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Bioderma is a company that works in conjunction with dermatologists and laboratories all around the world. Bioderma’s headquarters are in Lyon, France. This manufacturer specializes in cosmetics that are prescribed by dermatologists and other physicians. Since most of the Bioderma products are prescription only, they cater to those who have sensitive skin and allergies that require professional attention. Many products are available for every skin type, and each product is specifically formulated to correct specific problems.

Bioderma has products available for seven distinct types of skin. These are sensitive skin, dehydrated and sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, hair and scalp, babies’ skin, skin and sunlight, and a line of lightening products. This wide selection is nice as you can choose whatever would benefit your skin the most. The products that seem intended especially for combating wrinkles are Photoderm Anti-age, which is a combination sunblock and anti-aging cream, and the White Objective line, which contains a serum, cream, and cleanser. The White Objective products are in the skin lightening section and are recommended for age and sunspots as well as other types of skin discoloration.

Product Details

Bioderma products contain many ingredients, and they pride themselves on being completely hypoallergenic and fragrance free. The Photoderm Anti-age cream contains ingredients like water, dicaprylyl carbonate, octocrylene, and many other chemicals. Bioderma products also include some all-natural ingredients such as yeast extract and licorice root extract.

The White Objective line from Bioderma contains many of the same things as their Photoderm products but the main ingredients are water, alcohol denat., glycolic acid, some peptides, and some natural ingredients like licorice root extract and vitamin C.

It’s hard to determine what many of these chemicals are for, but since many of these products are by prescription only it stands to reason that they are potent compared to what’s available at the drugstore. The official website has a lot of information on it and even a section that gives dermatological advice for users with various skin types.

The Good

  • Informative website with an advice section.
  • Most products are hypoallergenic with UV protection.
  • Reasonable prices around the Internet.


The Bad

  • You can’t buy anything from the official website.
  • The official website has no prices.
  • No studies have been posted and testimonials are hard to find.
  • The website occasionally turns French and is hard to navigate.
  • Products are prescription only.

The Bottom Line

Bioderma offers a lot of products geared specifically for certain types of skin. While these may be great for certain skin afflictions, in the anti-aging department there isn’t a lot going on. There is a section for skin lightening which offers products that will help get rid of age spots and sunspots but no real anti-aging section. Bioderma has a lot of preventative creams and sunblocks but if you are looking for something to eliminate the wrinkles you already have, you should find a product that is easier to obtain and that uses proven wrinkle fighters in the product formula.

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