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The Beurer SoftLaser is offered by DermaBest, a Canadian company that is committed to providing effective solutions for a variety of body or skin issues. The company offers a line of topical products to address a range of skin problems, from scars and stretch marks to acne and psoriasis. The Beurer SoftLaser is suggested for numerous issues, such as scars, cuts and bruises, sun damage and wrinkles. It is a home system that allows the user to apply a low level laser to the skin with the purpose of promoting skin regeneration and collagen production. The process is stated to be completely safe with no known side effects. At the time of this review, the laser was selling on the company website for about $150.

The Beurer SoftLaser has been featured in numerous publications and was recommended by Fitness Magazine a number of years ago. According to one product website, the laser therapy has received the equivalent of FDA approval in Europe. However, it is not approved by the FDA in the United States. While the company and product websites provide information about how the laser therapy works and offer customer testimonials, we were unable to find significant data to back up the effectiveness of the product. For an anti-aging product that is fairly new to the US, we would hope for a bit more hard evidence to support use of this product. We also found that DermaBest does not provide a money back guarantee on the Beurer SoftLaser, stating that this product will essentially work for everyone if they use it often enough and long enough.

Product Details

The Beurer SoftLaser works by applying low level laser therapy (LLLT) for what is known as “biostimulation”. This laser light is supposed to vitalize cells by increasing the mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within them. As the cells regenerate, they will produce more collagen, which is required to keep the skin younger looking.

Collagen production decreases as we age, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. By boosting the collagen level, you can effectively turn back the clock to see younger, smoother skin. While we don’t dispute the claims made as to the effectiveness of collagen in the anti-aging process, we would like to note that there are many excellent topical creams and serums that can apply collagen directly onto the skin for the same result. And many do not come with the same high price tag as the Beurer SoftLaser.

The Good

  • An innovative anti-aging treatment.
  • There are no risks or side effects reported with use of this product.

The Bad

  • Clinical evidence is not provided on the company website.
  • The laser is expensive.
  • There is no money back guarantee offered.

The Bottom Line

Innovation is a positive thing in the world of skin care, but it is important to have hard and fast evidence to back up the claims made by any new products and this is where the Beurer SoftLaser falls a bit short. While there may be some merit to LLLT, the jury still seems to be out on its actual effectiveness. You can go with the all new anti-aging method with a high price tag, or you can stick with the cheaper, tried and true topical creams that provide similar results.

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  1. My daughter had scars on her legs from cutting herself. I was horrified to see what she had done and so I ordered the beurer laser. I can honestly say that the laser healed her skin and took away almost all evidence of the cutting she has done to herself. I used it twice a day and also applied vitamin e and coco butter at night to the scars. It took about a month to see the results but now she can confidently wear shorts.

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