Carotis Lightening Serum Review


Carotis Lightening Serum is widely available through online retailers for $3-$6 per one fluid ounce bottle. Carotis claims that the Lightening Serum will fade or erase dark spots and discoloration of the skin. Carotis Lightening Serum contains several ingredients that moisturize and re-hydrate skin, such as glycerin, hydrogenated olive oil and hydrogenated castor oil. However, there appear to be no ingredients present that effectively lighten dark spots on skin.

Dark spots, also known as hyper-pigmentation, occur due to an over-production of melanin by the body. Common causes of hyper-pigmentation are chronic sun exposure and hormones. Melasma is hyper-pigmentation of the face that occurs during pregnancy, commonly called the “mask of pregnancy”. The most common, effective ingredient in the skin care industry to lighten hyper-pigmentation is hydroquinone, an acid that breaks down the melanin with repeated use. However, hydroquinone can be harmful to some skin types and users should stay out of the sun. Carotis Lightening Serum contains no hydroquinone or other similar acid. There does not appear to be an official Carotis website and therefore information on the Lightening Serum is difficult to come by.

Product Details

The effective ingredients in Carotis Lightening Serum are olive oil, castor oil, and glycerin, all products known for their ability to soften and rejuvenate skin. Non-active ingredients include methylparaben and propylparaben, preservatives that are known allergens and suspected carcinogens. High-end skin products exclude these lower-quality preservatives in favor of non-allergenic solutions. Carotis Lightening Serum also contains “fragrance”, without any further description in the ingredient list, so this should be avoided by those consumers with allergies or known skin sensitivities.

According to retailers’ websites, Carotis Lightening Serum is recommended for daily use but no other information or instructions are available regarding the product’s effectiveness or usage.

The Good

  • Easily available through many online retailers.
  • Inexpensive to try out.
  • Lightens dark spots on skin per claims.

The Bad

  • Contains no active ingredients commonly used for effective skin lightening.
  • Low price could mean low quality ingredients.
  • No money-back guarantee from Carotis.
  • No free samples or trial size available.
  • Not, technically, a wrinkle fighter at all.

The Bottom Line

Carotis Lightening Serum contains some general skin softening ingredients but no active ingredients widely known to lighten dark spots on the face. Money-back guarantees or trial offers do not appear to be available, the presence of which would indicate a company’s willingness to stand behind its product’s claims. Consumers who wish to effectively deal with a skin discoloration issue should seek out a product with hydroquinone or another acid known to lighten dark spots.

Carotis Lightening Serum’s extremely low price point ($3-$6 for a one ounce bottle) suggests the quality of the ingredients is low. This product may work as a daily moisturizer, but for its stated purpose, there are dozens of other more effective products on the market from companies that stand behind their formulation. However, those looking to lighten the skin but avoid the potentially harmful (but effective) hydroquinone may consider Carotis Lightening Serum, considering the small initial investment involved.

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