reviews.

What Do We Like Better Than DermaWand?

For 2016, our top choice among hundreds of products is BioGeniste. This one is made up of clinically tested ingredients and it helps that user reviews all over the web talk about fantastic results.

Click here for more information on BioGeniste today.

Biosil Review

What You Should Know

Biosil is a collagen generator. According to the product description, collagen plumps skin while keratin works to repair nails and support nail growth. The keratin provides the added benefit of supporting hair growth and strength, based on information provided by Biosil. Consumer reviews of the product vary. Some consumers claim they notice small changes in hair or nails or skin, but rarely are changes noticed in all three. There are a select few consumers reporting improved joint mobility, as well.

Product Details

Unlike other beauty products, Biosil does not contain collagen. The two ingredients in the formula are silicon and choline. These ingredients are supposed to support collagen production and promote/maintain healthy collagen levels to improve skin, hair and nails. There are a few studies out there suggesting collagen supplements can be used for beauty purposes with positive results as long as consumers continue to take the supplements. However, this supplement does not deliver collagen – it delivers food for collagen. Both silicon and choline are safe for ingestion, but is there anything to the claims of improved hair, skin and nails?

Silicon and choline are commonly used in beauty supplements, but there is little clinical evidence either is beneficial in any way. Both silicon and choline can be consumed in toxic amounts, so consumers need to be aware of how much they are taking. Taking more Biosil will only increase the risk of toxicity, which can affect liver function and overall health. It will not improve the health of hair, skin or nails if you take more than suggested of this supplement.

The Good

  • The ingredients are openly listed online.
  • The product label is available online.
  • There are no directly harmful ingredients in the Biosil formula.

The Bad

  • Does NOT contain collagen.
  • No clinical studies are listed in the product description.
  • Little information is available on the impact of silicon and choline on collagen production.

The Bottom Line

Biosil is not your typical beauty supplement. This product supplies silicon and choline to support natural collagen production. Whether or not the supplement works is hard to determine as little evidence supporting the product claims exist. There are a few positive reviews online, but there are also a few negative reviews claiming side effects like chest pains. If there was at least a little evidence in the product description we would be more inclined to support a supplement with safe ingredients like silicon and choline.

Facial Toner Review

What You Should Know

Just when you think we’ve seen everything, a new product comes out that’s so innovative we just have to take notice. This is the case with the Facial Toner. We’ve reviewed hundreds of topical anti-wrinkle lotions and short-term injection treatments, but we’ve never seen an anti-aging product as technologically advanced as the Facial Toner.

Click here to see the studies, or keep reading ThePerformanceLeader’s in-depth assessment below.

The Facial Toner system is built on the proven principle of muscle stimulation. It’s a little known fact that facial muscles are the only muscles in the human body attached directly to the skin. As with other muscles, as you age the facial muscles (“Mimetic Muscles”) begin to atrophy, causing sagging skin and wrinkles. This accounts for the “hollow” look associated with aging. The unique property of The Facial Toner is that it uses established electrical stimulation technology to give the Mimetic Muscles a workout that they would never normal experience, leading to a full, healthier looking skin tone.

We were also impressed by how easy the Facial Toner is to use. Just position the device snugly on the sides of your face. Muscle-stimulating electrical pulses are delivered via pads. The Facial toner scores points for simplicity, with no hands needed, and no messy conducting gels to deal with.

Product Details

Since EMP technology has been used by doctors, physical trainers, and spas to tone other body parts for years, why are we only seeing The Facial Toner now? We researched this question to make sure we weren’t missing anything, and the truth is, the USA is just late to the party! Harrods, one of the most prestigious department stores in the United Kingdom, couldn’t even keep The Facial Toner in stock. Within weeks of the system’s UK debut, the Harrods Beauty Apothecary waiting list had grown to an unbelievable 2,000 people. To skip to the top of the list and see what all the hype is about, Click here

The Facial Toner is also available in both male and female sizes.

So why now? The exciting news is, the Facial Toner is now available in the USA because it was only recently FDA cleared, making it one of the only FDA approved electronic stimulation anti-aging products currently available.

