Benard Cassiere Review


Benard Cassiere, a well known Paris distributor of natural skincare ingredients, is quickly becoming the most wanted product in Europe, as evidenced by its appearance in various spas and salons across France and Hong Kong. Since the year 2000 Bernard Cassiere has made the rounds in European salons with its unique skincare line, which include atypical ingredients such as hemp and chocolate in their products. Their anti-aging line contains a mixture of red berries, which they claim will halt the aging process and enriches the skin with vitamin C and cranberry extract. According to Benard Cassiere, these ingredients offer the best protection against wrinkles and other signs of aging, including discolored skin.

Benard Cassiere has received acclaim due to its interesting mixture of products, including lotions featuring hemp and honey, but unfortunately does not offer much explanation about how these ingredients actively work in a scientific sense. Nevertheless, they are a constant source of curiosity in many European and Asian salons. Benard Cassiere is currently only available in select spas in Europe and Hong Kong with no availability known in the United States — therefore, this may not be an ideal product for American citizens. A price range cannot be located either, but it is indicated it is a high end product.

Product Details

According to Benard Cassiere’s website, their anti-aging skincare line features red berries, which they believe helps fight all signs of aging. Their website states their anti-aging products contain the following ingredients: Vitamin C, Cranberry Extract, Bilberry Extract, Blackcurrant Extract.

According to several studies, Vitamin C helps improve skin elasticity by releasing chemicals into skin cells, boosting collagen production where it is applied. This would be a perfect way to deal with aging skin if this was only the case – however, it is not. Vitamin C, when exposed to air, loses its potency, and is known to lose its healing properties when mixed in products such as creams or ointments. The best way to get these benefits is by actually consuming this vitamin instead of applying it. Many skincare companies still use Vitamin C and claim it works, and are working to find other ways to use Vitamin C without losing its potency. These loopholes have not been discovered yet, so any presence of Vitamin C in a product might indicate it is not as effective as taking Vitamin C orally would be. Worse yet, Benard Cassiere’s other extract, Cranberry Extract, has no conclusive links to improving the skin.

The Good

  • Contains natural extracts, which usually have fewer side effects compared to synthetic extracts.
  • Offers a wide selection of products.

The Bad

  • Most of its main ingredients have no significant impact on the skin, according to tests we could find.
  • Can only be purchased in spas located in Europe and Hong Kong.
  • A price range could not be located at the time of this review.

The Bottom Line

Natural extracts may be key to a solid product, but these extracts need to have strong connections to skin rejuvenation for them to have any success in today’s competitive skincare market. Although Benard Cassiere includes antioxidant-rich ingredients, this may not be enough to have a full impact on de-aging the skin. This seems as if it could serve as a luxurious moisturizer, however.

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