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Borghese is a company that offers products in anti-aging, skin maintenance, bath and spa, and cosmetic categories. The Borghese website is geared towards people of all ages and has products for both men and women. The large selling point of Borghese is that they aim to combine classic Italian beauty with modern technology to create products that appeal to a wide range of people. According to the manufacturer, most of the products are made with simple ingredients such as vitamins, oils, and water from a thermal spring.

Many of the Borghese products can be found in department stores and offer a free gift with the purchase of certain products. The official website does sell products and offers free shipping if you spend more than $60 but the gift doesn’t come with online orders for some reason. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Borghese has a fairly large assortment of anti-aging and wrinkle fighting products available for purchase on the website but when we checked many of them seemed to be out of stock. A couple of the more interesting products are the Siero Intensivo Intensive Firming Serum and the Insta-Firm Advanced Wrinkle Relaxer.

Product Details

The Siero intensivo Intensive Firming Serum is supposed to instantly hydrate, tighten, and tone your skin. It contains a “Tuscan Cellular Complex” and a powerful protein synthesizer. It also claims to help your skin rebuild and protect collagen. The actual ingredients are not given but the company says they are listed on the box.

The Insta-Firm Advanced Wrinkle Relaxer claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles in your face. This product contains argireline which does help in this department but lists no other ingredients on the website.

The website does list a few ingredients such as: Olives, grapes, almonds, lavender oil, geranium oil, peppermint oil, and mineral water.

Also in the anti-aging section is a line of creams and serums which contain Vitamin C, which is widely regarded as a beneficial anti-oxidant that may help your skin look smoother and healthier.

The Good

  • You can purchase Borghese products both online and in department stores.
  • Many products contain all natural ingredients.
  • There are many money-saving sets available for purchase.

The Bad

  • There are not many ingredients listed on the Borghese website.
  • No clinical studies or research is posted on the website.
  • Many items seem to be out of stock so you cannot buy them online.
  • The 30-day money back guarantee may not be long enough to decide on a product’s effectiveness when it comes to anti-aging products.

The Bottom Line

Borghese has a very impressive line of products, but the lack of ingredients posted on their website is a little discouraging. This could pose a problem for people with sensitive skin or allergies who need to see full ingredient lists. You have the option to e-mail the company for a comprehensive list of ingredients but it may take a while for a response. It’s hard to determine the effectiveness of any Borghese products because there isn’t much information or many testimonials and the products make little mention of known wrinkle fighting ingredients.

4 thoughts on “Borghese Review”

  1. I purchased the package of Borghese lipsticks (2) and a lip liner at Costco. The pencil liner is smooth and fine;however the sharpener stinks and even other sharpeners cannot sharpen the pencil. What a waste!

  2. I also bought a gift set for 200$ .used for a month seen no positive results.if anything my skin looks worse.what a wast of money.

  3. we are trying to find BORGHESE HYDRO-MINERALI #4 without success-
    Please let us know where to go-We live in Las Vegas

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