Celleral Review

Do you want to know the truth about Celleral?

Celleral is an anti-aging product available only online from the manufacturer. A one-ounce jar is about $100. The serum and eye gel are the only ones offered by the company. The history and website provide no information about the company’s origins and only limited details on their primary product.

What is Celleral?

Celleral is an anti-aging serum designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The primary ingredients are ageireline, matrix, haloxyl, and retinol. The company claims the product delivers results similar to those found in Botox injections, but without the painful injections and the associated risks. The formula is easy to use and supposedly provides quick results. The business also recommends using their advanced eye gel for maximum results.

Quick Facts on Celleral

  • Claims to be as effective as Botox.
  • Limited ingredient list.
  • Difficult to obtain.
  • High price point.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Celleral?

According to our Skincare Editor, “The prospect of a topically applied product that is as effective as Botox is certainly intriguing. It’s too bad the company offers absolutely no proof their product works as claimed.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

People were very unhappy with the results for the price of the product.

The results were not what many people expected.

  • “My eyes were irritated after the first time I tried this. No, thanks.”
  • “I don’t really have sensitive skin but this product made my face hurt.”

While others were pleased with the results.

  • “This worked even better than my Botox injections, I couldn’t be happier!”
  • “I’ve tried a lot of anti-aging products, this is one of my favorites.”

Many people felt the product was overpriced.

  • “I cannot believe I spent so much money on something that didn’t work at all.”
  • “I skipped Botox and did this instead. What a waste.”

Others felt the results were in line with the price.

  • “Results like Botox are going to cost more, it was worth it.”
  • “I expect to pay more for good skincare. If it works as well as they say I’m fine with the price.”

Are We Sold on Celleral?

Are we rushing out to buy Celleral before our next class reunion? Sadly, we don’t think it is effective enough to gamble on a big night. There were some promising reviews but the overall lack of information, excessive cost, and complete lack of clinically tested ingredients keeps us from being feeling comfortable recommending this product.

What Do We Suggest?

We’ve reviewed tons of products in 2016 and the one that stands out is BioGeniste. It’s made with clinically tested ingredients and user reviews are out of this world.

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Auralei Review

Do you need the truth about Auralei?

Auralei is a skin care line with two products, a serum and a moisturizer. Both are available with a free trial from multiple websites. It’s hard to say which one is the official website, and there’s no information about the manufacturer. Using the two together, the company claims you can get results better than Botox without the expensive and painful procedure. The domains associated with the websites were registered in September 2015.

What is Auralei?

Auralei offers both a serum and a moisturizer. Both are supposed to help fight the signs of aging. Unfortunately, there’s not a full list of ingredients available on any of the websites we found promoting the product. The only one the websites talk about is retinol, which is a common antiaging ingredient found in many creams, serums and treatments.

Quick Facts on Auralei

  • Available as a serum and a moisturizer.
  • No information on the manufacturer.
  • Several websites promote a free trial of both products, with an auto-ship requirement.
  • We do not have a complete list of ingredients.
  • The free trial may be associated with a short timeframe.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Auralei?

“We have quite a few reservations about Auralei, because we have so little information on the formula and company,” says our Skincare Editor.

Here’s What People Are Saying

People aren’t happy about the auto-ship program, and they don’t find the product effective.

Many people reported issues canceling their automatic shipment.

  • ”I canceled well before the 15 day deadline and still was charged.”
  • “Even though I canceled in the timeframe, I was still charged.”

Others didn’t have any problems.

  • ”I was able to cancel my autoshipment without any problems.”
  • “I decided to keep the serum coming for a few months, but was able to cancel when I wanted to without issue.”

Lots of people reported ineffectiveness with both the moisturizer and the serum.

  • ”I didn’t feel anything different when using these products.”
  • “No noticeable change in my skin after a month of regular use.”

Not everyone felt this way, however.

  • ”I used both the moisturizer and the serum for a month and saw results within two weeks.”
  • “With the moisturizer alone, I saw results in less than a month.”

Are We Sold on Auralei?

Well, we have some issues. The free trials and autoshipment programs are worthy of red flags on their own, but when you add the fact that we don’t know who makes the product and we don’t really know what’s in it, that’s reason enough to turn to a different retinol based formula.

What Do We Suggest?

Of all the products we’ve reviewed in 2016, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. The customer reviews are out of this world and it contains clinically tested ingredients.

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Aimee Cream Review

Are you curious about how Aimee Cream works?

Aimee Cream is a wrinkle cream available with a free trial. The official website doesn’t provide any information about the manufacturer, and was registered online in May 2015. The domain age tells this is a relatively new product.

What is Aimee Cream?

Aimee Cream is an anti-aging wrinkle cream. We don’t know who makes it, but the official website tells us it contains vitamin C, and is an all natural formula with peptides. Vitamin C is well known for skin care, because it helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and helps boost collagen production. The topical application is more effective against aging than consuming it orally. We don’t know what peptides are in the formula, or where they come from.

Quick Facts on Aimee Cream

  • No full list of ingredients available.
  • No information on the manufacturer.
  • Website is barely over a year old at the time of this review.
  • Free trial with auto-ship requirements.
  • Reports of scams.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Aimee Cream?

“When you consider the lack of information we have about this product and its manufacturer, combined with the fact that you cannot just purchase it out right, there are red flags,” says our Skincare Editor.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Some people felt like the cream did nothing to help their skin.

  • ”There’s nothing special about this cream. I didn’t see results even after using it for a full month.”
  • “This cream irritated my skin.”

Others, however, felt it did exactly what it promised.

  • ”I saw results in two weeks, so I decided to keep my autoshipment running.”
  • “This stuff really helped diminish the appearance of my lines and wrinkles.”

Some felt the autoshipment was nothing more than a scam.

  • ”I had issues canceling my autoshipment, and was charged for additional product I didn’t want.”
  • “14 day trial? I was charged the next day!”

Others had zero issues dealing with the company.

  • ”I got the free trial, used the product, and decided to cancel. I had no issues getting my order canceled before I was charged the full price.”
  • “After my 14 day trial, I ordered a month’s supply and then canceled without any problems.”

Are We Sold on Aimee Cream?

Honestly, there’s nothing about this cream that makes us think it would be better than other more readily available Vitamin C creams on the market today. We have reservations about recommending products when we can’t find out more about the company that makes the it.

What Do We Suggest?

We’ve reviewed a lot of skin care and anti-aging products this year, and many of them just don’t make the cut. The one that really got our attention is BioGeniste, because it’s made with scientifically tested ingredients, and customers can’t stop raving about it.

