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Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

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Bellaplex is a product created by Urban Nutrition, LLC, which is based in the UK. Like many anti-aging topical creams currently on the market, Bellaplex bills itself as an alternative to Botox. Bellaplex claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by as much as 40 percent, increase the body’s the production of collagen, and make your skin more firm and thick. Bellaplex seems to get mostly positive reviews around the Internet because it contains many ingredients that are proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These are Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are all certainly well regarded, but they are also all found in other popular anti-aging products.

There are many wrinkle creams on the market today (even with a troubled economy, the market for anti-aging products continues to grow) but not many have this combination of proven ingredients. The official website is well set up and informative but seems to be lacking instructions on how to use Bellaplex. As it’s a cream, the manufacturers probably assume most people will know what to do with it. However, the questions of how many applications, whether it should be washed off or left to absorb, and when is ideal are all unanswered. Bellaplex is marketed toward both men and women.

Product Details

Bellaplex contains an impressive combination of wrinkle fighters. Matrixyl 3000 is very popular and has been studied in many clinical trials. It has been shown to decrease the density, volume, and depth of wrinkles. This compound licensed to out several wrinkle creams by a third-party European lab. Collagen is a protein that exists in your skin and helps keep everything looking smooth and tight. As we age our collagen levels decrease, leading to droopy skin and wrinkles. Argeriline is a proven wrinkle fighter that can give you results in about two weeks and is very popular in wrinkle creams. The last top ingredient is hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate the skin and keep it smooth.

One would think that this combination would work well because it includes many of the top wrinkle fighting ingredients, all working together in one product. Of course there are other ingredients in Bellaplex but unfortunately they are not listed on the website.

The Good

  • Contains Matrixyl 3000 and other known wrinkle fighters.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Mostly positive testimonials.


The Bad

  • Only comes in one size.
  • No list of ingredients posted on the Bellaplex website
  • Not sold in stores. You have to order it online.
  • You can’t find other products by the manufacturer on the Bellaplex website.

The Bottom Line

Bellaplex contains many ingredients that people seek out when looking for a good wrinkle cream. The lack of a full ingredient list may cause problems for people who are sensitive or allergic to various compounds used in cosmetics. Bellaplex bills itself as an alternative to Botox but there are many other creams out there that say the same thing. The 30 day money back guarantee is nice but we still have a few questions about this product.

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29 Comments/Questions/Answers to Bellaplex

  • 1


    I have been using Bellaplex for 3 months now, however sometimes my face feels dry so I am wondering if I should try Hydroxatone and would I receive better results?

  • 2


    I like this product it took about 15 days but my mouth wrinkles are a bit smoother and the creases between my brows are almost gone.

  • 3

    sarah rees

    has anyone successfully had a refund ? I have put my card details on-line and been given a contact number of (800) 515-1070 is this in the uk ? how can i canc my subscription ? Help anyone please?

  • 4

    DELBIR Juleff

    You have taken money for bellaplex on the 23 june and again on the 21 july and i have not recived any bellaplex so please can you put the £90 pound back into my bank as i have tryed to call you on this number 08082344649 can you call me asap on 07903195749 i hve sent you a message also mrs d juleff

  • 5


    to sarah rees why put your bank details on line i am very suspicious about this company and the product especially if it doesnt list the ingredients

  • 6


    whats the story with the trials of bellaplex that you never receive.

  • 7


    Could u pls help me where i CAN buy bellaplex and hydroxene in Beyrouth lebanon middle east.
    Txs in advance

  • 8


    This is a con, please don’t sign up for this.
    They don’t send the trial size & then they take large amounts for full size cream, then the postman will charge you £30 customs costs.

  • 9


    u ripped me off… take $$$$ from my account without shipping me the product,!!!!???? wtf?? explain please??