The Good

  • Saves money—unlike other anti-aging treatments we review, Facial Toner is a one-time investment.
  • Tested technology that’s only now available in the US.
  • Convenient hands-free technology lets you tone Mimetic Muscles while you do other things.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The official website provides before and after photos and user testimonials.

The Bad

  • Only available online.
  • Currently, supplies are limited.


There were several factors that lead us to choose Facial Toner as one of ThePerformanceLeader’s top picks. We were impressed with the positive user feedback and testimonials that this product has achieved. Add to that the fact that it has a manufacturer guarantee, and that it’s a one-time purchase vs. a monthly treatment (and a monthly cost.) Finally, this is a technological breakthrough that has advanced the war against wrinkles.<./p>

To see The Facial Toner for yourself, CLICK HERE.

Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream Review

What You Should Know

As you age, it is common for your skin to change. While a lot of this is related to sun exposure, part of it is also related to hormonal changes, and simply getting older. Other than wrinkles and fine lines, hyper pigmentation is a major concern of women and men. This is basically age spots, brown patches, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. There are dozens of topical products available through stores and dermatologists to assist with hyper-pigmented skin. One of these formulations is Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream, which is available for around $50 or $60 per tube. As you may be aware, Glytone is a line of skin care products that is available through licensed professionals.

Product Details

Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream is a daily skin care treatment for individuals with sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne scars, and age spots. This formula endeavors to lighten the dermis, and help minimize the appearance of uneven areas or spots. This way the complexion is more even toned. Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream is especially suitable for users with normal to dry skin types. It can be applied to the affected areas each night.

Hydroquinone is the only major ingredient mentioned for Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream. This is a skin-lightening substance that is commonly used in dermatologist-prescribed products, and it assists by blocking melanin production in the skin. In other words, Hydroquinone prevents new, darkened skin cells from forming. Over time, this can help reduce the appearance of age spots, brown patches, and sun damage. Unfortunately, according to the official website, Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream has been discontinued.

The Good

  • A full list of ingredients is found online.
  • Hydroquinone is a proven skin-lightening ingredient.
  • Glycerin is a moisturizer found in Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream.

The Bad

  • Some people will not like that sulfates are used in this cream.
  • This product has been discontinued, and is only available through a few dealer websites.
  • This cream may irritate the skin of some users.
  • Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream may make the skin more sensitive to sunlight.
  • No solid money-back guarantee is offered on the main website.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we do not recommend that you try and purchase Glytone Skin Bleaching Clarifying Cream through a dealer website. After all, this skincare product has been discontinued. Therefore it may have been discontinued for a good reason. On the bright side, there are plenty of other topical treatments that contain Hydroquinone to assist with age spots, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. You may even want to consult a local dermatologist about skin lightening treatments that are available for home use.

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight Review

What You Should Know

It seems that more and more licensed dermatologists and plastic surgeons are releasing their own skin care lines nowadays. Naturally some women and men will be drawn to these product lines because these lines are created by specialists in this field. One brand in particular is Dr. Brandt skin care. As a professional dermatologist, Dr. Brandt has assisted countless patients over the years, and now offers topical treatments that can be used in the privacy of your own home. These skin care formulas are not tested on animals, and do not contain artificial fragrances. However, some key ingredients you will find in Dr. Brandt products are White Tea, Tea Tree Oil, Grapeseed Extract, Green Tea, and other botanicals. We are now going to take a closer look at Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight.

Product Details

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight ($85) is marketed as an alternative to laser treatments. As you may be aware, professional laser treatments are available in a dermatology office, and can help improve skin texture. As for this topical treatment, it endeavors to restore the dermis, smooth out wrinkles, lift and firm sagging skin, and improve collagen production. Botanicals and peptides are used in this formula to plump and revitalize the dermis. Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight can be applied to the skin, morning and night.

Platinum Heptapeptide is a core ingredient found in this anti-aging treatment. It boosts collagen synthesis, and works to smooth out skin texture. Hyaluronic Acid is another key ingredient, and it benefits the skin by binding moisture to the dermis, which results in better hydration and plumper skin. Sweet Pea is the third major ingredient noted for Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight. This vegetable extract firms and tightens the tissue to encourage a more youthful appearance. Some other notable ingredients found in this treatment are Grapeseed Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Soy Protein.

