Biosil Review

What You Should Know

Biosil is a collagen generator. According to the product description, collagen plumps skin while keratin works to repair nails and support nail growth. The keratin provides the added benefit of supporting hair growth and strength, based on information provided by Biosil. Consumer reviews of the product vary. Some consumers claim they notice small changes in hair or nails or skin, but rarely are changes noticed in all three. There are a select few consumers reporting improved joint mobility, as well.

Product Details

Unlike other beauty products, Biosil does not contain collagen. The two ingredients in the formula are silicon and choline. These ingredients are supposed to support collagen production and promote/maintain healthy collagen levels to improve skin, hair and nails. There are a few studies out there suggesting collagen supplements can be used for beauty purposes with positive results as long as consumers continue to take the supplements. However, this supplement does not deliver collagen – it delivers food for collagen. Both silicon and choline are safe for ingestion, but is there anything to the claims of improved hair, skin and nails?

Silicon and choline are commonly used in beauty supplements, but there is little clinical evidence either is beneficial in any way. Both silicon and choline can be consumed in toxic amounts, so consumers need to be aware of how much they are taking. Taking more Biosil will only increase the risk of toxicity, which can affect liver function and overall health. It will not improve the health of hair, skin or nails if you take more than suggested of this supplement.

The Good

  • The ingredients are openly listed online.
  • The product label is available online.
  • There are no directly harmful ingredients in the Biosil formula.

The Bad

  • Does NOT contain collagen.
  • No clinical studies are listed in the product description.
  • Little information is available on the impact of silicon and choline on collagen production.

The Bottom Line

Biosil is not your typical beauty supplement. This product supplies silicon and choline to support natural collagen production. Whether or not the supplement works is hard to determine as little evidence supporting the product claims exist. There are a few positive reviews online, but there are also a few negative reviews claiming side effects like chest pains. If there was at least a little evidence in the product description we would be more inclined to support a supplement with safe ingredients like silicon and choline.

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