By Terry Review

What You Should Know

We live in a world loaded with cosmetic lines and skin care treatments for anti-aging. Therefore you should not have any difficulty locating some skin care products and cosmetics, even if you live in a small town. After all, countless companies market their merchandise online at this point. One of these brands is By Terry. This is a line that was started by one Terry de Gunzburg. The focus of this cosmetics line is Makeup and Skincare.

Product Details

By Terry makeup can be broken down into four different sections. These are Complexion, Eyes, Lips, and Accessories. Since the founder of this company has a background in art, she embraced her passion through cosmetics. It is touted on the official website that By Terry makeup products incorporate the rarest corrective colors, finest meshes, and most unique light pigments. This is supposed to emphasize the radiance of the user’s skin. As with most makeup brands, there are various shades to suit numerous skin hues.

As for the skin care side of By Terry, there are three different categories available. These are Sonin Premium, Rose Skincare, and Skin Expert. One product found under the Sonin Premium category (there is only one product under this section) is Nectar Opulent. It is described as an intense youth-reviving cream. It contains three primary ingredients, which are Alpha-Gemm (helps restore radiance to the skin), Pearlsystem (minimizes wrinkles and smoothes out features), and Pro-Orchid (moisturizes and reinforces skin density and structure). The cost of this topical treatment is 245 Euros. Unfortunately there are no testimonials or reviews found on the official website for By Terry products. There is only a refund option if the product has not been opened or damaged in any way.

The Good

  • There are unique ingredients used in By Terry cosmetics and skincare treatments.
  • Some of the key ingredients used in the skin care products are revealed on the website.

The Bad

  • All of the prices for By Terry products are in Euros, which means you may not be able to purchase these cosmetics in the US.
  • There is no solid refund guarantee if you do not like the By Terry products.
  • No clinical evidence or test results are posted to support these products.
  • The cost of By Terry cosmetics appear to be very high.

The Bottom Line

All in all, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding the right skin care products and makeup items. While By Terry certainly comes across as a unique and interesting line, the prices are very high, and they do not appear to be available to US buyers. Furthermore, you can only return By Terry cosmetics and skin care treatments if they have not been opened or used in any way.

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