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Bioline Jato hails from Italy, where it has been manufacturing beauty and skin care products for more than twenty years. According to the company website, they are the first in Italy to develop three-phase retinol cosmetics and caviar and retinol cosmetics. The Bioline Jato company also states that their team of cosmetologists, chemists, dermatologists and biologists work to develop and test the products that are produced and distributed under this name. To find a distributor of the Bioline Jato line, you must send in your name, address and email address so that a distributor in your area can contact you. This hardly seems like the most efficient way to sell a product and certainly not an approach that many consumers will be comfortable with, since they will need to provide personal information before even becoming privy to prices and availability of items.

The product line is a long one at Bioline Jato, with at least five categories of products listed as anti-aging in nature. In perusing through these categories, we did find active ingredients that showed promise in some of the products. However, ingredients lists were incomplete, which led us to wonder exactly what we would be putting on our skin if we purchased these substances. And the majority of the categories of anti-aging products did not include any of the proven anti-aging ingredients like matrixyl 3000, collagen, argireline or hyaluronic acid.

Product Details

The Caviar and Retinol product did provide matrixyl in its active ingredient list, which has been proven in clinical trials to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We are not sure what the purpose of the caviar is, other than to drive up the price on an otherwise reasonable anti-aging product. The Bioline Jato Vintage 79 contains hyaluronic acid, which is known for its hydrating and restorative properties, making this a positive anti-aging choice as well. The other products that were listed as having anti-aging benefits provided absolutely no clinically proven ingredients to back up their claims. Most were botanical and herbal extracts that might be good for the skin, but certainly would not effectively turn back the clock on your complexion.

The Good

  • Two of the products in the Bioline Jato line contain proven anti-aging ingredients.
  • Many different products from which to choose.

The Bad

  • It is nearly impossible to purchase Bioline Jato products, or even see a product price, without disclosing personal information to the company first.
  • There are no prices listed on the company website for any of the products.
  • Most of these substances do not contain necessary ingredients for effective anti-aging formulas.

The Bottom Line

If you are fortunate enough to find a distributor for the Bioline Jato line without giving out personal information, you will still need to find out the pricing and purchasing terms (return policy, satisfaction guarantee, etc.) before forking over any cash. While the website may offer the illusion of sophistication and high quality, the information provided by Bioline Jato does not back up this image with much real meat.

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  1. i am a beauty salon owner and am looking at using bioline in my salon, i was hoping you could tell me more regarding the pros and cons of this product line?

    thanks, danielle

    1. I love the Bioline products and use the Seductage line as well as the professional Age Perfect line while at the spa for facials, dermasweep, etc. My skin looks and feels great!

    2. You might consider getting in touch with Bioline reps and ask to speak to aestheticians who use Bioline (if you haven’t already – I notice your post is from 2010).

      I was introduced to Bioline by my aesthetician in 2005, when in my early 30s. I had very tempermental skin. The combination of daily use and monthly facials turned my skin around – an investment in money and time, but the results were there.

      A few years ago I moved to a new city, and searched specifically for another aesthetician who used the line (I found only one). I won’t use anything else, and both aestheticians stood firmly by the line. It saved my skin. I use it religiously and the results are noticeable.

      Also, judging by my how knowledgeable my aetheticians were with the product, I gather Bioline provides good training.

  2. Bioline products absolutely positively suck, it makes me break out, it feels filmy it smells horrid. Don’t buy this, if you do, don’t say you weren’t warned. I wasn’t and wasted a shitload of money and now I still need to find a moisturizer. They sell it in spas, and funny the spa I went to the woman there didn’t even use these products on herself.

    1. Sorry didn’t see the reply button!! πŸ™‚
      if you are breaking out it could be because you were prescribed the wrong products or it could be one of the lines which do a deep cleansing of your skin and rid it of all it’s impurities. I did this line (primaluce) and you need to stick it out for at least one skin cycle (1month) for it to calm down. After this – have not had a pimple since!!! Many other products just mask skin impurity problems and push the oil, dirt and problems under the surface so once you stop using the product it flares up. I would suggest to let your beautician know so they can assist you with a new program or figure out whether it is a good or bad reaction to the product – wev been using biojne for a few months now and seen amazing results!

