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Atzen began in France with Catherine Atzen, a woman who is touted on the company website as the “skincare researcher, educator and expert”. The Atzen products claim to combine the best that French science has to offer with some of the most effective ingredients found in nature. You can find these products at an Atzen spa, or purchase them online directly from the company for home use. It has also been featured in a number of print publications like Health and Fitness and American Spa.

The Atzen website is easy to navigate but does not offer an abundance of information on the products. There are four distinct product lines listed on the company website; skin balancing, skin purifying, skin renewal and preventative sun care. For the purpose of this review, we will primarily look at the skin renewal line, which claims to have anti-aging benefits. We were unable to find anything on the corporate website about money back guarantees, and while one Atzen website states that it has “unlimited testimonials from satisfied customers”, we were unable to find any of these testimonials on any Atzen site.

Product Details

Our first concern with the ingredients in the Atzen products is that they are not listed in full on the website. This is a concern for anyone considering the purchase of these products, since it is difficult to gauge the potential for allergies or skin irritation without this information. It is also uncertain what ingredients are included to substantiate the claims that the manufacturer makes for each product. For example, the eye and lip emulsion states that it will “reduce the appearance of fine lines, minimize puffiness and diminish dark circles” with regular use. However, there are no specific ingredients listed for the emulsion to prove the point. We would expect substances like matrixyl or argireline if the formula were to deliver on its promises, but neither is listed on the product description.

The only ingredients we were able to find for some of the products were some types of alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin C. Alpha hydroxy acids, like lactic acid and glycolic acid, can effectively exfoliate the skin, which can lead to a smoother complexion and a reduction of fine lines. However, this is not an effective ingredient for deeper lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and a good skin hydrator, but this is not a good choice for diminishing wrinkles either.

The Good

  • The Atzen line can be found in spas and online.
  • The company states that the products contain natural ingredients.

The Bad

  • The complete ingredients lists are not provided for any Atzen products.
  • We were unable to find a money back guarantee or customer testimonials.
  • The products do not appear to contain proven anti-aging ingredients like argireline and matrixyl.

The Bottom Line

We would caution any consumer against purchasing skin care products that do not provide complete ingredient lists, due to the concern over possible allergies and skin irritation. While the Atzen line does appear to contain natural ingredients that can be quite good for the skin, known anti-aging substances appear to be conspicuously absent. There are other products specifically designed to fight wrinkles that may give you a better value for the money.

3 thoughts on “Atzen Review”

  1. The ATZEN line and website has everything you say it hasn’t:
    Go to the detail page for each product and you will find full disclosure of all ingredients ( hover over the ingredient and the scientific studies and claim supporting information will appear)
    There is a 100% money back guaranty
    ATZEN has multiple peptides including Argireline, has INTACT DNA, resveratrol, stem cells from Swiss apples etc
    Has many 5 star reviews on each product ( click the review tab
    I hope you will be so kind and revise what you say in your article; it is unfair to damage a brand’s reputation unfairly.

  2. They absolutely have Argilene and high intense anti-aging peptides such as hexapeptides. Please do more research before slamming a brand. I almost didn’t look into this brand further based on this review, but glad I didn’t stop just here.

  3. I have used Carherine Atzen products for over 20 years. I can’t leave home without the toner. It removes any dirt after washing your face and leaves your skin so refreshed. I also use the day cream, the night cream, the eye cream, and vitamin C. And the sun protection cream. Hooked on these products. I’m over 60 yrs old, and people hardly believe it. I’ve had no facial surgeries. Love Atzen products. These people should try it before they slam it

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