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Currently sold in high end spas all around the world, Biodroga is a completely all-natural line of skincare products designed to target different issues with skincare, ranging from moisturization to reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Biodroga uses several different formulas to target different problems, and their Anti Time Formula is the only formula designed to target skin aging concerns. This formula promises to cure the issues that come along with aging skin, so the reduction of wrinkles isn’t its only target — preventing age spots and damaged skin is another point as well.

Biodroga hosts offers a very broad line of skincare products, which may make finding the ideal product difficult. They suggest visiting a consultant to help you through the process. One small 50ml bottle of Biodroga’s Anti Time formula costs around $113.00, but supposedly lasts for at least a few months, which is definitely enough time for consumers to decide if it really works. Unfortunately you will need to purchase it from a select spa, and if you don’t live near one, you’re out of luck. Let’s see if this all-natural formula can deliver all of these all-natural benefits.

Product Details

Biodroga’s Anti Time Day Care formula contains these ingredients: Aquamarine, Wild indigo extract (tephrosia purpurea seed extract) and something called Matrix stimulator (palmitoyl pentapeptide-4).

According to several sources, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 is a compound similar in formulation to collagen, and it works in a similar fashion. When it penetrates skin cells, it activates healthy functioning, including the production of collagen and elasticity in the cell. Numerous skin companies include this compound in their formulation as an alternative to collagen. As great as that sounds, there is one minor detail – these studies have only been conducted on separate skin cells and not on actual test subjects. It is well known that studies produce different results depending on where it is conducted, and this compound may activate differently in people than in separated skin cells.

Because there is no information about Biodroga’s Aquamarine formula available, consumers will need to base their decision based on this key ingredient, which shows some verified results – just not on an actual human.

The Good

  • Its Matrix stimulator, according to several studies, helps activate collagen and elasticity compounds in skin cells, resulting in tighter, younger skin.
  • Contains only a few ingredients with no known side effects.

The Bad

  • Is very expensive.
  • Its Matrix stimulator has not have enough testing on humans to fully verify its anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Biodroga can only be purchased from select spas in the United States.

The Bottom Line

Early studies suggest that Biodroga’s Matrix stimulator could reduce wrinkle formation in the face, but without further studies focusing on its effects on humans, consumers should be careful about purchasing this product. Good news, though: Biodroga contains no harmful side effects. If you are willing to spend the money to try a new product, Biodroga might be a good solution, but for those looking for concrete evidence, further searching may be needed.

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  1. The oxygen formula is good if you have combination skin or the alpha-energizing day cream from Biodroga. I love their Anti-age. One jar lasts 3or 4 months, a little goes a long way. Best skin care line on the market.

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