The Good

  • No artificial fragrances are used in this skin care treatment.
  • Dr. Brandt does not test any products on animals.

The Bad

  • Chemical preservatives are used in Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight.
  • This anti-aging treatment costs a whopping $85.
  • The alcohol used in this formula may encourage skin dryness.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight certainly contains some unique ingredients to combat routine signs of aging. Then again, this topical formula will unlikely have the same effect as professional laser treatments. Although this anti-aging product offers botanicals and peptides, it also contains chemical preservatives and alcohol, which may have a negative impact on the dermis. On a separate note, Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight costs $85 per bottle, which may not be affordable for everyone.

Babor Wrinkle Filler Review

What You Should Know

Among the long list of skincare brands on the market today, there is Babor. This line of products is touted as natural and rejuvenating. Babor offers face and body skin care formulas to suit all skin types. This includes products for acne-prone and oily complexions. Some notable ingredients used in these products are Oat Kernel Protein, Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acids, and Jojoba Seed Oil. Like other brands, Babor is marketed as the highest quality products available. The specific formula we are going to focus on in this review is Babor Wrinkle Filler, which sells for $68 per ounce. This anti-wrinkle treatment can be used morning and night.

Product Details

Babor Wrinkle Filler is a treatment for aged or mature skin. It essentially benefits the dermis by moisturizing and plumping. This way fine lines and wrinkles should appear less visible, and the facial skin should appear smoother. There are no major ingredients mentioned for this product that address sun damage, age spots, collagen loss, or hyper pigmentation.

There are only three key ingredients addressed for Babor Wrinkle Filler. One of these is Hyaluronic Acid. This substance is added to bind moisture to the skin. According to the official website, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres are a unique type of Hyaluronic Acid found in this formula. When these spheres come in contact with water, they have the ability to swell, up to three times larger. This in turn helps fill in wrinkles and plump up the skin. Panthenol is added to Babor Wrinkle Filler to strengthen and hydrate the dermis, while Silica is used in this treatment to smooth out surface lines. Glycerin and Jojoba Seed Oil are also found in this wrinkle filler, and help prevent dryness.

The Good

  • Moisturizers like Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Seed Oil are used in this treatment.
  • This formula can be used both morning and night.

The Bad

  • Five types of parabens are used in this anti-wrinkle treatment.
  • No refund guarantee is posted on the company website.
  • Artificial fragrance is found in Babor Wrinkle Filler.
  • No major anti-wrinkle ingredients are used in this product.
  • The cost of this skincare formula is $68 per ounce.

The Bottom Line

With so many choices for anti-wrinkle treatments available these days, we do not recommend Babor Wrinkle Filler. While this formula does contain moisturizers, as well as Hyaluronic Acid to help plump the skin, it lacks proven anti-aging ingredients like Matrixyl and Argireline. The $68 price tag does not really match the ingredients found in this skincare product. After all, you can find a number of cheaper anti-aging formulas and moisturizers available with comparable ingredients to Babor Wrinkle Filler. Many of these are available in drugstores.

vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent Review

What You Should Know

It may seem like a number of skin care companies are popping up each year. Well, this is because there are new ones emerging all the time, and this can make it difficult to keep track of them all. vbeauté is one line that you may not be familiar with. If you take a peek at the official website, you will see a short video of the founder of this company, and she explains why she started vbeauté. Her name is Julie Macklowe, and she wanted to come up with an “it kit” that contained all of her toiletries in one small kit for traveling. After all, you cannot take certain bottle and container sizes aboard an airplane these days. Since Macklowe had a bad experience with this, she decided to come up with her own solution. Hence the vbeauté It Kit was born. However, in this review we are going to examine vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent, which is a single product offered by this brand.

Product Details

vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent is a face treatment available for $150. According to the official website, this formula will rev up your skin, and reduce dullness. More specifically, this brightening serum aims to fight free radical damage, lighten dark areas, prevent age spots, and help control problematic skin. It can be smoothed over the entire face and neck each morning and night, after cleansing. vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent can also be applied to problem areas as a spot treatment.

