Biotone Review


Essentially, Biotone provides services and products to massage therapists and spa professionals. While you can visit a very well constructed and thoroughly detailed website for this company, you’ll quickly find that it does not sell any serums or creams that are meant for anti-aging. The products can be ordered straight from the website, and you’ll find that you can also look into classes for massage therapists or for other people who happen to be in the spa industry.

Product Details

What products might you find when you are looking at Biotone? They sell a wide range of massage oils, including oils that are hypoallergenic or free of nuts. There are lots of products for the interested massage therapist or spa owner, including things like room mists and scented candles. When you are looking into their classes, you’ll find offerings like Spa Body Treatments as well as Clinical Sports Massage. You can book these classes straight from the website. You may also be interested in the trial size sample products or the travel size packages that can be very useful for the massage therapist on the go.

Looking on the site, there does not seem to be a money back guarantee available on any of the products in their line, though there is a contact telephone number that can be called when you want some question answered, or if you want to speak to a company representative. Do keep in mind, though, that when you are looking at Biotone that you are not looking at a company that sells anti-aging creams or serums; if that is what you are looking for, this is not the right place for you. You can, however, find products like Argireline and Matrixyl 300, that have a fair amount of peptides in them. It is always important to browse the products available and to determine what they are really good for.

The Good

  • Easy to find website that is straightforward to navigate and search.
  • Good products available for spa therapists and massage therapists.
  • Products easy to order and ship fast.

The Bad

  • No anti-aging skin care products at all.
  • Products and services directed towards professionals in the spa and massage industry rather than to private individuals.
  • Unsure of whether or not there is a money back guarantee.
  • No evidence that Biotone products are any better than comparable products that may already be found in the industry and that are offered by competitors.

The Bottom Line

When you want to remove wrinkles and fine facial lines, the truth is that Biotone is not the company you should be looking at. Their main line of work is not anti-aging, and you will find that there are other brands and companies that will serve you just as well if not better.

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  1. can i get a free trial pack of biotone facial therapy massage cream.also can i get this cream at any shop in kolkata,india?

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