Biotox Review


Biotox, which derives its name from the popular anti-wrinkle treatment Botox, calls itself “the 30 second face life in a bottle”, claiming to reduce the appearance of wrinkles within 60 days. The manufacturers claim that this is due to its exclusive ingredient, Pentapeptide-3. Unlike its predecessor, Biotox is mixed and applied to the affected areas, and claims that users may see results after a week, with results peaking at 60 days of use.

Skeptics warn consumers against any topicals that depend on one ingredient, as it may be less effective and unable to target other areas of wrinkle reduction, such as softening the skin and promoting collagen activity in the epidermis. Furthermore, Biotox is difficult to buy since it is primarily distributed in spas located in southern Asia. The price is a bit expensive — the Biotox solution costs $85.00 — but they do provide ample evidence on why they believe Pentapeptide-3 is effective at reducing wrinkles on the face. This is good to see, but the lack of mainstream availability could still be an issue, especially when compared to competitors.

Product Details

On Biotox’s website it states the product contains these ingredients: Biotox (amino pentapeptide-3), Water, Glycerin, Pullulan, Silica Gum, Carrageenan, Phenonip, Paraben Preservatives. The main ingredient, amino pentapeptide-3, is known to be a popular anti-wrinkle ingredient, and is considered to be a close cousin of collagen. Current studies have only been conducted on separate skin cells, but these results are promising, showing increased collagen and elastin production in the skin cell – although the research that we found did not know why this is occurring. Further testing with humans may reveal why the peptide in question is promoting this type of reaction in skin cells. Increased collagen and elastin production could lead to firmer, wrinkle-free skin, removing most ailments of aging skin.

Other ingredients included in Biotox are merely preservatives used to enhance the shelf life of this product. Biotox would be wise to include more anti-wrinkle ingredients, and it is not wise to include only one anti-wrinkle ingredient in their formula. A complete anti-wrinkle cream will include ingredients that decrease the appearance of wrinkles while promoting softer, smoother skin deep within. Without these key ingredients, Biotox’s effects are too limited and specific for most consumers to consider purchasing this treatment.

The Good

  • Contains Amino Pentapeptide-3, a potent anti-wrinkle ingredient.
  • Contains no ingredients with any known side effects.

The Bad

  • Is only distributed through obscure internet websites and spas throughout Asia.
  • Contains only one anti-wrinkle ingredient, with no other important ingredient that help smooth the skin.
  • Is expensive and does not list a money-back policy.

The Bottom Line

Reducing wrinkles is the key to younger skin, but other ingredients need to be added to maintain that youthful appearance. Currently Biotox contains only one approach to skin management, which may be too limiting for those seeking a complete anti-wrinkle skin cream.

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