This oil-free serum contains key ingredients like Niacinamide to reduce the look of age spots, as well as a Watercress Skin Lightening Complex to help even out your complexion and tone. Some other notable ingredients are BioCellular Peptide (prevents new age spots), Pure Alpine Soft Spring Water (hydrates the dermis), and Alpine Rose Botanical Technology (an antioxidant).

The Good

  • A full list of ingredients is posted on the main website.
  • Some unique active ingredients are used in vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent.
  • This brightening formula can be used morning and night.

The Bad

  • The second ingredient listed for this product is Alcohol.
  • This face treatment sells for $150 per one-ounce bottle.
  • vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent does not address fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Although a 30-day return policy is mentioned on the website, it only applies to unopened products.

The Bottom Line

Clearly vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent is an anti-aging formula that endeavors to brighten and lighten your complexion, while reducing the appearance of hyper pigmentation and age spots. This formula does not contain the proven skin-lightening ingredient, Hydroquinone, but does offer some unique key ingredients. However, some people will be turned off by the $150 price tag, and lack of satisfaction guarantee. After all, vbeauté Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent can only be returned if you did not use it.

NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum Review

What You Should Know

Like many modern skin care companies, NeoStrata is one that uses specific key ingredients to help remedy common skin conditions and concerns. In fact, unique Alpha Hydroxy Acid complexes are used in these skin care formulas to help reduce signs of aging, acne, sun damage, and skin dryness. You can find NeoStrata products through several online distributors, but you must order these products through the official website if you want to have a 30-day refund guarantee option. We are going to help you better understand the formula, NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum. This $60 face treatment is supposed to help restore radiance to your visage.

Product Details

NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum aims to benefit the skin in four different ways. First of all, this formula should help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Secondly, this serum brightens sallowness and boosts radiance. This serum works to refine your skin’s pores, and additionally hydrates the dermis to minimize dryness. Like most anti-aging formulas, antioxidants are used in NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum to counteract free radicals. This formula can be applied to a clean face daily, and should be used before any moisturizers or makeup products.

There are key ingredients used in NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum to target lines and damage around the lips, on the forehead, cheeks, and beneath the eyes. 10% Lactobionic Acid is the primary active ingredient used. It helps slough off dead skin cells and aids with moisturizing and increased radiance. Vitamins like A, E and C are also found in NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum. While these vitamins assist with anti-aging, they additionally fight off free radical damage. This face serum is marketed as an alternative to more irritating face treatments and procedures, such as Microdermabrasion and facial peels.

The Good

  • One user review is posted on the official website.
  • You can purchase NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum directly through the website.
  • This serum can be used all over the face or as a spot treatment.

The Bad

  • Chemical preservatives are found in NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum.
  • The Lactobionic Acid used in this formula may irritate the skin of some users.
  • Your face may be more susceptible to sun damage when using this serum.
  • No free trial samples of this product are offered.

The Bottom Line

It seems like there are many anti-aging serums and creams on the market today that are similar to NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum. It is nice to see that this product contains vitamins and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help rejuvenate and restore the skin. Just be certain to apply a sunscreen every day if you use this serum. After all, it might make your skin very sensitive to the sun’s damaging UV rays. If your face is not protected, you can end up with even more damage.

StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler Review

What You Should Know

While there are countless face creams and serums for anti-aging nowadays, there are also spot treatments for wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. In other words, these targeted products are simply applied to the affected area. One treatment that falls into this category is StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler. This product is sold in a 0.78-ounce tube, and costs around $59. You can find it for sale over-the-counter, and through online dealers like Unlike many anti-wrinkle products, this unique formula is supposed to produce instant results.

Product Details

StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler may lessen the depth and severity of facial creases, crow’s feet, and expression lines immediately. This treatment also aims to improve the overall tone and texture of skin. While it can be applied to the entire face if desired, it only needs to be massaged into specific wrinkles. It is encouraged to use StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler daily, and for an extended period of time, in order to experience the full results. Basically, after cleansing your face, you apply this wrinkle formula. Since it is concentrated, you should see changes within minutes.

