Biafine Review

Do you have a few questions about whether or not Biafine works?

Obagi Medical, a business owned by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, is behind Biafine. The product is supposed to help heal damaged skin. Many users apply it to the face after laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and other treatments. We know the official website was purchased in 1998, but we think the product came out some time after that.

What is Biafine?

Biafine is a medicated skin treatment with purified water, liquid paraffin, ethylene glycol monostearate, stearic acid, propylene glycol, paraffin wax, squalene, avocado oil, trolamine, triethanolamine, cetyl palmitate, methylparaben, sorbic acid, propylparaben and fragrance. It can be used on damaged, dry or scaly skin.

Quick Facts on Biafine

  • The formula contains two parabens.
  • Fragrance is an irritant that can cause further skin damage.
  • We didn’t find it for sale online.
  • The formula is now controlled by a pharmaceutical company.
  • There is no guarantee or option to get your money back.
  • You have to visit a doctor to try Biafine.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Biafine?

“Because of the fact that Valeant Pharmaceuticals owns Obagi and Biafine does not mean it is more effective than other treatments on the market,” offered our Skincare Editor. “We did find some studies into how the treatment works on the side effects of radiation therapy, but nothing on aging.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Though there are very few comments and experiences posted on the web, we did find a couple on either side of the debate over whether or not Biafine results are good or bad.

  • “I received a chemical burn on my face. I put a thick layer of Biafine on it, covered with gauze and the burn had healed in two weeks.”
  • “I’ve used this to treat burns and am now using it on abrasions. It speeds up healing and minimizes scarring.”

There are some unhappy customers out there as well.

  • “Use this medication on a problem on the tip of my nose. After a few applications the whole side of my nose was sore and also my eye lid became very swollen. not good.”
  • “Seems to heal very slowly with Biafine even after two weeks still weeping.”

We also have an issue with the fact that you need a prescription for Biafine – and you may not even get the name brand anyway.

  • “There is a generic version of Biafine, which means the average insurance company is going to pay for the cheaper of the two,” says our Skincare Editor. “There’s a good chance that prescription for Biafine will not get you a tube of that specific treatment.”

Is Biafine Worth a Try?

Well, we’re not sold on Biafine for anti-aging purposes, but we do see the benefit if your skin is damaged from cosmetic procedures. However, if only for cost and pain alone, we tend to suggest trying an over-the-counter solution to aging before jumping into medical treatments.

What Do We Like Better Than Biafine?

In 2016, our research has led us to BioGeniste. This formula is clinically tested and the reviews all over the internet talk about amazing results. It’s the ideal place to start your fight against aging.

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