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Binella, according to its website, is a Switzerland-based company that produces a line of anti-aging skincare products that are directed towards older women seeking anti-wrinkle solutions. Included in their anti-aging line are Caviar Plus, Hydrogen Plus, and Genistein Plus, all of which are meant to be used together as part of their skin therapy plan. Genistein Plus claims to boost the immune system, whereas Hydrogen Plus boosts connective tissue in the skin and Caviar Plus claims to produce healthier skin cells at a faster rate. According to Binella, this fully “repairs” the skin within 5 to 8 months.

Currently the Binella website is only available in German, but they indicate they are a global brand. It appears Binella is available in spas located in Germany and Switzerland, and although a price is not guaranteed, they hint it is not an inexpensive product.

Product Details

Binella only offers hints of what is contained in their products. It appears all of Binella’s products contain amounts of amino acids, vitamin C, Matrixyl, and omega fatty acids. Their Caviar Plus formula contains Caviar Extract as well.

The biggest issue is with Matrixyl, recently touted by numerous skincare companies as a miracle peptide. Skincare companies claimed Matrixyl completely reverses all aging processes, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Independent studies have not confirmed these benefits, however, and the effects of Matrixyl are still being researched. Research did discover how Matrixyl worked with skin cells, which included stimulating collagen and elastin processes in the skin, but there have been no studies conducted on humans to verify these effects. Matrixyl must be used in plentiful amounts for this effect as well, and some skin creams that boast about this ingredient do not include enough to have this effect. Due to a lack of information from Binella, it is impossible to decipher if their products contain enough Matrixyl to be potent. There is a possibility Binella’s product could have anti-aging properties, but how strong its effects are cannot be concluded.

The Good

  • Contains Matrixyl, a peptide that is shown to stimulate collagen and elastin processes in early studies.
  • Vitamin C helps improve skin health.

The Bad

  • Website is only available in German.
  • Its price and availability is undetermined; it could be expensive.
  • Binella does not state how much Matrixyl is contained in their products.

The Bottom Line

There are simple issues limiting Binella’s exposure in this case, including language barriers and a lack of information provided on their website. While their ingredients may provide anti-aging benefits, this cannot be guaranteed. Consumers seeking a product with more available information are advised to look for different products. For those looking for Matrixyl, however, Binella does feature this heavily in all of their products.

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