Some areas to apply StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler are the lines around your mouth, under-eye wrinkles, the crease between your eyebrows, forehead lines, and the crease beneath your nose. Active ingredients mentioned for this product are Oat Kernel Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Symphytum Officinale Leaf Extract, and Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract. However, it is not explained what each of these plant extracts do, specifically. While there is some user feedback posted on distributor websites for StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler, it is not all positive or supportive of this anti-wrinkle treatment.

The Good

  • This anti-wrinkle treatment may encourage fast results.
  • A complete list of ingredients are posted online for StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler.
  • No prescription is needed for this anti-aging formula.

The Bad

  • There are no before and after photos provided to support this wrinkle filler.
  • Some chemical ingredients used in this treatment may raise a few eyebrows.
  • There are some negative user reviews for this product, posted online.
  • Some users have stated that StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler does nothing.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing descriptions of StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler on dealer websites, as well as reviews posted by users, we cannot recommend this topical cream. Although this product is claimed to fill in and minimize wrinkles and lines immediately, it is unlikely to provide any long-term results. Moreover, several women have stated that StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler is ineffective. It would be helpful to see some clinical data presented on this wrinkle treatment, in addition to some before and after photos.

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Review

What You Should Know

There are some simple tricks to maintaining a young and vibrant complexion. The first thing you should consider is a daily sunscreen. Each time you go outdoors during the daytime, you are exposed to damaging UV rays. Therefore it is imperative to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. You should also consider an anti-aging cream, lotion, or serum. These treatments generally contain key ingredients to slow down the signs of aging, and rejuvenate the skin. One option is SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter. This is a topical cream that can be applied to a clean face, once or twice daily. It sells online for $152 (1.7 ounces).

Product Details

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter is a face treatment that is claimed to improve thinning skin, which commonly occurs with age. According to SkinCeuticals, as you age, “Glycation” occurs. This essentially means that elastin and collagen fibers adhere to excess glucose molecules. This newly formed substance is known as A.G.E. or Advanced Glycation End-products. Afterward, wrinkling, creping, and sagging commonly occur. However, SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter is formulated to correct this condition. For instance, this product may help by preventing the loss of collagen and elastin, restoring vitamins and moisture to the skin, and protecting the epidermal barrier in order to prevent dryness.

The major ingredients used in SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter are Proxylane 30% (infuses the skin with nutrients and moisture), Blueberry Extract 4% (slows down the rigidification of elastin and collagen), and Phytosphingosine 0.2% (helps prevent skin discomfort and dryness). These three ingredients work together to prevent common signs of aging and skin degradation. A few user reviews are posted on distributor websites for this anti-aging treatment.

The Good

  • Unique key ingredients are used in SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter.
  • Glycerin is found in this product, which helps moisturize.
  • This anti-wrinkle cream may help prevent collagen loss.

The Bad

  • Chemical preservatives like parabens are used in this skincare formula.
  • The cost of SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter is $152 a jar.
  • Some users have complained that this anti-wrinkle cream is too expensive for the minor results it provides.
  • Fragrance has been added to this product, which may irritate some skin types.
  • No money-back guarantee is provided with this anti-aging formula.

The Bottom Line

All in all, SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter is certainly a unique and interesting anti-aging treatment. The specific condition it addresses is typically not brought up or explained to this extent. While this may lure some women in, you should also notice the negative reviews posted online by some users. Clearly SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter does not work well for everyone. Moreover, the price of this anti-aging treatment is pretty steep at $152, which may make it unaffordable for some ladies.

NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex Review

What You Should Know

If you suffer from hyper pigmentation or sun-damaged skin, then you may want to consider product lines like NIA24. This unique skincare line was developed in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. It is referred to as “Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy,” due to the key ingredient used in each topical formula. The core purpose of these products is to treat and repair sun-damaged skin, while preventing new damage from occurring. The product we will look at more closely in this review is NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex. It retails for $110 (1.7 ounces), and is available without a prescription.

Product Details

NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex is a topical treatment that can be used on the face and neck areas, both morning and night, after cleansing. It is described as a medium-texture moisturizer that provides intensive hydration. With daily use, you should notice fuller, brighter, and firmer skin. This cream is not suitable for the delicate eye area. It contains anti-aging ingredients like Peptides, Ceramides, and Liposomes. These may help firm, tone and tighten the facial skin.