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Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Review

Are you at least a little curious about Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus?

Repairwear Laser Focus is an anti-aging line from Clinique – a well-known company. You can purchase it from the official website, which is a positive. Returns are accepted, but there’s no time limit in the policy. The business has been around for a long time and online since 1994.

What is Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus?

Clinique Laser Focus is a range of products that includes Night Line Smoothing; Smooths, Restores and Corrects; and Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream. Prices are comparable to other higher end lines, so it’s relatively affordable. There are no ingredients listed on the official website, but thanks to some customer reviews, we know some include butylene glycol, methyl trimethicone, polysilicone-11, acetyl hexapeptide-8, caffeine, tocopheryl acetate and hyaluronic acid. We did not find mention of parabens. We do know Clinique does not believe in animal testing.

Quick Facts on Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus

  • There is a return policy so if you’re not satisfied you’re covered.
  • There’s no time limit mentioned for the guarantee.
  • The prices are comparable to other, similar brands.
  • We found no parabens in any ingredient list.
  • Clinique does not partake in animal testing.
  • You can purchase from the company or websites like Amazon.
  • All products are fragrance-free.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus?

“It’s not a good thing that Clinique doesn’t bother to share ingredient information with customers,” explains our Skincare Editor. “How is the potential buyer supposed to know if irritants or allergens are included?”

Here’s What People Are Saying

There are users who found Clinique Laser Focus to be ineffective.

  • “I have been using it for a month with no improvement in my skin. Not even a change of any type. I may as well be putting water on my face.”
  • “I am discouraged. Products that state certain results and I use a product faithfully and not seeing any changes, its maddening.”

Others did like the results they saw with regular use.

  • “I’ve tried a full bottle of this product and it is…effective.”
  • “I used it twice a day. I did not breakout and my skin felt softer after a few weeks.”

We also found a few that reported a reaction of some kind.

  • “I applied this serum on my skin and it made my skin burnt up. It became red and I had reaction with it.”
  • “I put on as directed and my skin became red and blotchy.”

We have to note there are those that saw no such reaction – just good results.

  • “I like Clinique in general but I have come to really like this product. It is thin and leave a great feeling on the skin.”
  • “I like repair wear. It goes on smooth and penetrates skin immediately. Leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated.”

Are We Ready to Buy Up Some Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus?

We like that this product is available from a trusted company like Clinique, but Repairwear Laser Focus may not be the best anti-aging line out there. First off, there are multiple products that aim to fight wrinkles and fine lines. It only takes one great formula to treat the entire face, even around the eyes. And, the company doesn’t give the customer the information they need to make an educated decision.

What Do We Like Better Than Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus?

Our favorite anti-aging solution in 2016 is one called BioGeniste. You can use the clinically tested ingredients to treat wrinkles and fine lines all over the face. There’s no need for three or four different products.

Click here to read more about BioGeniste today.

Vine Vera Review

Wonder how Vine Vera works?

Vine Vera skin care company with a variety of products. They have multiple collections, all named after wines. One is vitamin C based, another is merlot based, and some use multiple ingredients, but all of them include resveratrol. The official website was purchased in 2011, and the company got its US start in 2012, since expanding to become a global brand.

What is Vine Vera?

Vine Vera Resveratrol Skin Care has multiple products for your body, eyes, and face. We’ll be taking a closer look at the Resveratrol Moisture Day Cream, to see how it stacks up to other anti-aging skin care products available on the market today. Ingredients include glycerin, resveratrol, alcohol, propylene glycol, fragrance, and several others.

Quick Facts on Vine Vera

  • Products are expensive, some of them are over $100 each.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Fragrance may irritate some people.
  • Contains alcohol, which may cause skin damage.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Vine Vera?

“Vine Vera products are expensive. There isn’t much to separate them from all other products available on the market today in terms of ingredients, which makes the price questionable,” says our Skincare Editor.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Many reviews say the product wasn’t moisturizing enough.

  • ”This is a total scam! The 3rd ingredient in this moisturizer is propylene glycol, which is an ingredient in anti-freeze! The first ingredient is water! That is expensive water.”
  • “Too expensive and not as thick as it used to be!!”

Others, however, felt Vine Vera did a good job.

  • “The moisture day cream was so smooth and non-oily. It felt super great on the skin and my skin looked much smoother after applying the product.”
  • “Works like a MIRACLE! I use this cream everyday, and it has greatly improved the appearance my skin. It worked right away. So I don’t understand the other reviews which are negative.”

The price is prohibitive for people, even those who otherwise like the product.

  • ”Love this moisturizer. I wish it had sunscreen built into it (SPF 30) I would give it 5 stars if the price wasn’t so high.”
  • “I got a sample of this cream and I love it, but it’s too expensive for me…wish it was cheaper I don’t think you have to pay a lot for a product for it to work.”

Yet, there were plenty of people who didn’t seem to be bothered by price.

  • ”It soaks right in and does not leave any greasy feeling whatsoever on your skin. This cream is unlike any other cream that I have used.”
  • “This product is expensive but quality is rarely cheap.”

Are We Sold on Vine Vera?

We see nothing special about the Vine Vera products that make us think they are worth spending that kind of money on. With the complaints of ineffectiveness and lack of value for the price, we believe there are plenty of other anti-aging products on the market that will do a better job for a lesser price.

What Do We Suggest?

Of all the products we’ve reviewed so far this year, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. The customer reviews are out of this world and it contains clinically tested ingredients, known to keep the skin healthy and youthful.

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Mizon Review

Do you wonder how Mizon works?

Mizon is a line of skin care products from Korea. Though there is an official website, it is based in Korea, and even WHOIS data doesn’t provide information about when the domain was registered. The products are available from several merchants including: Amazon, Peach & Lily, Cult Beauty, and more.

What is Mizon?

Mizon skin care is a South Korean skin care line. There are a variety of products including toners, cleansers, makeup, masks, moisturizing creams, and body and hair products, with some aimed at anti-aging. There does not appear to be a money-back guarantee for the products. Little information is available on the ingredients – as many products have pages that lack product descriptions.

Quick Facts on Mizon

  • Variety of products available to address skin care needs.
  • Anti-aging is not the main focus of the line.
  • Ingredient information is spotty – a main product uses 92% snail mucus.
  • No information on a money-back guarantee.
  • Some products are paraben and fragrance free

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Mizon?

“Mizon products seem to be hit or miss – some have good reviews, while others do not. It really depends on your skin type and skin care goals,” says our Skincare Editor. “The line’s not that big in the anti-aging market.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Lots of people wanted to return it because of heavy and greasiness, and others had reports of suspicious packaging.

