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Avon is a well-established name in cosmetics that has been around for some time, with a large and loyal customer base to boast of. This company has done its best to keep up with the latest trends in skin care and cosmetics, which is evidenced by its Avon Anew anti-aging line of products. The Avon Anew Retroactive line includes a cleanser, day cream and night cream. The products are reasonably priced and you can generally find deals in the current brochure or on the company website. Avon products are generally purchased through independent distributors or directly from the company online. But how successful is the cosmetics giant with their anti-aging offerings?

While we could not find it stated on the company website, Avon has always had a money back guarantee that stated if you were not happy with a product, you could return it to your representative for a full refund. We also found numerous customer testimonials for each Avon Anew Retroactive product on the company website. We are pleased to see a company that provides sufficient information on their website, in terms of ingredients listings, testimonials and other important facts about the company and products offered.

Product Details

The Anew Retroactive line claims that users will see “fewer lines, even skin tone, and smoother texture” in just one week. At the end of four weeks, Avon states that pores will be visibly smaller. The company also says that up to 90% of women who used these products saw an improvement in “fine lines that lead to wrinkles” and uneven skin tone. It appears that the Avon Anew Retroactive product is primarily designed to stop aging before it starts, rather than turn back the clock on your skin. The ingredient list for each of these products is a very long one, which leads us to wonder if the abundance of different substances in the formula would actually result in a less effective performance. Often high quality products will only provide a few concentrated ingredients in the mix for best results.

One substance that we were happy to see in the Anew Retroactive was sodium hyaluronate. This is an extremely effective skin hydrator that can penetrate the surface of the skin for maximum moisturizing and skin smoothing. However, sodium hyaluronate is much more effective as an anti-aging ingredient when it is combined with a proven wrinkle reducer like argireline. Argireline is not on the ingredient list. Another ingredient we found is retinol, which can exfoliate and leave smoother skin underneath. However, it can also irritate sensitive skin and it increases sun sensitivity. Retinol is not particularly effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The Good

  • The product is reasonably priced and readily available.
  • Sodium hyaluronate is included in the ingredient list.

The Bad

  • Other proven anti-wrinkle ingredients are not included.
  • A long list of ingredients may mean less effective performance of the product.
  • Retinol is a known irritant that can increase your sun sensitivity.
  • As a company, Avon may be more focused on their cosmetic divisions than on anti-aging products specifically.

The Bottom Line

Loyal Avon customers may appreciate these anti-aging products as part of their Avon skin care regimen. However, there are other reasonably priced products on the market that pack a more powerful anti-wrinkle punch, at least according to their ingredient lists.

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