5% Pro-Niacin is the primary active ingredient found in NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex. This exclusive substance helps by repairing hyper pigmentation and sun damage. Other key ingredients used in this formula are Vitamins A, C and E (these vitamins provide antioxidant protection to fight off free radicals), as well as Sodium Hyaluronate (draws moisture to the skin to improve hydration), Tomato Extract, Licorice Root Extract (helps even out skin tone), and Barley Extract (helps prevent moisture loss). Over time, dark spots and discolorations should begin to diminish, and overall skin radiance should improve. This topical anti-aging formula is suitable for women and men alike.

The Good

  • All of the major ingredients are explained on the official website.
  • This face cream offers a 5% dose of Pro-Niacin to assist with hyper pigmentation.
  • You will not have trouble purchasing NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex, since it is available on the official website.

The Bad

  • Chemical preservatives are used in this face cream moisturizer.
  • No testimonials are posted on the primary website.
  • Certain ingredients used in NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex may lead to skin redness or irritation.
  • This face formula is primarily just for hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

The Bottom Line

The first thing you should keep in mind with NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex is that it is mainly intended to treat sun damage or discoloration. It does offer 5% of a key ingredient to help correct age spots and hyper pigmentation, which is encouraging. However, this formula is not really for wrinkles and facial sagging. Therefore if your concern is not age spots and uneven skin tone, you should check into other topical treatments. There are many available that do not cost $110.

H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence Review

What You Should Know

Unfortunately as you age, hyper pigmentation often becomes an issue. This skin condition is also commonly referred to as age spots, liver spots, lentigines, freckles, dark patches, and sun damage. Regardless of what you call it, you probably do not want it. After all, age spots make the face look older than it actually is. No one wants this. On the bright side, there are products at your disposal that may help lessen the appearance of hyper pigmentation, and brighten the skin. The one we will focus on in this review is H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence. It comes in a unique pump container (one fluid ounce), and sells over-the-counter for $48.

Product Details

H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence is a topical therapy for the face that may help reduce and correct dark spots. This formula may also help prevent new age spots and lentigines from forming. It contains key ingredients that boost skin luminosity, hydrate, soften, and reduce melanin or darkened skin cells. H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence can be applied to a cleansed and toned face, daily. This treatment can also be used on the backs of hands to assist with hyper pigmentation and liver spots.

Knotted Sea Kelp is a primary ingredient used in H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence to prevent and reduce dark patches on the skin. It is basically brown algae from the Atlantic Ocean. This substance inhibits melanin production to help diminish age spots. Asian Brightening Botanicals are also used in this face product. This includes natural extracts like Scutellaria, Mulberry, Grape, and Saxifrage. These substances are supposed to help brighten the complexion. A final key ingredient is Stabilized Vitamin C, which is commonly used in skincare products to brighten, prevent skin damage, and combat free radicals.

The Good

  • This anti-aging formula comes in a unique bottle.
  • Vitamin C and Sea Kelp are used in H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence.

The Bad

  • One of the first ingredients in this product is Alcohol.
  • Fragrance is used in H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence.
  • Only one customer testimonial is posted on the main website.
  • Several chemical ingredients are used in this age spot treatment.
  • This topical serum does not aid with wrinkles.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that new age-spot corrective treatments are emerging all the time. However, according to the people who use them, they do not all work effectively. As for H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence, there are no proven hyper pigmentation ingredients offered in this formula. While it does contain Vitamin C and Mulberry Extract, which can assist with skin brightening, it does not contain serious ingredients to diminish dark spots on the face. Therefore we cannot recommend this anti-aging product.

H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum Review

What You Should Know

It is not uncommon to find skin care products with natural plant extracts, marine algae, and various sea botanicals. After all, this is actually a major theme or pitch for many skin care companies nowadays. The truth is consumers and product users like to see natural healing ingredients used in topical treatments. This includes products like moisturizers, toners, facial cleansers, masks, and anti-aging serums. Well, one company that places a strong focus on sea-based ingredients is H2O Plus. This is clear when you take a look at their product line, and anti-aging treatments like H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum. It is a moisturizing face treatment for women, and may help recharge the skin while you sleep.

