Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment Review

What You Should Know

There are some ingredients that are becoming more and more taboo for skin care. One of these is chemical preservatives or parabens. According to some skin care experts, parabens can lead to health concerns and skin irritations. Well, one skin care brand that offers preservative-free products is Boscia. This line was created by a Japanese entrepreneur in 2002. His name is Kenji Ikemori, and he claims to use the latest scientific research in Boscia products. These skin care products are geared toward women of all skin types. Harsh chemicals and animal ingredients are not used in these products either. The formula we will focus on is Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment, which is okay for any women with under-eye puffiness and bags.

Product Details

Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment endeavors to diminish under-eye puffiness and bags. This is a condition that is commonly causes by lack of rest, late nights, genetics, and water retention in the skin. While this formula aims to hydrate the delicate dermis around the eyes, it also protects the skin from future damage. Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment is described as very emollient, and sells for $48 through select online dealers.

If you are interested in firming your eye area, and reducing heavy bags, Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment may have the ingredients to assist you. It contains Complex Peptides (minimizes puffiness, while smoothing out surface lines), Jojoba Leaf (protects the skin, reduces inflammation and irritation), Sodium Hyaluronate (binds moisture to the dermis to improve hydration), Willowherb Extract (counteracts environmental aggressors that age the skin), and Vitamin E (fends off free radical damage). This under-eye treatment can be used in the AM and PM for maximum results.

The Good

  • The key ingredients are addressed for Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment.
  • Vitamin E is used in this eye cream to combat free radicals.
  • It is sold in a convenient pump container.

The Bad

  • There are two types of alcohol found in this product, which may cause dryness.
  • This under-eye formula may irritate the eye area of some users.
  • Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment does not address dark circles.
  • A large list of ingredients is used in this product, which may concern some users.

The Bottom Line

One thing that should be addressed is that Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment does not combat dark circles. This is a common concern of many women, and may be a deal breaker. On the plus side, this under-eye treatment does offer moisturizers and antioxidants to improve the skin. However, it also contains two types of alcohol, which may counteract the moisturizers. Although peptides are used in Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment to assist with crow’s feet, there are other under-eye creams and serums available that offer more active ingredients to assist the eye area.

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