BiON Review


BiON is a line of chemically-formulated skincare products created from the science of biochemistry. The products are developed by a biochemist and dermatologist, contributing their own knowledge to what they claim is a revolutionary and effective product. Currently BiON produces a line of specialized cleansers, masks, and scrubs fortified with ingredients such as Linoleic acid, calcium, and biochemicals. According to BiON, these ingredients are designed to treat the effects of aging on the skin, although they do not specifically state that it reverses wrinkle damage. BiON’s products are aimed mostly at acne and blemished skin, so they may not be suitable for those looking to fight wrinkles. Along with pictorial testimonials and the easiness of purchase, BiON’s websites details every process of how their products will scientifically affect the skin, backed up by scientific evidence.

BiON is only meant for use by professionals, but consumers can purchase products off of various vendor’s sites for less than $30.00 per bottle. It is highly recommended that consumers seek out a professional using BiON products instead of just trying it themselves, to reduce the risk of side effects.

Product Details

According to BiON, all of their products contain a high level of natural ingredients, including Linoleic acid, zinc, a variety of antioxidants, calcium, “other biochemicals”, and Vitamin A. Consumers are prescribed use of a BiON cleanser first, which is common practice; most dermatologists recommend following this procedure to properly take care of skin.

As for the ingredients contained in BiON’s products, these ingredients are normally found in other skin creams, and Linoleic acid is a popular ingredient used in many skincare products because of its anti-acne and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also helps the skin to retain more moisture over time, which addresses some aging concerns. Moisturizing the skin can make the skin look younger and healthier, although it does not have a pronounced effect on wrinkles.

Antioxidants, which are prevalent in BiON’s formula, also help eliminate free radicals from the environment, which are precursors to cancer and damaged skin cells. Some dermatologists believe eliminating free radicals will restore the youth of skin cells, resulting in an overall younger, fresher appearance. These elements can easily be consumed through fruits and vegetables – most consumers do not need to apply a cream infused with these elements to gain these benefits. Otherwise BiON does not contain many ingredients that specifically treat issues stemming from aging skin, and most may prefer changing their diet to meet these needs than to apply a cream that might produce the same benefits.

The Good

  • Contains antioxidants, which fight irregular skin cell growth.
  • Comes with numerous, positive testimonials complete with before and after pictures.

The Bad

  • BiON is only meant for use by professionals; consumers interested in BiON will need to seek out a qualified dermatologist in order to use these products.
  • Its formula does not differ much from other skincare products, and may not interest consumers.
  • No ingredients specifically reduce the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

The Bottom Line

It appears BiON contains some ingredients associated with general skin improvement, but unfortunately does not contain any ingredients that specifically target wrinkles and fine lines. Nevertheless, this fact alone may be enough to interest consumers who want to improve the general look of their skin. The price is convenient for consumers on a budget as well.

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