Bioline Jato Review


Bioline Jato hails from Italy, where it has been manufacturing beauty and skin care products for more than twenty years. According to the company website, they are the first in Italy to develop three-phase retinol cosmetics and caviar and retinol cosmetics. The Bioline Jato company also states that their team of cosmetologists, chemists, dermatologists and biologists work to develop and test the products that are produced and distributed under this name. To find a distributor of the Bioline Jato line, you must send in your name, address and email address so that a distributor in your area can contact you. This hardly seems like the most efficient way to sell a product and certainly not an approach that many consumers will be comfortable with, since they will need to provide personal information before even becoming privy to prices and availability of items.

The product line is a long one at Bioline Jato, with at least five categories of products listed as anti-aging in nature. In perusing through these categories, we did find active ingredients that showed promise in some of the products. However, ingredients lists were incomplete, which led us to wonder exactly what we would be putting on our skin if we purchased these substances. And the majority of the categories of anti-aging products did not include any of the proven anti-aging ingredients like matrixyl 3000, collagen, argireline or hyaluronic acid.

Product Details

The Caviar and Retinol product did provide matrixyl in its active ingredient list, which has been proven in clinical trials to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We are not sure what the purpose of the caviar is, other than to drive up the price on an otherwise reasonable anti-aging product. The Bioline Jato Vintage 79 contains hyaluronic acid, which is known for its hydrating and restorative properties, making this a positive anti-aging choice as well. The other products that were listed as having anti-aging benefits provided absolutely no clinically proven ingredients to back up their claims. Most were botanical and herbal extracts that might be good for the skin, but certainly would not effectively turn back the clock on your complexion.

The Good

  • Two of the products in the Bioline Jato line contain proven anti-aging ingredients.
  • Many different products from which to choose.

The Bad

  • It is nearly impossible to purchase Bioline Jato products, or even see a product price, without disclosing personal information to the company first.
  • There are no prices listed on the company website for any of the products.
  • Most of these substances do not contain necessary ingredients for effective anti-aging formulas.

The Bottom Line

If you are fortunate enough to find a distributor for the Bioline Jato line without giving out personal information, you will still need to find out the pricing and purchasing terms (return policy, satisfaction guarantee, etc.) before forking over any cash. While the website may offer the illusion of sophistication and high quality, the information provided by Bioline Jato does not back up this image with much real meat.


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