  • ”I wanted to return immediately. The first few minutes, it made my face smooth but five minutes later, it made my face a little bit itchy at some spots.”
  • “I used this cream before for face occasionally, and for some stretch marks on my belly before, and within few consecutive days the red raised marks and itchiness went away. It was a colorless, light cream that gets absorbs easily. It’s fragrance free and smells like chemical in a way. I liked it because it was so effective.”

But, not everyone feels this way.

  • ”One of the second Korean lines I tried was the Mizon “Snail” line. I got the all-in-one cream, the intensive ampoule, the gel cream and the eye cream. I don’t use them during the day, as they don’t leave a pretty finish or work under make-up, but their nightly use has yielded FANTASTIC change in the quality of my skin.”
  • “Dries clear and smooth, goes on well under moisturizer or sunscreen without ‘pilling’ (like some other Snail products). No magic claims made, but it does give a smooth, temporarily tighter finish to my whole face and neck – my upper eyelids love it- and speeds healing of acne scars and fever blisters.”

Amazon reviews report several suspicious packaging when they received it.

  • ”When I received this product it looked like it was partially used. The outside of the box was dented and when I opened up the box the lid was scratched up. When I opened the lid the product was slightly oozing from the container because the safety seal was half opened.”
  • “I feel like I got ripped off. When I received the package I was expecting an authentic seal and a general seal with the item. It was messy trying to open it because the seal that keeps the product inside was HALFWAY open. I feel like I got a used piece and like an unvalued customer. What is the definition of new? Definitely not this.”

Fortunately, not all customers saw this experience.

  • “This is a very light weight facial cream that is a fantastic choice for those with combo skin or for Summer wear. I purchased this during the Winter months.”
  • “This cream makes my skin feel really soft, and it calms the redness on my face. It doesn’t break me out and it absorbs very quickly. I bought this cream solely to help with my acne scars, but I don’t really see a difference. Also, don’t count on this to moisture your face. You’ll need a moisturizer/emulsion. If you have oily skin like me and you’re just looking for a lightweight cream to improve the texture of your skin, I would recommend this. The entire jar lasted me about 2.5 months (just so you know how much you’re getting for the price).”

Are We Sold on Mizon?

Mizon has a slew of products to choose from, so we’re certain there’s something that will work for you – depending on your skin type and your skin care needs. Our issues are with the fact that the products we researched may not arrive to you in new condition, and they may cause issues with skin redness, dryness, and flaking, which certainly isn’t good for aging skin. Why try to fight wrinkles with something that could cause more problems?

What Do We Like Better Than Mizon Products?

Of all the products we’ve reviewed in 2016, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. The customer reviews are out of this world and it contains clinically tested ingredients.

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Lancome Hydra Zen Review

Do you want to know the truth about Lancome Hydra Zen?

Lancome Hydra Zen is a hydration product skin care line, designed to help combat the signs of aging. Lancome is a global brand, but the USA website was first purchased in 1995. Products are sold online through various merchants and in department stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales. The brand was initially founded in 1935, but has been a subsidiary of L’Oreal since 1964. Product refunds are handled at the place of purchase.

What is Lancome Hydra Zen?

Lancome Hydra Zen is an anti-aging product line, featuring a day cream, moisturizing day cream, night cream, and beauty essence, but there doesn’t appear to be a specific Lancome eye cream in this product line. Ingredients include dimethicone, various extracts, limonene, alcohol, perfume and fragrance, and others.

Quick Facts on Lancome Hydra Zen

  • Expensive – $56 for just over an ounce.
  • Contains irritants like limonene and fragrance.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Several products to choose from.
  • Alcohol can damage skin, even if it’s not sensitive.
  • Skin damage can result in signs of premature aging.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Lancome Hydra Zen?

“This is an expensive product with irritants. It may work well for some people, but if you have sensitive skin, it may not be the best choice,” says our Skincare Editor. “Plus, it’s missing some important anti-aging ingredients.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

There are several complaints about product effectiveness, especially with the Lancome face cream.

  • ”Nope, not moisturizing enough for dry skin. There are a lot of cheaper drugstore/ high end products that work better imo. Will not repurchase.”
  • “I gave this cream 3 stars. It is mediocre for me. It applies thickly and is difficult to blend.”

But, there are people who love it, too.

  • ”I just bought this moist. Cream, I so so so love it, My skin is usually soft but this cream makes it even softer. Worth buying!”
  • “I love this cream – the texture, the scent, everything.”

People believe it’s expensive and expected better results for the price.

  • ”This is a really nice basic moisturiser in a pot. But that’s kinda it.”
  • “Been using Hydra Zen – for dry skin since it launched more than 10 years ago. It was the only cream that worked for my super dry skin. They have changed their packaging a few times through out the years, but not the cream itself. However, they have changed the ingredients recently – causing tingling sensation, redness and very itchy. Had to wash it off straight away.”

Not everyone feels this way.

  • ”The best moisturizer I have ever used. In general I’m a massive fan of Lancome, and this has to be the best product I’ve ever used from them which is saying a lot.”
  • “i think this moisturizer goes on the skin beautifully, it has a thick consistency but it doesn’t make your face appear greasy at all and makes your skin feel soft.”

Are We Sold on Lancome Hydra Zen?

Are we ready to change our moisturizing routine? Not quite. There were some complaints of allergic reactions from users who’d used the product faithfully for years, suggesting the formula recently changed. There’s also the fact that the ingredients are not necessarily designed to fight the signs of aging.

What Do We Feel Is Better Than Lancome Hydra Zen?

Of all the products we’ve reviewed in 2016, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. The customer reviews are absolutely great and it contains scientifically tested ingredients.

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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Review

Are you curious about how Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel works?

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is one of Clinique’s products. This is a well-known skin care brand, sold in department stores. The website was purchased in 1994, so the brand came online at the dawn of the Internet. The company was originally founded in 1968. It is part of the Estee Lauder Group.

What is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel?

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is one of the Clinique moisturizer products. It is best suited for normal or dry skin, so those with oily or acne prone skin should avoid it. It contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and several extracts. It does have the ingredients to support moisturized, healthy skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Quick Facts on Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

  • Contains artificial colors.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Available in multiple sizes at various price points.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • May help hydrate skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Does not offer any anti-aging ingredients.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel?

“Clinique is a well-known brand, but that’s not to say this is the best product out there for anti-aging. The hyaluronic acid will hydrate and plump the skin for temporary results, but there are better ingredients out there,” says our Skincare Editor.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Some people report issues with their skin as it feels oily after use.

