Auriderm XO Review


Auriderm XO is a topical treatment gel that’s offered by the Auriderm brand of skin care. Essentially this product aims to help minimize bruises, and it can be used on the face or body. Other products offered by this company are Auriderm Clearing Gel, Illume Eye Crème, Post-Op Gel, Post-Procedural Relief Kit and Vanishing Gel. All Auriderm products endeavor to remedy issues like bruising, thin skin, spider veins, dark circles, swelling and post-operation healing. There are no customer testimonials offered where this treatment gel is sold. Auriderm XO appears to be primarily available online, however, there is no official website available at this time. No free trial samples of this product are offered to the public.

The primary active ingredient found in Auriderm XO gel is something called Vitamin K Oxide. Supposedly this key component is added to help the body repair itself. There is a single before and after photo posted on one website that offers Auriderm XO gel. It displays a woman’s face before and after being treated with the gel. Some reasons for utilizing a product like Auriderm XO may be related to cosmetic surgery, dark circles under the eyes due to lack of sleep or stress, thin skin from aging or spider veins on the legs. This treatment gel does offer an exclusive “nanosome delivery technology.” This is basically supposed to encourage the Vitamin K Oxide included in the formula to be absorbed into the user’s skin.

Product Details

Auriderm XO is a topical gel treatment suited for individuals suffering with bruising, thin skin, spider veins, dark circles, skin swelling and post-operation damage. This product is intended to be massaged into the affected area twice each day. The user applies Auriderm XO gel until he/she is satisfied with the results. It’s revealed online that this topical product has a “6-month” shelf life. Therefore Auriderm XO that’s older than six months should be discarded. While tt is available without a dermatologist’s prescription, which is nice, there is no 100% satisfaction guarantee involved. While Auriderm XO does contain the active ingredient Vitamin K Oxide (2%), it additionally offers components like Vitamins A, C and E.

The Good

  • Auriderm XO is available for purchase online.
  • This skin care gel does contain beneficial ingredients like Vitamins C, E and A.

The Bad

  • No clinical trials are addressed online where Auriderm XO gel is sold.
  • A price is not revealed for Auriderm XO on many websites.
  • A full list of ingredients is not offered.
  • No samples of Auriderm XO are available to new or potential users.
  • It’s difficult to determine if other ingredients found in Auriderm XO will irritate your skin.

The Bottom Line

In the end, Auriderm XO sounds like a decent product that may be able to assist some individuals with spider veins, rosacea, thin skin, bruising, post-operation scars or dark under-eye circles. It does offer solid ingredients like Vitamin K Oxide, as well as Vitamins A, C and E, which are commonly beneficial to skin. Then again, it’s always a wise decision to speak with a dermatologist before using a product such as Auriderm XO to potentially help with damaged skin tissue. Those looking to erase fine lines and facial wrinkles should probably keep looking.

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  1. After having radessie filler under the eye my bruising was horrendous purple red so didressing it was still bad after three weeks i started to take Bromelaine and Ardiderm ox cream under the eye and its beeen like a miricale it took swelling down and the bruise away

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