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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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At this point there are so many different skin care treatments to choose from. Regardless of your skin affliction, there is likely to be a topical treatment out there for you. One product offered by OrthoNeutrogena (a part of both the Ortho Dermatological and the Neutrogena Corporation) is Biafine Topical Emulsion. This is not an over-the-counter treatment, but rather one that must be prescribed by a physician. However, the official website does reveal quite a bit about this treatment. In fact, Biafine is claimed to “work with the body’s natural healing process to treat skin.”

Biafine Topical Emulsion has been around for more than 25 years and appears to encourage three different stages of healing. As discussed on the website, the primary aspect of this emulsion’s effectiveness is the way it increases “macrophage recruitment” (the natural healing process of the body). This treatment is supposed to work on several skin types and initiates a rapid recovery. Two key factors involved with Biafine Topical Emulsion are Occlusion and Hydration, which both play a part in how quickly and effectively the skin is healed/rejuvenated. Naturally, this product cannot be obtained directly through the official website since it requires a prescription, and of course this means that it should not be purchased from unscrupulous internet vendors.

Product Details

Biafine Topical Emulsion is a topical treatment used by individuals who are undergoing cosmetic surgery, laser resurfacing, Moh’s surgery, skin cancer destruction, Microdermabrasion, chemical peel burns, mole removal and more. The three different steps involved with Biafine Topical Emulsion are phase one (inflammation), which involves the removal of necrotic tissue debris, phase two (proliferation) involves fibroblast proliferation that’s increased by macrophages and heals the skin, and phase three (maturation), which promotes epithelial cell growth. In short, Biafine Topical Emulsion is a powerful treatment that’s intended for healing damaged skin. A full list of ingredients for this product are not provided on the official website, nor are success stories from past/current users.

The Good

  • Biafine Topical Emulsion may assist individuals who are afflicted with skin damage after medical procedures or cancer treatments.
  • This topical treatment is only available with a doctor’s prescription, which means that is may be more potent than some others.

The Bad

  • A full list of ingredients is not disclosed on the official website for Biafine Topical Emulsion.
  • There are no responses or reviews pertaining to this treatment cream offered on the website.
  • Some individuals may not care for the fact that this topical treatment must be acquired through a physician only.

The Bottom Line

In regards to prescription skin treatments like Biafine Topical Emulsion, it wise to consult a licensed physician to learn all you can. While this treatment endeavors to assist with cosmetic surgery, laser resurfacing, Moh’s surgery, skin cancer destruction, Microdermabrasion, chemical peel burns, mole removal and other skin afflictions, this doesn’t mean that this treatment is right for you specifically. It’s certainly important to learn all you can about the particular skin condition you have and what it calls for. Those looking to treat fine facial lines and wrinkles will probably not need Bifine treatment. Fortunately there are plenty of other treatments to choose from.

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23 Comments/Questions/Answers to Biafine

  • 1


    I’ve been using Biafine since late November 2009 for healing surgery performed for the removal of a skin cancer on my lower right leg. Recently, cellulitis developed in my lower left leg causing swelling and soreness from the calf to the foot. Could I have developed an allergy to Biafine with its prolonged use over four months? Your opinion, please. Walter

  • 2

    Miss Hand

    I am a missionary in Benin since Aug 2009. We can buy it without perscription at any pharmacy. Most of our burns, scrapes and cuts come from something to do with our motorbike and we swear by Biafrine for quick healing with little or no signs of previous trauma.

  • 3


    Living in England & about to start radiotherapy having had chemo – please can you tell me how much Biafrine costs – & postage? Many thanks!

  • 4


    You can buy Biafine at for $50 plus postage.

  • 5


    If you know anyone in France they can get it just by asking at any decent pharmacy (NOT a parapharmacy)

  • 6


    I just bought a tube for a friend – cost 9 euros for a 186g tube

  • 7

    John Vincnt

    can Biafine be used for eczema

  • 8


    Have been using Biafine for almost 20 years and can’t speak highly enough of it. Wonderful for sunburn and worked an absolute treat when I scalded the inside of my arm quite seriously. My doctor couldn’t believe how well my arm healed considering the damage. You can buy it over the counter in an pharmacy in France.

  • 9


    I had some cosmetic surgery done about 2 years ago and have really big, ugly scars. Since this has been 2 years ago, will Biafine still work?

  • 10

    Sally Cook

    How/where do I buy Hydrolize?

  • 11


    Would Tropazone work as well on Eczema?

  • 12

    LYDIA Gartland

    I need to know immediately if Biafine has glutten in it. I am a very reactive celiac and can’t tolerate gluten. Please reply as soon as possible. My dermatologist wants me to use your product after removing a precancerous growth.

  • 13


    I have a question, I went to a dermatologist who have me promozone which if you use too long will cause discoloration and dryness and to add to that , I had a high voltage hair dryer which burnt my face over a few months, so now I found a new dermaologist who is partners with others who do laser, but I only wanted medical advise and she has given me biefine to use because I burned my skin on face, but when I used it and has been only two days, I see the areas where I used promosone has turned bright red and exactly where I was rubbing promosone for months. Is this a natural healing process for biafine , that those areas that are discolored and and were burnt to turn red first?? I am worried so I made another appt to my derm. so I can be reassured it is natural process that is happening and she did say takes weeks to heal, but need to know for peace of mind. Please let me know something.

  • 14


    does biafine cause any area that has been burnt or discolored by another cream I was using called promosone to go away, I see that using biafine has had the discoloration caused from promosone to turn those areas really red, is this a natural process before healing, is has only been two days since I have been using biafine.I did burn my face with a high voltage hair dryer and using promosone while drying my hair with hair dryer was wrong mix, and over three months and my face has 3 d degree burn, my dermatologist have me beifine to use and I see only on second night that where discoloration from promosone occured is where the redness had occured, is this the process to be red and then it heals itself, please someone reply back…

  • 15


    do people use this as a herpy outbreak recovery cream

  • 16


    What ingredient list I could find, did not list any gluten.
    Jill, LPN

  • 17

    donald l. chilcote

    Biafine has trolamine in it it. For all intent and purpose, this product is a precursor to aspirin/ I am EXTREMELY allergic to aspirin. I have severe tinnitus in both ears. Within hours of application it directly affected my tinnitus. How?, it got LOUDER. At this point I do not know if permanent damage to my hearing has occurred. After MOHS surgery on the side of my nose at the base is where it was applied. This product should be totally pulled from use unitl it has a better labeling of the ingredients. Who in the hell knows what trolamine is. I was not told.

  • 18

    bea dreier

    Will biafine reduce redness after facial laser resurfacing, which I had about a month ago, and my face is still extremely red.

  • 19

    bea dreier

    can Biafine reduce redness after laser resurfacing of the face, which I had about a month ago and my face is still very red?

  • 20


    Where can I buy Biafine in Canada?!

  • 21


    So just because it didnt work for you, those that it has helped tremendously should suffer because you want it pulled? Of course there will be a % of folks that cannot use every cream on the market. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be made available to the public. Every thing is trial and error. The manufacturers cannot know how it’s going to affect every single person.

  • 22


    You can find it at this pharmacy in Montreal : Uniprix 3828 boulevard Decarie 514 484 7311

  • 23


    I have used Biafine for almost two week after 6 months of skin cancer treatment. The healing started immediatley upon uses. Last night I had a severe allergic reaction starting slowly and increasing until I nearly used my EpiPen. It started to recover within 3 hours. I’m allergic to ASPRIN!!!! Thanks for your post. I am now doing more research!

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