  • ”Compared to the Moisture In-control product, this product falls short. The Dramatically different gel has caused my face to be rough in texture and it makes my face appear very shiny throughout the day.”
  • “It’s water based, so the skin absorbs it pretty fast. It moisturizes skin, but doesn’t control oil as well as it say.”

Some disagree with the negative sentiments.

  • ”I originally tried the moisturizing lotion and it made my face too oily in the summer (I live in the south) so I switched to the gel and it made a big difference in keeping my face matte. But now that it’s the winter months and dryer outside it feels good when I put it on but when it drys it feels tight. I’d recommend it for summer but if you have dryness in winter go with the lotion.”
  • “This gel-moisturizer is very lightweight. My skin gets very oily throughout the day so this is great to use if you don’t want to smother your skin.”

Some say it’s just an average product, so it’s not really worth the money.

  • ”This is your most basic moisturizer… no SPF or anti-oxidants that would otherwise make it a great moisturizer.”
  • “The issues I have with this is, 1. It has no benefits other than light moisturization & 2. It doesn’t seem to moisturize my cheeks well enough.”

Others disagree.

  • ”This product works well with witch hazel as a toner. I’ve been using it for a year now and my redness has reduced.”
  • “Great all around moisturizer. Does not contain oil so is great for acne prone skin.”

Are We Sold on Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel?

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel seems like it could be a solid product for the right skin type, but we are concerned because of the use of parabens, and because of reports of skin redness and other issues. We’re also concerned because it seems to create oily skin for some. The truth is, aging skin needs plenty of moisture to stay firm and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. While this one provides light moisturization, it doesn’t give the anti-aging support many men and women are looking for.

What Do We Suggest?

BioGeniste is one of the best anti-aging products we’ve seen this year. Not only is it made with scientifically tested ingredients, but it comes supported with stellar customer reviews.

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Shiseido Ultimune Review

Have questions about whether or not Shiseido Ultimune works?

Shiseido Ultimune is a full line of skin care products. The brand has been in business for more than two decades. You can find it online, as well as in stores. Orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, when ordered direct – and there’s an auto-shipment program available to keep you from running out of your favorites.

What is Shiseido Ultimune?

The Ultimune line includes the Shiseido eye cream, and the power infusing concentrate, among others. The most common ingredients include rose water, yeast, gingko biloba extract, thyme and shiso. We have no idea the complete details of any formula. Plus, there’s no FAQ section to tell us about animal testing or parabens.

Quick Facts on Shiseido Ultimune

  • There’s a face and eye concentrate.
  • You can use the products individually or together.
  • We didn’t find a complete list of ingredients.
  • We have no idea if parabens are used.
  • No information on animal testing.
  • Reviews are available on the official website.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Shiseido Ultimune?

“One of the most common problems with skincare products like this is a lack of information,” says our Skincare Editor. “We have no ingredient list, so how’s the customer supposed to know about potential irritation? When fighting premature aging, this is an important factor.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The reviews are mixed. While some love the products, others aren’t exactly sold – citing ineffectiveness and price as issues.

Some say the product is not as effective as other Shiseido Skincare products.

  • “I don’t really understand the benefit of ‘boosting’ the serum because I thought all the various serums I’ve been sold are supposed to be so excellent.”
  • “I love the scent of the serum but I think that this serum is responsible for clogging my pores. I had 5 pimples and blackheads where I don’t normally get clogged pores. I stopped this and my skin has slowly cleared up.”

But others love their results.

  • “I can definitely see instant result after just a few uses. My skin is noticeably more even and radiant than ever. The packaging has a very high end feeling as well.”
  • “This makes my skin look brighter and smoother. I’ve been using it after I wash my face before bed and in the morning before makeup.”

Many feel the products are expensive.

  • “This is a costly investment, even if it does last a while.”
  • “It’s cheaper at Amazon, but still pricey.”

Others feel that despite the price, the results make it worth it.

  • “This is expensive but worth it.”

Are We Sold on Shiseido Ultimune?

There’s little doubt, if only based on some reviews, that this line is moisturizing. However, we have reservations because we have no idea what ingredients are used, other than those revealed. We’re left with questions about possible irritation and more.

What Do We Like Better Than Shiseido Ultimune?

Of all the products we’ve reviewed in 2016, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. The customer reviews are amazing and it contains clinically tested ingredients.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Review

What does Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream really do?

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is one of many skincare and anti-aging products from Oil of Olay. The brand is well known, as they’ve been in business since 1949. You can’t purchase directly from the official website, but it does point you in the right direction and give you information on prices across the internet. For this reason, there is no return policy.

What is Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream?

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is one of many products in the Olay Regenerist skincare line. Ingredients in the formula include niacinimide, panthenol, tocopherol acetate and fragrance. The amino peptides may help with overall skin health, but irritation is a real threat. It’s supposed to hydrate and work against the signs of aging.

Quick Facts on Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

  • Affordably priced moisturizer.
  • Available online and in retail stores.
  • Reports of side effects.
  • Part of a larger line of skin care products.
  • A complete list of ingredients is available online.
  • Fragrance is added – may cause irritation.
  • Skin irritation can promote the aging process.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream?

“Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream works with amino peptides and B vitamins to hydrate and heal skin,” says our Skincare Editor. “Though the price is affordable and it’s widely available, we have issues with the fact that fragrance is used.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The reviews are certainly mixed, with many complaints of ineffectiveness and side effects.

Though some loved the product, others say it was ineffective.

  • “I am disappointed. I have been faithfully using this product and am now at the end of the Jar & do not see any improvements.”
  • “I’m on my second jar of this and the serum which goes on first. I see no difference from any other product. Worse – after gently rubbing in, it rolls off like peeling skin. I assume it doesn’t really sink in.”

Others, however, believe the product to be a life saver.

  • ”I have been using the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream along with other Regenerist products for several years. I have been ‘mistaken’ for a MUCH younger woman especially since I started using this product.”
  • “From the moment this went on my skin, I knew it was special. Have been using for years, will continue using all the Olay Regenerist products.”

A few people experienced side effects as a result of using this product.

  • ”Was hoping for good results, however within two days of use saw significant skin irritation and discomfort.”
  • “Knowing Olay I thought this product would be a good replacement. It has one nothing to smooth my skin. Got much worse.”

Still, plenty of others used it without issues.

  • ”This product is amazing and results happen fast like never before.”
  • “It makes me look and feel very young. It’s easy to use and feels good on my skin. I could see the difference on the first day that used it.”

Are We Sold on Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream?

While we believe it’s an affordably priced moisturizer that works well for some people, we still advise approaching with caution because of reports of redness and other skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, it may be best to try a different product.

