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Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

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Unlike many anti-wrinkle products reviewed on this site, Bare Escentuals is actually a line of makeup. Bare Escentuals claims to use only the finest ingredients in all of their makeup products, meaning that your skin will benefit. This certainly struck us as a good sell; after all, who thinks that your average drugstore concealer is really doing your skin any favors? Bare Escentuals products focus on foundations and concealers, but the company also offers eye makeup and a line of lipstick. The official website also offers a line of brushes and applicators to be used with the product.

Bare Escentuals was founded in 1979, and is based out of San Francisco. The company made headlines when their passionate founder Leslie Blodgett went around America recruiting real women to be the company’s spokes-models. Today, the company has boutiques in many states throughout the country, and they seem to be expanding daily. Bare Escentuals products are also carried by major national retailers including the makeup boutique Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and QVC. The cornerstone of Bare Escentuals is their proprietary bareMinerals formulations, and the company claims that their products “contain no preservatives, fillers or binders.” Also, Bare Escentuals seems to claim that their makeup products do not contain any chemical ingredients whatsoever. “It’s a makeup so pure you can sleep in it!” decalre the ads.

Product Details

The Bare Escentuals line of makeup is pretty wide ranging, so product details ultimately depend on what you’re looking for. Makeup lines offered by Bare Escentuals include “prep” products like moisturizer and a tanning cream, concealer, lip products and eye products. Bare Escentuals also offers product “collections” that include “Getting Started”, “Get Started Eyes”, “Weather Anything”, “Lip Kit” and “Complexion Enhancers.”

Bare Escentuals prices strike us as pretty reasonable. For example, the product kits seem to average around $49. Individual products vary but are still relatively affordable: Lipstick sells for $15 while the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush goes for $20.

The Good

  • Products are all-natural and contain no chemical ingredients to irritate the skin.
  • A wide range of products means that Bare Escentuals probably has something suitable for every complexion.
  • Official product website offers full range or products for sale and also provides an 800 number.

The Bad

  • Strictly speaking, Bare Escentuals is not an anti-aging product.
  • Obviously, effects will depend on your makeup proficiency, and makeup will need to be applied every day to achieve results.
  • No free sample offered.
  • Product does not come with a money back guarantee.
  • Did not find ingredients lists for any products.

The Bottom Line

After taking a close look, we’d have to say that Bare Escentuals looks like a really solid makeup line. Although we couldn’t find any full ingredient lists, the company claims to use only natural ingredients, which already puts them well above your $5 drugstore foundation. However, in terms of anti-aging Bare Escentuals just don’t compete. Most people reading our website are looking to prevent or reverse the aging process, and all Bare Escentuals has to offer is a cover-up. It’s really like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges. You probably have both a makeup regimen and a skin care regimen, and one doesn’t really replace the other.

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11 Comments/Questions/Answers to Bare Escentuals

  • 1

    tanya king

    does bare eccentuals contain bismuth oxychloride?

  • 2


    Yes it contain Bismuth Oxychloride

  • 3


    In this day and age of going “green”, your packaging does not fit the bill.
    1) the is no recycle # on the bottom.
    2) It’s not reuseable as it is now a one piece package.
    3) In order to get the last amount of product the container must be broken open.

    This is so sad to see.

  • 4


    I like the make-up but unfortunately when I use it, my face itches something terrible. They said it is hypo-allergenic but I’m most definitely allergic.

  • 5


    I have used Bare Escentuals for about 5 years now and I love it. It covers EVERYTHING without looking like you have tons of makeup on. It looks so natural on your skin. My favorite part of the line is the foundation…AMAZING!!! I have used many high-end makeups and this one is by far my favorite.

  • 6

    Cin Price

    I’ve used many expensive products and are now using only Bare Escentuals. I love all of the product. I’m 49 years old and my skin has never looked better since I switched to Bare Escentuals. It is light and clean,no heavy feeling. Looks great. As with any makeup it will take about 2 weeks for the big improvement to really show. I use the skincare and make up line. Love it,love it, absoultely love it!

  • 7


    I am new to this product and it was quite exp for my first go. so i opted for starter kit online which was $30 rather than $60 for complete set. I placed 2 of the starter kit (one for gift).I am so very happy with the product. but I missed out to remember the fact that this online order came with gift(??!!) of club membership which give auto replnishment of products. After one month of receiving the starter kit, i see online statment of my creditcard for 2 transactions of :$48.80. I called the bank (thoughtfull:)) and cancelled that card and asked for new one. They did take those transactions as ‘fraud’ and voided those. But later with the description I called bare esc. to check what is going on and then came to know about this auto replinsment pack. Wowww.. for $100. which was with Shipping.
    I shipped the products back(had so many confusions when i had to ship back with the customare care representative). Later called them to ask why was there shipping charges on those orders as it was more than $50, Vicki E was the representative. She was so nice that she explained how the system works not to wave off the shpping charges as it took that was 2 seperate orders. Vicki later spoke to her supervisor and cleared the shipping charges. I was so happy not that shipping charges was given back to me, but the way she really thought to help me out. I thank her so much. Not all customercare reps. are like her..

  • 8

    lucy-May Bentley

    I’ve just learned that the foundation powders have bismuth in them, which is a heavy metal with a long half life that is slightly radioactive nonetheless. I am sending the kit I bought back because of this and will be reordering Jane Iredale mineral base.

  • 9


    the new click lock go containers can be opened by wedging a coin or butter knife in between the ridge between the side of the jar and the plastic disk on the bottom. hope this helps.

  • 10


    the itching sensation is caused by the minerals moving around on your skin. try buffing the makeup in more or using the primer it’s called prime time and is WONDERFUL. also try touching up with mineral veil throughout the day. the corn starch will absorb any excess oil and keep the makeup in place.

  • 11


    the ingredient you are referring to is called bismuth oxychloride. it is a creamy mineral that is definitely NOT radioactive. it gives the makeup glide and a silky texture.

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