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Carita is a French-based cosmetics company that manufactures a full line of skin, hair and body care products. Included in Carita’s skin care line is the Intense Smooth Out Cream. Carita claims that this product immediately reduces wrinkles and signs of fatigue and relaxes the skin. There is no indication as to which ingredient in the product would cause such a drastic and immediate change. The Carita website provides little information on each product and is translated from French (sometimes awkwardly) so the information can be a little difficult to understand. The Carita website directs consumers to online retailers in Spain, France, and the United States.

Carita Intense Smooth Out Cream retails in the US for around $170 through third party retailers. Carita does not sell the product on its site so no product guarantee is offered. There is also no indication of a free sample or trial size available, so trying the product involves a leap of faith and a fairly sizable investment.

Product Details

Carita Intense Smooth Out Cream contains green anise extract, wheat protein micro-beads, Bio-vegetal complex and Bio-peptides as its main active ingredients. Green anise extract is a common wrinkle-relaxing ingredient used in many of the higher-end anti-aging formulations. Carita’s website does not provide a complete list of product ingredients for consumers to be able to assess what potentially allergenic substances might be present. Some consumers are sensitive to secondary ingredients such as fragrances, preservatives and colorings. Carita does not provide this information on its website either.

Application instructions on the Carita website direct the user to apply the cream with light strokes to clean skin morning and night. Neither Carita nor the retailers’ website lists the size of the jar so it is difficult to assess how frequently the supply will need to be replenished.

The Good

  • The Intense Smooth Out Cream contains natural botanicals.
  • The product claims instant improvement of wrinkles and fatigue lines.

The Bad

  • A full list of product ingredients is not readily available.
  • The product cannot be purchased from the Carita website so no money-back guarantee is offered.
  • No samples or trial sizes are available.
  • There is little information available as to the effectiveness of Carita Intense Smooth Out Cream.

The Bottom Line

Carita’s Intense Smooth Out Cream claims instant wrinkle reduction results but doesn’t really back up the claims with research. Its high cost and the lack of a money-back guarantee or trial sizes make purchasing Carita for the first time a risky venture. There are dozens of other anti-aging and wrinkle-reduction products on the market with full ingredient lists and substantial testing and research to back up their claims. If you are seeking a product specifically to reduce wrinkles or facial lines, it seems like there are more reliable options available.

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