What Do We Like Better Than Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream?

Our favorite product of all the ones we’ve reviewed so far in 2016 is BioGeniste. The clinically tested ingredients combined with the stellar customer feedback lets us know it’s worth the investment.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.

Dior Capture Totale Review

Curious about Dior Capture Totale?

Dior Capture Totale is a complete skincare system from designer Christian Dior. The brand is associated with luxury, and is European. It was founded in 1946, and has become synonymous with premium goods. The Dior skincare line is aimed at women with aging skin, and it is expensive. Beyond the cleansing products, there’s also a line of makeup by the same name.

What is Dior Capture Totale?

Dior Capture Totale is a complete skin care package featuring a cleanser and primer, an activator serum, a moisturizer, and finishing products with sun screen. You do not have to use all the products, but the package is supposed to work well when used together. We did not find a complete list of ingredients, only mention of some key ones here and there. There is no gluten or animal testing.

Quick Facts on Dior Capture Totale

  • Available in a full line of skin care products.
  • Premium brand means an expensive price tag.
  • Available online and in stores.
  • We have no idea if there are parabens in the formulas.
  • A complete list of ingredients is not available.
  • Products are gluten free.
  • No animal testing is completed.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Dior Capture Totale?

“If you’re looking for Dior dream skin, you may not be happy with the results or the price tag,” said our Skincare Editor. “The company doesn’t tell you the ingredients or if there are parabens in the formulas. All we do know is that it contains no gluten and it’s not tested on animals.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

There are people who’re happy with Dior Capture Totale, but others have some concerns. Effectiveness and price are two common issues.

Multiple reviews complained about effectiveness.

  • ”Dior has made some impressive claims about its Total Capture line, many of which are almost too good to believe.”
  • “I am 33 and recently noticed a very fine line between my eyebrows unfortunately!! It is very hard to see though. Anyhow this cream didn’t help reducing it or correcting it. No change at all.”

Several people thought it was worth the investment.

  • ”This is so fabulous that I noticed a difference day ONE…I am…happy with the results.”
  • “If you’re starting to see signs of aging and want to reverse them – try this product.”

The luxury price point makes it unattainable for many, and some who purchase it don’t think it’s worth the investment.

  • ”The biggest down side is the price. I am no stranger to high end skin care, and have no problem shelling out $$$ for skin care that works, but no way is this worth the $115 price tag even if it is Dior. A $65 price point is more fitting.”
  • “Works great, however it is expensive.”

The price didn’t bother everyone, though…

  • “I’ve been using it for 3 wks and I think it works really well. No more breakouts! Skin’s clearer and smoother.”
  • “Yes, this stuff is super expensive, but it actually does everything it promises.”

Are We Sold on Dior Capture Totale?

Not quite. While we think Dior is a good quality luxury brand, we don’t see anything about it that makes it better than other more affordably priced products out there. When you consider that some people didn’t get good results, it may be worth trying other, often less expensive, formulas.

What Do We Like Better Than Dior Capture Totale?

BioGeniste is our favorite product of 2016. The clinically tested ingredients and raving customer reviews let us know it’s working and people love it.

Want to know more? Click here to find out more about BioGeniste.

Ponds Age Miracle Review

Are you curious about Ponds Age Miracle?

Ponds is a well-known skincare company that’s been around for decades. The official website was purchased in 1999, but the history stretches much further back in time. You cannot buy directly, but Amazon and other retailers do sell the products.

What is Ponds Age Miracle?

Ponds Age Miracle is an anti-aging skincare line available online and in stores. Ingredients include cyclopentasiloxane, titanium dioxide, sunflower oil, ginger root extract, fragrance and propylparaben. We also found the irritants limonene and geraniol.

Quick Facts on Ponds Age Miracle

  • The line is available for sale online.
  • The prices are lower than some high-end products.
  • All ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • There are irritants like fragrance, limonene and geraniol in some formulas.
  • Parabens are found in Ponds Age Miracle products.
  • There’s no money-back guarantee from the company.
  • Ponds is an international company.
  • The products are difficult to buy in the United States.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Ponds Age Miracle?

“We found a few hydrating and skin smoothing ingredients in the Ponds Age Miracle line, but we found irritants as well,” says our Skincare Editor. “These can cause skin damage that leads to premature aging. That’s not what you want if you’re using an anti-aging formula.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found it difficult to find many customer reviews. One issue we did find is lackluster results. Not everyone saw Ponds Age Miracle as a miracle.

  • “It doesn’t repair anything…. it’s no miracle …….it’s just a nice night cream.”

But, we did find someone who disagreed.

  • “Leaves my skin soft and moisturized. I find it better than more expensive brands I’ve tried in the past.”

Have We Decided to Take a Chance on Ponds Age Miracle?

Well, not exactly. We have strong reservations about any product formulated outside the United States. It is sold via Amazon and the prices are affordable, but there are irritants in the mix and that could cause skin damage and signs of premature aging. You can find formulas in the US that work without irritation.

What Do We Like Better Than Ponds Age Miracle?

Among all the reviews we’ve completed in 2016, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. Customer testimonials are amazing and all ingredients have been clinically tested. It also helps that it is sold right here in the United States.

Click here to read more on BioGeniste today.

Lancome Visionnaire Review

Curious about Lancome Visionnaire and how it works?

Lancome Visionnaire is the name of an anti-aging product from Lancome Paris. Items have been available for sale online since 1995, but we expect this was not the first. You can purchase on the official website or through trusted retailers. There are even reviews available in the product description.

What is Lancome Visionnaire?

Lancome Visionnaire serum is supposed to help fight the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Some ingredients in the formula include glycerin, denatured alcohol, mica, adenosine, dimethicone, citronellol and fragrance. There are irritants in the mix and that could cause further harm to skin and that can mean premature aging.

Quick Facts on Lancome Visionnaire

  • The anti-aging cream is available in three sizes.
  • It will cost you about $80 an ounce.
  • There are both positive and negative reviews.
  • Denatured alcohol, fragrance and citronellol are irritants.
  • We found no parabens in the formula.
  • There are reports of skin irritation.
  • You can return products ordered online through Lancome Paris.
  • There is no information on how long you have to return products.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Lancome Visionnaire?

“Lancome Paris is a big name in the skincare market,” offered up our Skincare Editor. “For the price and the clout the company has, we expected more. There are three irritants in the mix and quite a few reports of irritation. The two are likely connected.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The two things that we found most commonly in product reviews for Lancome serum dealt with irritation and lackluster results.

Side effects were not exactly welcomed by some customers.

