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Botoina is an antiaging product created by Labo Sospropher Suisse. This Swiss Lab claims the active ingredient in Botoina will reduce the visible signs of aging with regular application. While there is an official website for the Botoina antiaging product, the website is written in Spanish and must be translated for English viewing.

Product Features

There are two official website for the Botoina product. One does not offer the product for sale but offers in detailed instructions on how to apply the antiaging cream to the face. The second website offers a link for the “store” and this link takes the visitor to the Farmacia Internacional website where the Botoina products are sold. The beginning Botoina kit sells for $112.00 but there is no information on how long this initial kit will last. This could be a very expensive product.

The active ingredients in Botoina include Acetyl Dipeptide- 1- Cetyl Ester, Sodium Potassium, Magnesium Gluconate and Pentapeptide 4. This product is not the sole product in the antiaging market with Pentapeptide 4 as the major ingredient focus and does not offer the support it could for the products use as an antiaging cream ingredient. No testimonials could be found for the Botoina products which is disheartening when a consumer wants to judge how well the product works. No money back guarantee was found on any of the three websites searched either.

The Good

  • Two official websites and one storefront were found offering information on Botoina.
  • The ingredients for the product is found online.
  • Photo illustrations for application are given.

The Bad

  • The websites offering information and sale of Botoina are all written in Spanish.
  • The application instructions require several steps and detailed instructions which may lead some to stop using the product.
  • The $112 price tag is high for an antiaging product.
  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • The product is sold through a third party seller.
  • There are no testimonials for the Botoina antiaging product.
  • No information is given on how long one kit will last.

The Bottom Line

If pentapeptides were a new ingredient, Botoina could pull off the huge price tag on this product. Unfortunately, the ingredient is nothing new and Botoina offers no proof the ingredient works to the consumer. The websites offering information on the product are all in Spanish limiting the customer base that will benefit from the product. The lack of a money back guarantee seals the deal on the Botoina product.

At this time we do not support Botoina due to the lack of important information and support for the product provided by the Swiss manufacturer. We prefer to support antiaging products offering proof of efficacy, testimonials and direct online sales.

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  1. I used BOTOINA, following the instructions, (it’s not so difficult as it looks…) and I can say that it’s just absolutely WONDERFULL!!!!!!
    It works as I never saw in my life whith others antiage cosmetics.

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