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Biopelle is a skin care company that provides hospitals with essential products, and they also have an anti-aging line known as AFA that is specifically meant to used professionally by skin care professionals and dermatologists. They have done impressive things with L.M.X.4, a cream to reduce pain from skin irritation, but AFA is their first venture into the anti-aging market.

Remember that you cannot find AFA products available in retail outlets. They are only ever administered by professionals and unfortunately, there is no way to figure out what professionals will use it. The price is also unavailable, but you should understand that this is a professional product, and therefore, not cheap. You may wish to see if your insurance policy may cover the costs of this product.

Product Details

What does the Biopelle website have to say about this product? When you are looking at AFA, you’ll find that it is a purely amino acid mixture. The technology that was used to create this was patented in their labs, and there is no evidence offered that states how amino acids are meant to save your skin. According to the site, there is some suggestion that amino acids allow your skin to hold in more moisture while also acting as an antioxidant, where they will remove free radicals from your cells. Also keep in mind that some amino acids an be collagen boosters, but chances are good that you have already covered this simply by eating protein rich foods! While it does seem to working on the understanding that enriching creams can add elasticity to your skin, you’ll find that there are no studies that say yes or no on this. Amino acids may simply be better consume than applied topically, because you will find that this is the way that they have the most potent effect on your cells.

It is interesting to note that Biopelle is a professional product, and this would suggest that it has gone through some testing. There is no indication that tells us whether it has been FDA approved, but there are hints that it has been graded on a professional level.

The Good

  • It is used by professionals only.
  • Elasticity may be increased through the topical use of amino acids.

The Bad

  • No known price range, and limited accessibility due to professional status.
  • It is currently unknown whether the amino acids used are enough to treat skin damage that has been caused due to age.
  • No way to figure out what professional will provide this product.

The Bottom Line

While we are beginning to see that amino acids are indeed an important part of how we take care of our skin, and that they can provide some much needed elasticity, it is still important to make sure that you know that it is not the only key to wrinkle reduction. We unfortunately know very little about this product, and while we are assured that it is of a professional grade, this may not be enough to warrant searching it out further.

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  1. I currently starting using the AFA cleanser and the mild gel. I love it. Seems to work great and produce positive results quickly. I would like to try the max gel and see if it warrants the extra $$. But, all in all, I think it is a good product. Perhaps their is other stuff out there that can produce the same, if not better, results, but for now I am happy.

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