  • “After a week or so of use, my face started breaking out in these little bumps. They looked like tiny water blisters all over my face.”
  • “It stings and my face felt sore after I used it.”

Others felt it worked perfectly even on sensitive skin.

  • “No reaction with my sensitive skin. Thanks!”
  • “My face is very sensitive, for years I’m only able to use very simple and basically no use moisturizers, but this serum didn’t make my skin break out.”

There are also reports on both sides of the fence when it comes to whether or not Lancome Visionnaire actually works.

Unhappy users claimed:

  • “Unfortunately after finishing the bottle, there is no noticeable difference with my skin, this product did absolutely nothing for me.”
  • “I’ve been using this product for about 6 weeks now, but I have not observed any improvement in my skin appearance.”

Pleased customers said the opposite.

  • “I first tried a small sample and it made my skin so smooth. Then I decided to buy one for myself. Nice work!”
  • “This product helped my skin to see more life, the pores were reduced and my skin was less oily.”

Are We Ready to Give Lancome Visionnaire the Green Light?

Well, we have to look at both the good and the bad. Because of the irritants and reports of irritation, we have reservations about suggesting this Lancome serum. There’s also the issue that numerous users saw absolutely no results.

What Do We Like Better Than Lancome Visionnaire?

For 2016, the one product that meets every one of our expectations is BioGeniste. It works with clinically tested ingredients, so you know what you’re getting. Plus, reviews across the web talk about some amazing results.

Click here to learn a little more about BioGeniste today.

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Review

Have a few questions about Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

Jeunesse is a global skincare line that sells Instantly Ageless. The official website was purchased in August, 2009. You can buy directly from the company, but we also found it for sale via other outside retailers. Distributors can also get stock of Jeunesse products, as well.

What is Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless is an anti-aging treatment that works in minutes to tighten skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s sold in small vials that can be used numerous times, depending on the size of the area where applied. Ingredients include sodium silicate, magnesium aluminum silicate, acetyl hexapeptide-8, phenoxyethanol and ethylexylglycerin.

Quick Facts on Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

  • Sodium silicate is an irritant.
  • The price is more expensive on Amazon.
  • It’s supposed to work in just two minutes.
  • Dries white and flaky for some users.
  • Based on reviews, it does not last between six and nine hours.
  • You can expect to pay upwards of $75 for 50 vials.
  • This amount could essentially last for two months or longer.
  • Does not fight aging at the root of the problem.
  • Long-term results are not associated with this product.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

“If you are looking for a short-term solution to fine lines and wrinkles, Jeunesse Instantly Ageless may be a good option,” says our Skincare Editor. “This gel dries tight to literally pull the skin taut, but the results may only last a few hours and many users claim it looks white and flaky on the skin. Plus, the first ingredient is an irritant.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two of the most important measures of a good skincare treatment is look and effectiveness. With this Jeunesse serum, both are on the chopping block.

Dryness and flakes are a big issue for some users.

  • “When I looked up close, I was horrified. It looked like dried Elmer’s glue. When I smiled it cracked.”
  • “Feels like you put egg whites on your face and then flakes off in a 1/2 hour.”

Others claim this result has to do with how it was applied.

  • “When I put on my concealer it all kind of flaked up. Second time I tried I applied to bare skin, and it worked as it said it would.”
  • “Pat on just a tiny, tiny bit, wait and see how it works, then dab a little bit more where you need it. You will use much less that way, get better results, and avoid the white mess that comes with a heavy application.”

Some customers saw absolutely no changes in the skin.

  • “I REALLY wanted this to work! It doesn’t. Do NOT buy this product.”
  • “This item has rave-reviews on Facebook and YouTube but it does absolutely NOTHING for my under-eye wrinkles.”

On the flip side, other customers did see the instant change.

  • “I feel refreshed and renewed when I’m going out and use this product.”
  • “Somehow the tightening of the skin actually makes the dark look lighter too.”

Have We Decided Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Is Worth a Try?

Well now, we like that this formula will likely dry tight enough to make fine lines and wrinkles look less pronounced, but we have reservations for a number of reasons. There are far too many negative reviews, people report a flaky look on the skin and it does nothing to fight the factors that cause premature aging.

What Do We Like Better Than Jeunesse Instantly Ageless?

If you’re looking for a solution that fights the signs of aging, our top pick for 2016 is BioGeniste. This formula is made with clinically tested ingredients shown to help hydrate skin and fight fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it’s a huge benefit that users report seeing results faster than they ever thought possible.

Click here to read more about BioGeniste today.

Dermaroller Review

Do you have a few questions about how Dermaroller works?

Dermaroller is a micro-needle roller that’s supposed to cause fine holes. Topical treatments sink into these holes and, after a few minutes, the skin heals and the lotion or serum is trapped. Sellers claim this increases absorption of active ingredients.

What is a Dermaroller?

A derma rolling device is a small, hand-held tool that has hundreds of micro needles. As you roll it across the skin it causes these tiny holes allowing anti-aging, vitamin or other creams can soak in better. Skinmedix lists a number of Dermarollers, but we’re not sure this is the company that created the technology. We think it may be DermaRollerSystem. This website was purchased in 2010. There is some research that shows the process can help with certain types of scars and improve effects of anti-aging products.

Quick Facts on the Dermaroller

  • Make sure you use a good quality Dermaroller.
  • There’s a possibility needles can break in the skin.
  • Prices are relatively affordable.
  • Research shows it can help with scarring and anti-aging efforts.
  • You can get treatments in a professional setting.
  • It takes as little as two minutes to complete a session.
  • Multiple companies sell the devices, but not all quality is the same.
  • There are Dermaroller before and after pictures on the official website.
  • The device is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on the Dermaroller?

“We like the idea of the Dermaroller, especially because science has something positive to say,” offers our Skincare Editor. “When paired with the right anti-aging treatment, there’s a good chance you’ll see better results.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found quite a few positive reviews for the Dermaroller, but there is a catch. Many are written by people who received the unit free in return for a testimonial. We found no negative comments from these customers.

Pain doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Dermaroller.

  • “No pain when rolling it over my face but wow~! you can feel tingling when applying product after. “
  • “Painless, but it works!”

Other users were happy with the results.

  • “It helps push the serum go deeper into the skin without bleeding. My skin is red after rolling but this fades in about four hours.”
  • “I use it 3 times per week and can really feel a sensation when I apply SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic right afterwards. I’m convinced it is dramatically increasing the absorption of the serum.”

Are We Sold on the Dermaroller?