  3. i love bioline have been using it for about 8 months! i actaully work in a slaon & my boss has just got it in we also stock thalgo & all clients who have tried bioline have said they wont go back to thalgo!.. also great that they dont sell online (makeing sure your clients come back to you for their product) πŸ™‚

  4. I have been constantly using bioline for soon 8yrs and I love it.I live in NZ at the moment and I cannot get a hold of it, so I always ask my family to send it over from Europe. bioline has helped my skin like nothing else and I would recommend it to anyone.

  5. Just as a note – I think the company is relatively new in countries like Australia and why it is hard to find.

    The reason why you cannot find prices or detailed info on the net is because it strictly a professional beauty/ in salon range only. You can only buy it from a salon as they believe your skin should be analyzed by a professional.

  6. donde puedo encontrar el producto Liposcrub exfoliante de cuerpo vivo en Barcelona, y no se que centro de estetca lo tiene, escribi hace tiempo a italia y no recibi respuesta

  7. Does anyone know where I can find a salon in Perth western Australia who stocks bioline products other wise how do you purchase online? Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Nicole you cant but bioline online as they only sell to salons.. this is their head office number 02 96214655 they will be able to tell you where u can buy from πŸ™‚

  8. Not sure that Bioline is used in WA at this stage but as it becomes more commonly known it will be for sure!
    I’m a therapist and we use Bioline and also Thalgo products in our salon, Bioline has become extremely popular with our clients however of course, we still have clients who will never give up their Thalgo skincare. We have also found that using Thalgo and Bioline in conjuction with each other (alternating to keep products working effectively) has been great for clients.
    The reason Bioline isnt available to buy online is because the company has made a promise to salons that it won’t be available to online suppliers for a certain number of years so that people spend their money in salons with the right advice and product choice and don’t spend money on a product that they haven’t been consulted on using and hence use it wrong or just plainly prevent salons from making profit. Also with alot of skincare companies, the products are often put online past their use by date which people don’t realise because the use by date isn’t on packaging it is specific to the code written on the product that a salon or supplier can use to see if it is in date, which is why products are often much cheaper online.

  9. Where can I buy Bioline Phyto Staminal Edelweiss in Malaysia? Kindly provide me the contact details.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi I used the Phyto Staminal Lilac Gem which is very good when my skin in trouble. However, my salon in Hong Kong has gone out of business so I don’t know how I can get it. Please provide me contact details so I can continue to buy this product. Already out of stock for months. Thanks in advance.

  11. FYI; Bioline was introduced in the USA as a professional skin care line to be sold with a prescription by licensed Aestheticians. That’s why clients are having such a hard time finding the product, the pricing and the ingredients. Look for upscale spas that retail the line and consult with an Aesthetician before purchasing or using the product. Also look for Spas who stand behind their products and back it up with a money back guarantee. For best results and before buying products schedule a facial with the same line and see how your skin reacts.
    I hope this helps!

  12. Ok, so a local spa used this and I enjoyed the lifting code treatments. These were recommended to do 5 every week for 5 weeks, then once a month. Well, I went through the EXPENSE of the 5 every week, then two monthly, and now the salon seems to be ‘out of the product’. I’m wondering if there is a reason (i.e. not paying bills, etc.)

    Thus, I’d love to buy at least my lifting daily cream but the salon says they won’t have it for 2 or more weeks. Um, the supplier is only 2 hours away by car. So I’m not sure what the problem is.

    If anyone knows of a salon where I can at least order the cream right now, I’d appreciate it.

  13. Bioline is an exceptional product and they use an independant laboratory for clinical testing so I don’t know why this website say’s there’s none. They have more than 2 patented ingredients and the aromas are very light. They are exclusive to the spa so that clients can’t purchase it online and get professional advise before using them. Many time spas go out of business and sell old products inline. Also, you should never use the same products year round, so you need to consult your therepist.

  14. I have been using Bioline for a few years now and love!!! The Primaluce line and 24-7 line are my favorites. The spa in my neighbourhood uses Bioline and I hope to always be able to find it. Wonderful products!! I live in Ottawa Canada.

  15. Hi my daughter uses these products but has recently become a full vegan. She is wondering if the products are vegan friendly and whether the company is animal cruelty free? I cannot seem to find the information anywhere. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lyn, i don’t know if you have found out your answers since you posted your question in April. in case you come back to this site I wanted you to know that the company does not test on animal but I’m sorry because I don’t know if the products are vegan friendly. I hope that helps some

    2. Thello, no these products contain many chemicals and animal derivatives. I used to stock them but no longer do in my salon.

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