Carotis Moisturizing Cream Review


Carotis Moisturizing Cream is marketed as a general hydrating and revitalizing cream for the face. The main active ingredient is carrot extract, but retailer websites do not explain the therapeutic purpose of carrot extract as it relates to skin softening or re-hydrating. There appears to be no official Carotis website and third-party online retailers do not provide much information on the product. A full ingredient list also does not appear to be readily available.

At a price of $12-$15 per 500 ml jar, it is unlikely that Carotis Moisturizing Cream contains further effective active ingredients. No product guarantee is offered nor do there appear to be free samples of the product available. The descriptions of Carotis Moisturizing Cream on the retailers’ websites do not mention the effectiveness of the cream on wrinkle-reduction or fine line erasing.

Because there is no apparent official Carotis website, there is no way for consumers to contact the company with questions or concerns prior to purchasing the product. The lack of free samples being offered means that consumers must buy the entire jar before knowing whether the product is effective or if it will cause allergies or skin irritation. Having no money-back guarantee means that if the product doesn’t meet expectations, the consumer is stuck with the rest of the jar.

Product Details

Carotis Moisturizing Cream claims carrot extract as its main ingredient and the online retailers do not provide a full ingredient list. Carrot extract contains beta carotene, which is known for its preservative and antioxidant properties. The product claims to protect skin against free radicals and increase the thickness of cutaneous (surface) skin cells. There is no indication of research or studies proving the effectiveness of carrot extract or Carotis Moisturizing Cream.

The lack of disclosure of the ingredients in Carotis Moisturizing Cream leaves consumers in the dark regarding potential allergenic ingredients or fragrances or colorings that will trigger sensitivities. The low price of Carotis Moisturizing cream could potentially be an indication of low quality ingredients and fillers in the product, although sometimes it is possible to find a real bargain too.

The Good

  • Widely available at online retailers.
  • Inexpensive.

The Bad

  • Ingredient list not available.
  • No money-back guarantee on the product.
  • No clinical studies found to show that carrot extract or Carotis Moisturizing Cream is effective.
  • No information on retailers’ sites about the effectiveness of the product against wrinkles and fine lines.

The Bottom Line

Carotis Moisturizing Cream may work as a general moisturizer but there is no available information showing that the product is effective for aging or problem skin. Those consumers seeking a product to specifically address wrinkles will find dozens of other skin products on the market targeted to that issue. Carotis Moisturizing Cream may not be appropriate for those with allergies or skin sensitivities since it does not provide enough product information to assess. Although purchasing this product won’t set you back a fortune, there are many other products with clinical research to back up their claims. These may be a better bet than Carotis Moisturizing Cream, although it is an affordable moisturizer.

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