Well, this is one of the good one’s ladies and gentlemen. It does work to help fight scarring and improve absorption of anti-aging treatments. There are plenty of positive reviews and science even backs it. However, you have to use it with the right cream to see optimal results, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and improvements in other premature signs of aging.

What Do We Think Should Be Combined with the Dermaroller?

In 2016, we’ve found an anti-aging treatment that would work wonders with the Dermaroller – BioGeniste. It’s made with clinically tested ingredients that, with the help of this device, will absorb deeper into the skin for even better results.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Review

Are you curious about how Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 works?

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 is a product sold by Vichy Labratories. They offer a variety of beauty products for all kinds of skin. Vichy also targets different kinds of conditions based upon your age in order to create specialized formulas.

What is Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme?

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme is a serum containing ingredients like Rhamnose and hyaluronic acid. It’s main purpose is for dryness, dullness, and aging of the skin, though its claims focus on an ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It costs around $50.00 and is allergy tested.

Quick Facts About Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10

  • It claims to work in just 10 minutes with results visible in 10 days.
  • The serum can be used in combination with LiftActiv Night Supreme.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • This product does not double as a moisturizer.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme?

“Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 seems promising as they offer clinical research, a full ingredient list, and some positive customer reviews. However, we have some reservations about this product as it contains fragrance, but claims to be suitable for sensitive skin. Overall, we aren’t 100% sure on this one,” says our Skincare Editor.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Many people couldn’t handle the fragrance.

  • “This product has a very strong scent that makes me feel ill, nauseated, headache-y, etc.”
  • “If they removed the fragrance from this product, I’d be able to use it.”

Some customers didn’t seem to mind the scent.

  • “It doesn’t have a strong odor and feels nice on my face.”
  • “It meets all of my criteria for a good skin care product: it’s made with quality ingredients; it doesn’t have garbage (eg parabens); the scent is not overpowering; and it feels amazing when you put it on.”

Many other customers had complaints about the packaging.

  • “I also found the delivery system poorly designed and a bit messy.”
  • “I hate hate hate the bottle. It’s dreadful.”

Other customers didn’t seem to mind.

  • “Yet, if the product actually does what it says, I’d tolerate perfume and dropper.”
  • “It’s great because it prevents you from wasting the product but sometimes it doesn’t work at all.”

Are We Sold on Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10?

Although this seems to be reliable, we can’t recommend this product without reservations. There seems to be a significant issue with the packaging, as well as some confusing claims about being suitable for sensitive skin when it contains fragrance. That’s enough to give us pause, especially when irritation can promote premature aging.

What Do We Like Better Than Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10?

BioGeniste is an anti-aging cream that has had our eye for a while because it is formulated with clinically tested ingredients and user reviews are out of this world.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.

DermaWand Review

Wondering how DermaWand works?

DermaWand is designed to work like some professional machines. The cost is much lower, but the results are not going to match up to those you’d get in an office setting. ICTV Brands, Inc. is behind the DermaWand. We know the company started prior to 2008, but we’re not sure the exact date.

What is DermaWand?

DermaWand is a small device that’s used just three minutes, twice a day. The head is tiny, so you’ll need to move it around after each treatment to cover the entire face. Depending on the number of wrinkled areas, it could take upwards of an hour or more to finish. There are no details about how long it will take to see results.

Quick Facts on DermaWand

  • The price is charged in three installments.
  • You have to spend three minutes on each section of the face.
  • You pay $14.95 even if you return DermaWand.
  • You may be charged the first payment before the 30-day trial is over.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on DermaWand?

“We all want to get those professional results at home for a small fraction of the price,” says our Skincare Editor. “There’s nothing on the market that can do that, not even DermaWand. That’s not to say you’ll see no results. We found happy and unhappy customers.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two of the most important things with any product like DermaWand are – does it work and how long will it take me to do it. Regarding the first, we found users that saw good results and others that used it for months with no change at all.

  • “I have been using Derma wand for three months, and I am very happy with the results.”
  • “I have had my DermaWand for 6 weeks now and see noticeable improvement.”

Those that didn’t see results said:

  • “I saw no improvement in the firmness of my skin. Very disappointed in this product.”
  • “I have tried the Derma Wand for a month now and I don’t see one bit of difference.”

As for time, it looks easy because it only takes three minutes, but that’s just for a small section. Multiply that by the number of places you want to treat and you see the real investment.

  • “Having to do this every day morning & evening forever seemed too much for the results I didn’t get.”
  • “I have very little time left in a day to actually use something like this.”

Some didn’t mind the time, or used it less often than suggested.

  • “I use the DermaWand every other day in the mornings.”
  • “I have not been using it mornings and nights like you supposed to, I have used it just once a day and the results that I’m getting are [good].”

Are We Positive About DermaWand?

This is a tough one. DermaWand functionality is based on some real science, but the time commitment is something that’s just too much for many people. We’re also hesitant to suggest it because you are spending more than $150 for a product that has mixed reviews.

What Do We Like Better Than DermaWand?

For 2016, our top choice among hundreds of products is BioGeniste. This one is made up of clinically tested ingredients and it helps that user reviews all over the web talk about fantastic results.

Click here for more information on BioGeniste today.

Hydravella Review

Do strong science and an exclusive offer seal the deal?

If you listen closely, you’ll hear about a new eye cream that’s got the beauty industry interested. Out of more than 400 products we’ve researched this year, this particular eye cream, an anti-aging solution called Hydravella, is our 2016 Editor’s Choice.

Why You Should Check It Out

To start, we like that Hydravella offers dynamic results with 100% all-natural ingredients backed by strong science, instead of those fillers and chemicals found in far too many other products.

In fact, Hydravella contains a combination of these scientifically proven ingredients:

  • Niacinamide – works to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, blotchiness and yellowing of the skin. Improvements in elasticity is also a benefit. Research supporting these effects is published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery and the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.
  • Bisabolol – proven to lighten pigmented skin and reduce inflammation, according to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science and the journal Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.
  • Chrysin – protects skin (keratinocytes) from damage associated with UVA and UVB rays, as reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Hydravella also contains N-Hydroxysuccinimide, which has been shown to promote elimination of iron that’s often associated with dark circles.

Get Tighter, Younger-Looking Skin Naturally – Success!

Niacinimide, an active ingredient in Hydravella, has been shown to do more than just fight those fine lines. According to clinical research, niacinimide promotes a…

5-Fold Increase in Ceramides

So, what does that mean exactly? When you’re young, you produce tons of ceramides, so your skin is tight, supple and healthy. With age, production falls and that’s when your skin gets dry and thin. It shows the signs of aging. But, using niacinimide daily increases ceramide synthesis 5-fold. Suddenly, that fatty acid you thought was gone forever, is back with a vengeance.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, one clinical study reported the 5-fold increase happened in just 6 days. “The rate of ceramide biosynthesis was increased…5-fold on the sixth day.”