Product Details

H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum ($38) is an oil-free formula that may help improve skin resilience, relieve stress, fight free radical damage, firm and revitalize, hydrate, smooth out lines, and boost radiance. Needless to say, this is a multi-purpose face treatment, and it is infused with marine botanicals. As you may have guessed, H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum should be applied to a clean face and neck at night.

As for the primary ingredients mentioned for this serum, they are Fennel (helps the skin resist environmental damage), Sea Lettuce (increases collagen and elastin production), Wakame (a brown kelp that helps recharge and energize the skin), Melon Oxidizer (taken from melon fruit, this substance prevents free radical damage and infuses the epidermis with oxygen), and Goji Glycopeptides (this is taken from goji berries, and it may help firm and plump the skin to minimize fine lines and stimulate collagen production). H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum is sold in a one-ounce pump bottle.

The Good

  • There are various marine extracts used in this anti-aging serum.
  • Simple user instructions are posted on the official website.
  • A complete ingredient list is provided for review.

The Bad

  • Some users have complained that this serum does not assist with wrinkles.
  • There is fragrance added to H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum.
  • Dyes are used in this face formula.
  • There is one complaint about this serum not tightening skin pores.
  • This product does not endeavor to minimize sun damage.

The Bottom Line

Overall, H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum seems to primarily be a soothing and hydrating face treatment. After reading some online reviews, it does not appear that this serum helps much with fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, or firming and tightening the skin. Also, some women may not like that dyes and fragrances are used in H2O Night Oasis Oxygenating Energizer Serum. Fortunately there are numerous other anti-aging treatments to consider. Many of which have proven anti-wrinkle ingredients used in them.

Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream Review

What You Should Know

Depending on your age and skin’s condition, the right anti-aging treatment for you may be completely different than what is right for someone else. This is why it certainly pays to do a little research, and learn more about what is out there. In this review, we will take a look at Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream, which is one of many options at your disposal. This over-the-counter face cream sells for $105 (a 1.7-ounce jar). One aspect of this treatment that makes it unique is its ability to penetrate the skin in order to rebuild and repair.

Product Details

Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream is a face treatment that can be used morning and night to reduce common signs of aging. The purpose of this product is to penetrate the dermal and epidermal layers in order to encourage repair. While this cream does aim to moisturize the skin, it also assists by soothing any irritation, increasing the production of collagen, and boosting skin elasticity. According to the official website, Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream is mainly for women with dry, photo-aged skin that requires ample hydration.

Some key ingredients are mentioned for this ant-aging treatment. One of which is Lavender, which helps soothe skin irritation. Linseed Oil aims to nourish and moisturize the skin. Peptides are added to increase both elastin and collagen production. Some other notable ingredients found in Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream are Apple Fruit Extract (helps improve skin tone and texture), Avocado Oil (softens and moisturizes), Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, Orange Fruit Extract (improves skin tone), Meadowfoam, and Safflower Seed Oil (reduces irritation and hydrates the skin).

The Good

  • You can easily acquire this face treatment through online dealers.
  • This formula contains several moisturizing ingredients to combat dryness.
  • Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream may help reduce skin irritation.

The Bad

  • A large list of ingredients is used in this formula.
  • Some people will not like that Petroleum is found in Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream.
  • The cost of this product is $105, which is more than many others.
  • Sulfates are used in this cream, which can cause skin irritation.
  • More than one type of alcohol is found in this anti-aging treatment.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream comes across as a very hydrating face treatment. After all, it does contain several moisturizers. Then again, it also contains more than one type of alcohol. One factor that some users will not appreciate is the petroleum and sulfates that are used in this product. After all, these ingredients have been linked to side effects in some users. Furthermore, there are no wrinkle-relaxing ingredients like Matrixyl or Argireline mentioned for Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream.

Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum Review

What You Should Know

Glytone is a skin care line that emphasizes the importance of antioxidants and Free Glycolic Acid. Genesis Pharmaceuticals started the Glytone line back in 1992. Currently this brand offers a variety of topical skin care products that are available over-the-counter. We created this review to help you become better acquainted with Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum, which is available through some online distributors, such as SkinCareRX. This $120 face serum is claimed to assist with anti-aging and daily skin maintenance.

