Be Youthful Review


BeYouthful is one of the flagship products manufactured by Adore Cosmetics. Like many skin care products on the market, it claims to offer a viable, injectionless alternative to Botox treatments. So what sets BeYouthful apart? This cream claims that it will actually tighten the skin on your face. This is a different approach than that taken by many other “alternative Botox” products that have been formulated to relax, or even paralyze, your facial muscles. So how does BeYouthful claim to do it?

Apparently, the BeYouthful cream contains three key patented active ingredients. These are: Skin Tightener ST, Lumiral and Pepha-Tight. Additionally, the manufacturers claim that BeYouthful skin cream contains no artificial preservatives. The manufacturer also claims that BeYouthful begins working on contact, and that results will become apparent after the first application.

Product Details

As mentioned above, BeYouthful skin cream makes use of three key active ingredients: Skin Tightener ST, Lumiral and Pepha-Tight. While little information is given on the official website regarding what these ingredients actually are, Adore Cosmetics does provide some data from the product testing phase. We always appreciate when companies take the time to do this! The official website gives some details on Lumiral, mentioning that it is a light-absorbing mineral-based ingredient that claims to even up skin tone and makes skin appear flatter overall. It seems that one or more of these active ingredients may also contain marine essence of some sort.

In addition to those active ingredients, BeYouthful also includes a substance called Biovert. This is an enzyme-based antibacterial agent that is intended to keep your skin free of bacteria and other outside materials that could cause blemishes and skin damage.

Unfortunately, no full list of product ingredients is provided.

Application directions for BeYouthful cream instruct users to cleanse the face and neck area with warm or tepid water, than to apply the cream to desired areas. Then rub the cream in thoroughly, avoiding contact with the eyes.

The Good

  • Product is available from official website.
  • Some clinical product trial data is given on official website.
  • Product contains one or more patented special ingredients.

The Bad

  • At $100/bottle, this product is one of the more expensive wrinkle cream on the market.
  • No full ingredient list is given.
  • Ingredients do not seem to work with the body’s natural skin health systems.
  • Does not seem to contain collagen or boost collagen production.

The Bottom Line

Adore Cosmetics has put out something interesting with their BeYouthful anti-wrinkle cream. The approach is certainly different, but we’re not sure if it’s the kind of different that we like. Despite the maker’s “no preservatives” claim, the methodology behind the BeYouthful cream strikes us as pretty unnatural. In general, we like to see anti-wrinkle products that work with your body, rather than products that aim to cover up your wrinkles. It is up to the consumer to decide which approach they want to take with their skin care. BeYouthful certainly offers you a possible direction, but it’s not really the direction that we want to go in. Our readers can choose for themselves.

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