  • 10


    this most certainly is a scam.Had almost £50 taken from my account and could not afford the £25 customs cost.Still trying to contact company on the number given

  • 11


    I have not tried Bellaplex but have tried Hydroxatone and it is very hydrating..i am pleased with the product…as many people complained about the billing system i purchased mine through Ebay from seller who had 100% rating. I think the way to go rather than through the actual company. Hope this helps :)

  • 12


    this is truly a scam. received trial samples ok then had 3 payments of $69.95 taken from my account within three days. after saying i would refer them to my banks fraud department got two payments refunded still waiting for the third.

  • 13


    I have the hydroxatone and bellaplex and only been using it for over a month, I’m not having any dryness issue, they did say to use both products, apply hydroxatone first before the bellaplex. hope this helps…

  • 14

    Fay Williams

    Please cancel any further orders , I already contacted you in JUly sometime to cancel , lost the confirmation letter , please do not send any =more , I have already contacted my mastercard to cancel , please confirm this , I will not pay for any more , dated September 17 2012

  • 15


    Hi Sarah… I can tell you is a phone number on the delivery docket of 001180023587491, Hope this helps. Were you not happy with the product?

  • 16


    I have no issue with the product so far, but only just started using it. I also have no issue with the company supplying it… money has been taken that shouldn’t have been. Mind you, I used a VISA debit card that rarely has money in it, so they can’t take what isn’t there. I transfer funds as I need to.

  • 17

    Louise Poupard

    I ordered Bellaplex and Hydroxatone. the first time, since I didn’t want them sending more products before I could see if I liked them, I called them and told them to hold until I called them again. They did it. Since I liked the product and found it very effective, I ordered again a supply of six months. Of course, there’s customs fees but the reduction in price covers that. Now I just ordered another six months supply. Incidentally, a six months supply lasts a year and three months.

  • 18

    Florence Sunday

    Yes, bellaplex, I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone now for almost my trial period time and cannot seem to get in touch with anyone??? I’m allergic to an ingredient and would like to cancel but like I said I cannot seem to get in touch with anyone???? Your phone number you have listed doesn’t even work, it just says your call cannot be completed at this time but you have no other phone number to contact anyone?????? Please have someone get in touch with me asap!!!!????? Thank you!!

  • 19


    received no product at all, take money out of my account weekly $400 so far, just filed a complaint and charged it all back

  • 20


    i have not received any product and yet my credit card is been charged, i have called all the lines but guess they are fake, i have sent emails and got no replies

  • 21

    Mershelle Williams

    Why are you still taking money from my account ? I stopped it months ago if you don’t stop I will be informing the fraud squad. Please repay my money as I haven’t seen any if your products and I don’t want to. Stop now and repay or there will be trouble. Mershelle Williams

  • 22

    wendy denman

    I have sent your products back but you keep sending more. Please stop and credit my card of all the money you have taken.

  • 23

    Rosemary Crawford-Hool

    I haven’t been able to use my Bellaplex as the pump doesn’t
    work. I used it once by using a kebab stick but that was too fiddly and my second bottle was just as bad. What a waste of money. I would like you to reply.

  • 24


    the number i have for cancelling is 0011-800-3216-7711

  • 25

    wendy reid

    I did order in a moment of enthusiasm ( thought I WAS going to receive a free trial) I have cancelled my order and MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CREDITED so thank you LUMINIQUE

  • 26

    Caroline Warana

    Umm…are we the customer given a time period to use the testers bellaplex & limunique to see whether or not these products acturally work…does anyone know…and if the seller have your visa digits…ring your bank and cancel it

  • 27

    Caroline Warana

    I suggest you ring your bank and have them cancel your card and you will have to pay a fee and be issued a new visa card…be careful…they send the product bellaplex b4 sending luminique there add states you shud use the 2 together then y are they not sent together…after recieving bellaplex…luminique is held back until the month is due to reorder your bellaplex in which it sounds as though they will dip into your visa and take
    money…”very cunning”

  • 28


    I have sent the products back within 14 days and they state there was “no trial” and continue to take money from my account. I will report to better business bureau or fraud squad. These people are ruthless!!

  • 29


    Please DO NOT buy these products. It is a SCAM. Had to close my account to stop these thieves taking more money

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