Basis Skin Care Review


The Basis Skin Care line is brought to us by Beiersdorf, the same company that produces skin care favorites like Nivea and Eucerin. With a name like this backing them up, one would assume the Basis Skin Care line would offer the same high quality. However, we will look at this product line on its own merits and determine whether it delivers what it promises. Basis is advertised as the purest and most natural line of skin care products on the market. It will work well with all skin types to cleanse and soothe the skin and prevent irritation and breakouts from occurring. The main purpose of the Basis products appears to be cleansing, with a combination of liquid cleansers and bar soaps to choose from. The items are readily available both online and in stores, and come with a very reasonable price tag.

The company claims that all of the Basis Skin Care products are dermatologist tested and completely natural. However, just because a formula contains all natural ingredients, that doesn’t mean it can’t promote allergies or cause irritation to your skin. For example, while the sensitive skin bar boasts that it has no fragrance, dyes or other harsh ingredients, customer testimonials state that the light fragrance is pleasant. The scent may come from the chamomile extract, but it is always a good idea to proceed with caution whenever you try applying a new formula to sensitive skin.

Product Details

While we could not find complete ingredient listings at the company website, some of the online retailers offering the Basis Skin Care products did provide a complete list. We did notice that one of the ingredients in the All Clear Bar and the Cleaner Clean Face Wash is sodium laureth sulfate, which is a known irritant and a possible carcinogen. Other ingredients included a variety of herbal extracts like rosemary, chamomile and lavender. There were no anti-aging ingredients listed for any of the products, with the exception of retinol that was found in the Vitamin Bar. This leads us to the conclusion that the Basis Skin Care products are not particularly effective at fighting the effects of aging on the skin, and may be better used to clean sensitive skin or keep breakouts at bay for acne prone complexions.

The Good

  • The products claim to be a natural approach to cleansing the skin that may be good for sensitive skin or complexions that are prone to breakouts.
  • The Basis Skin Care product line has a well known company name to back them up.

The Bad

  • While the Basis skin care products claim to be all natural, we found known irritants in the ingredient lists like sodium laureth sulfate.
  • Aside from retinol that was found in one product, there are no anti-aging ingredients listed.
  • The products primarily focus on cleansing rather than treating the skin.
  • Basis Skin Care’s return policies for unsatisfactory products aren’t very clear.

The Bottom Line

While the Basis Skin Care products may be a good choice for cleansing acne prone and sensitive skin, there is no reason to believe that they will slow or reverse the signs of aging. Go elsewhere to find products that will keep your skin wrinkle free or even help with treating existing wrinkles.

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