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Bruno Vassari was developed in Barcelona, Spain and offers a large inventory of skincare products that are mainly targeted towards women. Their website is helpful yet often under construction. The Bruno Vassari Enox pen is one of their newer products available on the market today. Enox is an anti-wrinkle pen created by Bruno Vassari designed to be applied directly onto the wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet, or any other fine lines visible on a user’s face. The product is designed as a pen so you may hold it without having to actually touch a cream or lotion, leaving no mess on your hands. All of the Bruno Vassari products appear to be water-based and are a little more expensive than many other comparable skincare products on the market.

Product Details

The active ingredients in Bruno Vassari’s Enox anti-wrinkle pen include hyaluronic acid, amino acids, Omega-CH, and copper peptides. This combination of ingredients claims to improve the skin’s elasticity as well as the user’s skin tone, moisturizing the skin and leaving a softer feel. It is also stated to help produce more collagen to fill in lines, and also to protect the skin. The main antioxidant put into the Enox is grape seed oil, and the commonly used anti-inflammatory is Defensil. The Bruno Vassari products are known for being all-natural and containing no sulfates. Enox is meant to be applied before putting on any makeup and can be used in the morning, before you go to bed, or any time in between. The easy-on applicator makes it mess-free by not having to get your hands in the cream, unlike most other skincare products available.

The Good

  • Bruno Vassari is a trusted name brand with a good image.
  • Many products available for various possible skincare needs.
  • All natural products that are sulfate-free.

The Bad

  • No free trial.
  • Questionable refund policies.
  • The Bruno Vassari website does not provide enough product testing or clinical information.
  • Products cannot be returned once opened.

The Bottom Line

Bruno Vassari products have a wonderful image behind the name. The all natural products promote safety and are what many skincare customers are looking for today. The Enox pen is made available for purchase online, as well as in retail stores. In choosing an anti-wrinkle treatment this may be a good choice however, there are other products available said to have much better results at comparable prices. Not having a free trial like many other brand name skincare products do, as well as not being able to return products once opened is a risk that the customer takes when purchasing any Bruno Vassari product. The best thing to do is to extensively research the many different products and reviews of the various companies so you can make the best choices for your skincare regimen.

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