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B Kamins is a skin care line from a Canadian chemist by the name of Ben Kaminsky. This brand of treatments primarily focuses on skin concerns like rosacea, menopause, sensitive complexions, extra dry skin and problematic skin. Some of the categories offered from B Kamins are Anti-Aging, Moisturize & Masque, Men’s Care, Cleanse & Tone, Repair, Sun & Body Care and Acne. All of these skin care products can be purchased through the official website. A 1-800 number is posted on the website to assist consumers with questions and concerns.

There are nine different treatments under the Anti-Aging section of B Kamins. These are the Eyelash Fortifier, Therapeutic Anti-Aging Winkle-Lift, Therapeutic Replenishing Serum, Therapeutic Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Therapeutic Eye Cream, Therapeutic Brightening masque, Therapeutic Anti-Aging Hand Treatment, Deep Wrinkle Concentrate and Therapeutic Diamond Radiance and Cellular Matrix Fortifier SPF 15. These treatments are claimed to contain key ingredients like collagen boosters, anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, an exclusive BMC Oligopeptide, Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Bio-Maple, Vitamin K and Sterol Triglycerides. These B Kamins Anti-Aging products may assist users with fine lines, dark under-eyes, crow’s feet, laugh lines, collagen loss, deep facial creases and sagging. Treatments like the Therapeutic Diamond Radiance and Cellular Matrix Fortifier SPF 15 sell through the website for $250 for 2.2 ounces.

Product Details

B Kamins is essentially a brand of skin care products that aims to address a wide range of concerns like acne blemishes, rosacea, dry skin, sensitive complexions, oily skin and aging skin. These treatments are geared towards women and men alike. Unfortunately full lists of ingredients are not provided on the official website for B Kamins products. At this time a 100% money-back guarantee does not appear on the website either, nor do any consumer testimonials. Like many skin care lines, B Kamins offers products for different skin types, which are supposed to be utilized as part of a daily regimen. B Kamins has been featured in magazines like Day Spa, In Style, Spa Magazine, Skin Inc. and American Spa. Free samples are not offered at this time.

The Good

  • There are B Kamins skin care products for all general skin types.
  • There is a men’s division of B Kamins skin care.
  • Some all-natural ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin K are found in these treatments.

The Bad

  • There are no full lists of ingredients presented on the official website for each B Kamins product.
  • Some unknown ingredients offered in these treatments could encourage allergies.
  • Treatments such as the Cellular Matrix Fortifier SPF 15 sells for $250 (only 2.2 ounces), which is rather expensive compared to other brands.
  • Free samples of B Kamins products are not offered.
  • No customer reviews are provided to support B Kamins.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the B Kamins line of skin care treatments appears rather complete, in comparison to many others. On the bright side, there are primary active ingredients for these skin products revealed on the official website. However, $250 for a single moisturizer/cream is rather pricey in the real world. Most likely a lot of consumers will not be willing to fork out that much for a single face treatment cream.

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  1. Are you products all natural ingredients or do you add some chemicals in them. I bought your sunblock and not sure if it natural. I will like to try you mattifying lotion as well. please let me know.
    Thank you

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