Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher Review

What You Should Know

In this day and age, there is a strong focus on all-natural ingredients, herbal extracts, essential oils, and natural flower extracts when creating skin care products. The beauty and skincare market has switched from various synthetic components, back to what Mother Nature has to offer. This is certainly not surprising when you think about the dangers of some man-made substances. Well, one skincare line that uses Mineral-Rich Thermal Spring Water as the key ingredient in their products is Biotherm. This is a brand that provides women and men with face care, fragrances, body care, and sun care products. There are treatments to suit all common skin types. Now, we are going to scrutinize one of these treatments, which is called Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher.

Product Details

Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher is a topical anti-aging serum for women. It sells via the official Biotherm website for $47 (1.4 fluid ounces). According to the website, this product is a three in one formula that aims to fight wrinkles, firm the user’s skin, and rejuvenate the complexion. The active ingredients used in this formula are actually claimed to “lift the user’s facial features.” There were some studies done with Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher, and users apparently saw a 73 percent reduction in facial wrinkles. Unfortunately the official website does not divulge more information on the clinical studies.

Since Biotherm does not provide complete ingredient lists for their products, there is not one offered for Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher. However, it is mentioned that this formula contains Pur Silicium (this ingredient helps to smooth out the complexion and rebuild skin tissue), Corrective Chroma-Spheres (help even out the user’s complexion), and Exfoliating Bio-Acids (help to exfoliate dead skin cells and eliminate skin flaws). No testimonials or before and after photos are presented for this anti-aging treatment.

The Good

  • Some clinical studies were done on Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher.
  • The core ingredients used in this topical treatment are mentioned.

The Bad

  • This product was out of stock at the time of this review.
  • There are no testimonials posted from users of Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher.
  • All ingredients used in this product are not revealed.
  • Women cannot try Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher before buying it.

The Bottom Line

When seeking out the best skin care product for your face, a lot just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. According to Biotherm, Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher serum is supposed to help you reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate your complexion, and firm/lift your facial skin. While there are some clinical study results posted, it is unclear how many women this product was tested on. Also, many of the ingredients for this product are unknown. This may bother some women. On the bright side, a refund is available for those who do not like Biotherm Rides Repair Chroma-Lift Finisher.

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  1. I received a tube of this in the mail, I did not order it, is it a foundation, do you wear it under your foundation? Since it is shaded I didn’t know how it would show up.

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