Let’s Hear It For Nature

What also sets Hydravella apart is the potency and purity of its ingredients. All ingredients are tested by a third-party. It’s also made in the USA.

When Hydravella is applied to the area around the eye after washing your face with warm water, it instantly starts working to hydrate, plump and tighten. Both men and women have experienced this effect.

Also, it makes us happy to see users are seeing real results without many reports of negative side effects.

The People Behind the Formula

Hydravella’s success is rooted in the high level of trust maintained with customers.

What’s even more amazing is the makers of Hydravella have helped over 200,000 customers in the more than 7 years they’ve been in the business.

Drum Roll Please…

Our conclusion? Well, as it stands, unlike far too many other eye creams, within a short while Hydravella helps:

  • Reduce the look of puffiness and fine lines.
  • Lessen the look of under-eye circles.
  • Decrease the look of wrinkle depth.

Plus, Hydravella contains niacinimide, which has been proven to increase the production of ceramides 5-fold in just 6 days.

Bottom Line: The Trial is Well Worth It

The makers of Hydravella are so certain you’ll see results they’re offering every customer a Special Trial Offer. Hydravella also comes with fast, reliable shipping.

Click here if you’re interested in trying Hydravella. Be aware. We’ve heard this one’s hot, so it’s selling fast. If you aren’t able to place your order now, check back in a few weeks to see if stock has been refreshed.

BioGeniste Review

Do strong science and a trial offer seal the deal?

If you’ve not heard the talk, there’s a new product that’s got executives in the skincare industry interested. Out of more than 400 reviews we’ve completed this year, an anti-aging formula called BioGeniste, is our 2016 Editor’s Choice.

Why You Should Check It Out

First off, we like that BioGeniste delivers powerful results with ingredients backed by research, instead of all those bulking agents and fillers you see in other products.

In fact, BioGeniste contains a blend of clinically proven ingredients:

  • Matrixyl – Shown in clinical studies to boost collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Research is published in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics and the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.
  • Glycerin – Can attract and hold in moisture to keep skin hydrated. It has been deemed generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – Works as a strong antioxidant to fight free radicals and reduce skin damage. Research available in the Journal of Molecular Medicine.
  • Green Tea Extract – Fights free radical damage, increases skin moisture, reduces inflammation, helps skin deal with damage caused by the sun and works as an anti-aging agent. Clinical studies are found in the journal Dermatologic Therapy, the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – Improves skin elasticity and hydration while reducing wrinkle depth, according to the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

BioGeniste also contains shea butter and various polymers to condition the skin.

Moisturize Better Without Adding Another Cream – Success!

Sodium hyaluronate, one of the ingredients in BioGeniste, has been shown to do more than just hydrate skin. According to clinical research, it can absorb

1000 Times It’s Weight in Water

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, wrinkle reducers that contain sodium hyaluronate can pull moisture from the air and, literally, plump up the skin.

As if that wasn’t enough, sodium hyaluronate also works to strengthen the outer layers of skin that protect against sun damage, fight free radical damage and reduce inflammation.

Give it Up for Nature

What also distinguishes BioGeniste is the purity and potency of its ingredients. Not only are the ingredients tested by a third-party, it’s also made in the USA.

When BioGeniste is massaged into your skin for 30 seconds, many users see anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing results in just 1 minute. Men and women both experienced this effect.

Also, we were glad to find users are seeing results without many reports of adverse side effects.

The People Behind the Formula

BioGeniste’s success comes from the strong degree of trust it upholds with its customers.

An even more amazing achievement – the makers of BioGeniste have been in the business for more than 7 years and have helped over 200,000 customers.

Drum Roll Please…

Our conclusion? Well, as it turns out, unlike tons of other wrinkle reducers, in just a short time BioGeniste helps:

  • Visibly soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Visibly smooth and tighten

Plus, BioGeniste contains sodium hyaluronate, which has been proven to absorb 1000 times its weight in water.

Bottom Line: The Trial is Worth It

The makers of BioGeniste are so confident in their formula they’re offering all customers a Special Trial Offer. BioGeniste also offers fast and reliable shipping.

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Dermitas Review

Does solid science seal the deal?

If you’ve not heard the talk around town, there’s a new anti-aging cream that’s got the higher ups in the cosmetics industry quite interested. Out of more than 400 products we’ve researched this year, this one earned the spot as our Editor’s Choice for 2016.

Why You Should Check It Out

First off, we like that Dermitas gives you powerful results with all-natural ingredients that are backed by science, instead of using those fillers found in far too many other products.

In fact, Dermitas contains a strong formula with Matrixyl 3000. Matrixyl 3000 is a blend of:

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide – enhances skin rejuvenation and works as a skin conditioning agent.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 – increases firmness, elasticity, smoothness and elasticity. Research shows it works on the deepest wrinkles and it can reduce roughness in less than one month.

When you combine these two together, you get Matrixyl 3000. Matrixyl 3000 has been shown to increase the synthesis of:

  • Fibronectin by 164%.
  • Collagen by 102%.
  • Hyaluronic acid by 179%.

All research is published via Cosmetic Ingredient Review, a website supported by the Consumer Federation of America and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

See Results Without Changing Your Current Program – Success!

Dermitas can work with your normal skin care routine. If you’ve spent years finding just the right skin cleanser and toner. If you’ve tried hundreds of moisturizers or sunscreens just to find the right one. You don’t need to change these things to see the benefits of Dermitas. You simply add it to your normal routine to see results faster than you thought possible.

Give it Up for Nature

Dermitas is also set apart from the competition because it is developed in a GMP-certified lab and there are no artificial ingredients. To show just how much integrity Dermitas has, each ingredient has tested, by a third-party for potency and purity.

The People Behind the Formula

Dermitas’s success is a direct result of the high level of trust it keeps with its customers.

What’s even greater is the makers of Dermitas have been in this business for over 7 years and have helped more than 200,000 customers.

Drum Roll Please…

Our conclusion? Well, according to our research, unlike so many other anti-aging products, Dermitas helps with:

  • Increased firmness
  • Improved elasticity
  • Skin smoothness
  • Decreased deep wrinkles
  • Increase in collagen, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid synthesis

Bottom Line: Is Dermitas Worth It?

Everything we’ve found on Dermitas shows us this one is worth a try. From smoother skin to reduced wrinkles, you get what you’re looking for all in one formula.