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Babor is a cosmetics company that is based in Aachen, Germany and has a facility in Florida for US distribution. Babor’s official website says that they are the leading and most recommended brand of skincare product in Europe, and that they make use a combination of cutting-edge technology and natural healing botanicals to create a wide range of beauty products. The sheer number of Babor cosmetic products out there is clearly intended to appeal to people who need any kind of skincare product imaginable.

Unfortunately the Babor website is lacking in many features. The descriptions of each product are a sentence or two long and you have to navigate the products with a list on the left hand side of the screen that only has words like: Pure, Selection, ScenTao, etc.. Those don’t really help if you just want to find their anti-aging products. With some digging around though, you will find some anti-aging offerings filed under “Specialty Products”.

Product Details

Babor has a staggering amount of cosmetic products available for purchase on its website, but for this review we will take a look at a couple of their wrinkle reducers. Babor offers a Mimical Control Cream +Q10, which is supposed to release muscle memory micro-tensions and is billed as an alternative to Botox. What does this mean? It doesn’t say. It looks like it may relax underlying facial muscles to prevent the formation of future wrinkles due to repeated muscle contractions.

The next wrinkle fighter by Babor is simply called Wrinkle Filler. This product contains microspheres that are filled with hyaluronic acid. When applied to wrinkles, it helps plump the lines up so they are more even with the surrounding skin. This effect is claimed to last all day long and your wrinkles will be less defined.

Babor also offers some mineral and vitamin creams that have collagen enhancers and skin nourishing ingredients in them.

The Good

  • Decent amount of product for the money (5 ounces for $60).
  • Many products available are packaged by the manufacturer money-saving sets targeted at specific beauty concerns.


The Bad

  • No ingredients are listed for any Babor products anywhere on the website.
  • No studies or research given.
  • Website is terribly vague in many aspects.
  • No return policies or first-time user trial samples are mentioned.

The Bottom Line

Babor offers a ton of products and many of them are very appealing. The problem is in the descriptions. There are only a few words about each product that hint about what is actually in then, and there are no lists of ingredients to be found anywhere. It’s hard, if not impossible, to find testimonials on many of these products, although the few around do seem pretty positive.

The anti-aging products might be a good alternative to some of the more expensive products out there as you seem to get much more for your money and they can be used together. You can also buy sets that include many related products for under $100 and also get free shipping and a free gift. However, if you’re looking for a serious anti-wrinkle skin treatment, you may want to find something from a smaller manufacturer that has dedicated itself exclusively to developing anti-aging products.

2 thoughts on “Babor Review”

  1. I’m confused by my friends who recommended me two different brands Babor and Artistry?? :s

    So what are the difference?

  2. I have been using Babor for a year now, I wouldn’t go back to using Payot or Pelactive again. It is a natural product that is wonderfully light and revitalizing. I order online now and I always get generous samples with my order. They seem to have updated their website information too which is great!

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