Product Details

Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum is recommended for normal to oily skin types, and should be applied to the face, neck, and chest areas each morning. This topical treatment is supposed to take your skin care regimen to the next level. It contains key ingredients to help protect your skin from damaging free radicals, which are responsible for signs of aging. This serum is also claimed to promote new cell development. This way you are left with a healthy and vibrant complexion with minimal signs of damage and aging. This formula is sold in a one-ounce bottle with a dropper applicator.

Three core ingredients are noted for Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum. The first is THD Ascorbate, which is a time-released form of Vitamin C. This substance aims to fend off harmful free radicals and minimize damage from environmental aggressors, such as pollution, UV rays, and cigarette smoke. Delta Tocopheryl Glucoside is also found in this serum. It is a time-released form of Vitamin E that is supposed to penetrate the epidermis more effectively than regular Vitamin E. It assists the skin by nourishing and combating free radicals. Red Tea Flavonoids are used in Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum to counteract free radicals as well, and are stated to be more potent than Green Tea.

The Good

  • This face serum offers a lot of antioxidant protection.
  • Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum is available over-the-counter.

The Bad

  • Sensitive skin types may have a negative reaction to this anti-aging serum.
  • The cost of Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum is $120.
  • There is no refund guarantee provided with this product.
  • The official website does not provide a full ingredient list.
  • No free trial samples of this serum are offered.

The Bottom Line

When you fully examine the specs and details pertaining to Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum, it is clear that this product is mainly for fighting free radical damage. While this is an important aspect of anti-aging, it is not the only issue that typically needs to be addressed. After all, what about facial lines, age spots, facial sagging, sun damage, loss of elasticity, and deep wrinkles? These are all concerns that many women have. Therefore we cannot recommend you spend $120 on Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Serum.

GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier Review

What You Should Know

Anti-aging and acne blemishes are two major concerns of many people around the globe. This is why there are so many topical treatments available to assist with these concerns. In fact, GlyMed Plus is one skin care line that focuses heavily on aging skin and acne breakouts. This brand was created by Christine Heathman, a medical esthetician with over 25 years of experience. GlyMed Plus skin care products use various natural ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade crystalline hydroxyl acids in their products. Organically grown botanicals are also used to assist with conditions like redness, excess oil build-up, acne, and lack of firmness. The product we will look at in this review is GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier.

Product Details

GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier is a unique topical treatment for the facial skin. It sells for $40, but is only supposed to be obtained through a licensed specialist or dermatologist (it is available on websites like SkinCareRX). The primary purpose of this formula is to keep your complexion looking young and fresh. GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier aims to reduce skin inflammation, correct sun damage, and reduce the appearance of age spots. Also known as hyper pigmentation, age spots tend to appear over time, due to an excess build up of melanin in the skin. This product is primarily for people with mature skin types, as well as inflamed skin.

In order to use GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier, you simply apply three or four drops to a clean face and neck. Four major ingredients are used in this liquid treatment to assist the skin with anti-aging. These are Licorice Extract (counteracts inflammation and dark spots), Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (provides the skin with antioxidants), Hawaiian Seaweed (decongests pores and prevents breakouts), and Ester-C (combats free radical damage). Mulberry Leaf Extract is also found in GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier, and may help reduce hyper pigmentation.

The Good

  • This skincare company has been around for more than two decades.
  • GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier is made in the USA.
  • A complete list of ingredients is presented on the main website.

The Bad

  • All GlyMed Plus products are only sold through authorized professionals and dermatologists.
  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee provided.
  • User testimonials for this specific product are not found on the official website.
  • This product does not assist with deep wrinkles and facial creases.

The Bottom Line

If your major skin aging concern is hyper pigmentation and age spots, then GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier may be able to assist you to some degree. After all, this product does offer active ingredients like Licorice Extract and Mulberry Extract to help brighten the skin. However, a skincare formula with Hydroquinone may be more effective. Regardless, GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier is not intended to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, which is something to keep in mind.