Biotherm Review

What You Should Know

There are so many skin care companies that make promises about stunning young, and radiant skin. Clearly there is a strong focus on having a youthful complexion these days. However, it can be a bit of a challenge finding the right skin treatment line to suit your individual needs. This is why we created this review on Biotherm. It is a line of topical treatments that endeavor to balance and rejuvenate the skin. The types of products you will find under this line are Face Care, Body Care, Fragrance, Sun Care, and Men’s Care.

Product Details

Biotherm is a line of skincare products that address concerns like anti-aging, shaving, anti-pollution, eye care, toning, night care, dry skin, sensitive skin, anti-fatigue, moisturizing, cleansing, and anti-shine. The core ingredient used in Biotherm products is a Mineral-Rich Thermal Spring Water. It is also known as Vitreoscilla Ferment. Basically this component enables these products to work in sync with your skin’s own nature. It helps the skin resist damage, while promoting health and radiance. Biotherm skin care products are sold in the USA, Canada, China, France, and the United Kingdom.

One Biotherm treatment in particular is the Force Supreme Re-Builder, which aims to firm and re-sculpt skin. This product comes with a massage applicator that allows users to massage it directly into facial skin. It contains key active ingredients like Kreatilane (helps boost cellular activity), Soy Protein (tightens the skin), and Caffeine (helps diminish under-eye bags and improver facial contours). This anti-aging treatment only takes 30 minutes to apply (apply after cleansing). It sells via the official website for $50 (1.69 fluid ounces).

The Good

  • There are different branches of Biotherm to suit various skin types and conditions.
  • It appears that all products in this line can be acquired through the main website.
  • There is a men’s care line offered by Biotherm as well.

The Bad

  • Full ingredient lists are not available on the official website.
  • Some ingredients used in Biotherm treatments may not be suitable for some users.
  • There are no free trial samples provided through the main website.
  • Customer testimonials are not posted on the primary website.
  • There is no clinical research posted to support the effectiveness of Biotherm anti-aging treatments.

The Bottom Line

With so many skincare remedies at your disposal these days, there is certainly a little something for everyone. Then again, not all topical treatments will work effectively for every individual. As for Biotherm, this company offers a broad array of topical treatments to address various needs and skin conditions. However, you should keep in mind that no clinical research is provided to support their products. Also, there are no full ingredient lists presented on the official website, which makes it difficult to determine what is used in Biotherm products.

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