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Bioskincare is a treatment cream that’s manufactured by Biocutis and is marketed as “Nature’s Gift for Healthy Skin.” This topical product is claimed to help users achieve softer, clearer complexions with fewer acne breakouts and facial scars. Bioskincare is stated to be 100% pure and all-natural. Regular usage of this cream may assist with wrinkles, redness, sun spots and even stretch marks. This treatment cream sells through the official website for $59.98 for 1.76 ounces, and is offered with a 100% 60-day satisfaction guarantee. There are some customer testimonials provided on the official website.

The primary active component found in Bioskincare cream is a “viscous fluid” that comes from snails (the Helix Aspersa Muller species), which is used by the snails to repair, moisturize and renew their skin. Bioskincare additionally contains olive oil extract (moisturizes), humectant glycerin (softens and moisturizes) and hyaluronic acid (reduces wrinkles and improves elasticity). This skin treatment is stated to be made in the USA, which is interesting since this approach to skincare was previously offered only in South America and Europe. However, no free trial samples of Bioskincare cream are currently offered through the official website. Bioskincare is suitable for all skin types and ages. There doesn’t appear to be much background information offered on the Biocutis company.

Product Details

Bioskincare is essentially a topical cream that’s claimed to be suitable for virtually anyone. This skin remedy aims to assist with anything from acne, to fine lines, to facial scars, to hyper pigmentation, to deep wrinkles, to dermatitis, to age spots, to stretch marks, to psoriasis. The four key ingredients incorporated into Bioskincare cream are viscous fluid from snails, humectant glycerin, hyaluronic acid and olive oil extract. The full list of ingredients for this product are revealed on the official website, but no clinical research or evidence is presented to support the product’s claims.

The Good

  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee offered on the official website.
  • Bioskincare cream is stated to be suitable for all skin types and general afflictions.
  • Customer testimonials are posted on the website for Bioskincare.
  • This product contains moisturizers.

The Bad

  • There isn’t any real clinical data found on the official website to support the claims made about Bioskincare, and it seems to be more of a general skin health product than a dedicated wrinkle fighter.
  • No free trial samples of Bioskincare are available via the website.
  • Some users may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients found in Bioskincare cream.
  • Bioskincare may prove to be a tad pricey for some users considering that the cost is $59.98 for a mere 1.76 ounces.
  • This skin care treatment doesn’t appear to be dermatologist-recommended or approved.

    The Bottom Line

    Bioskincare is certainly marketed as one of those “all-in-one miracle” skin treatments. Not only does is endeavor to assist with fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s also supposed to help with hyper pigmentation, acne, stretch marks, psoriasis, scars, sun damage, dermatitis, ect. Unfortunately there is no clinical evidence offered on the website to back these claims. Moreover, it would be reassuring to see some free trial samples of Bioskincare cream available through the website to new customers. You may want to consult a dermatologist before using this skin care treatment.


9 thoughts on “Bioskincare Review”

  1. Bioskincare has terrible customer service, they wouldn’t let me order after all because my first card was declined even though my second card worked!….

  2. I have been using Bioskincare for 5 years now and I would not use anything else. Yes, the cost is high. I usually use one jar in two months which is on an average of %50.00 a month. It keeps my skin clear as well as firms my skin. I had really bad brown spots on my skin and this product was the only product to dimished it to barely being noticable. It did take a couple of months but it was worth the wait. During the years, I have tried other products, trying to save money, but always returned to Bioskin. This product is worth every penny.

  3. I used Bioskintreatment for Keratosis and it worked perfectly! Before this I was one keratosis product prescribed by my doctor but it made me breakout in horrible rashes!

    I highly recommend it!

  4. The Bioskincare works great on skin wounds and burn scars! I used this on my 4 month old who got was burned and there were no scars or discoloration left behind.

  5. Great product, have been using it for my mild rosacea and very dry skin for about a year, can’t live without it. Well worth the cost. Can’t imagine anyone reacting badly to it as it is mostly herbs…read the ingredients.

  6. I ordered a sample of two products for a shipping fee of $4.95 trial size. After which I had two charges $98.41 and $97.41 deducted from my account. I contacted BioMed and they said they would look into it. My bank credited the amounts back to my account with the charges. I received an email from bio-med saying they cancelled all charges. Now the charges are back in my account. I called customer services and they said they could not help. It was done and that was there was to it. No one else could help me. The customer service department is terrible and they way the handle the trial size charge and then charge the full amount(plus trial size charge) is horrible. I think the business practices are illegal. I wouldn’t recommend this site or product to anyone. I stopped using the product as soon as the charges hit my account which was only a matter of days. I want my full refund credited to my account. I will happily mail back the unused stuff.

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