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Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

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As you age, your collagen breaks down and the elastin in your skin becomes worn out. Those looking to avoid the effects that this aging process has on the skin currently have a few options. You can try various wrinkle creams until you find one that works or you can get injections. Artefill is an FDA approved wrinkle filler that is injected into your face by a physician or lab/ spa attendant trained and certified to perform this simple procedure.

Artefill is a wrinkle filling product that was designed to eliminate smile lines and other wrinkles on a person’s face. These wrinkles could be due to age, heredity, or other enivronmental factors, and Artefill claims to give very noticeable wrinkle-erasing results. There are many before and after pictures on the website that do show a very dramatic difference in the appearance of wrinkles after 6 months to a year of treatments with Artefill.

Artefill is billed as a “dual-acting” wrinkle fighter because it not only fixes the wrinkles in appearance, it also helps support your skin over time. This product is different from your average temporary dermal fillers because Artefill doesn’t get absorbed into the body like most fillers. This, the manufacturers claim gives it a much longer lifespan that will require fewer applications.

Product Details

Artefill contains something called PMMA Microspheres which are injected into problematic areas such as smile lines. These microspheres are claimed to help eliminate wrinkles over a long period of time. There isn’t a ton of information out there about Artefill but the fact that it is FDA approved helps inspire confidence. Of course, unlike topical creams or oral supplements, most injection treatments are regulated by the FDA.

The official website is very informative as it has videos, pictures, testimonials, and a small FAQ section. The website also has an area where you can find a doctor or someone else certified in your area to administer this product. Unfortunately, it’s not available in all areas and the website says the price can vary. No estimate is given but third party sites claim it costs around $800 per syringe and you may need between two and eight syringes over a period of one to two years to achieve optimal results from Artefill.

The Good

  • It seems that only a couple injections are needed to achieve noticable results.
  • Great and informative website with an area to find doctors near you.

The Bad

  • Prices vary but averages in the thousands of dollars for complete treatment.
  • Much more intrusive than a typical wrinkle cream.
  • Injections aren’t for everyone and may be uncomfortable.
  • Artefill does come with a long list of potential side effects.

The Bottom Line

Artefill has supposedly been tested and studied extensively and it is FDA approved. This is a fairly safe and side-effect free way to eliminate wrinkle lines for a long-term time span. Artefill might be worth taking a look at if you are considering another type of injection such as Botox or a temporary dermal filler of some kind. If you aren’t fond of needles or are on a budget, you may not be interested in Artefill but it does seem to offer results for those willing to go “under the needle.”

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6 Comments/Questions/Answers to Artefill

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    As a filler “junkie”, continually trying to address “smoker lines” around my mouth,I was very happy to find a professionally-recognized cosmetic US doctor who used Artefill. Within hours of my injections (on 3/22/10), I experienced extensive swelling that left me looking like a chimpanzee. The doctor’s office assured me this was normal & the swelling would go down – which it did. Two & 1/2 weeks later, however, I sit here with two huge -and very visible- mump-like lumps under my bottom lips, a small lump in my upper lip that has distorted how my lip “hangs” over my teeth, and extensive (but not visible)lumpiness over my upper lip. Although I will be re-visiting the doctor for the 1st time tomorrow (4/13), I have no expectations that he (or any doctor) will be able to correct the disfigurements caused by the injections – absent some further disfiguring surgery. There is more I want to say – but I am too tired & depressed. In retrospect, I realize that several things occurred during my injection vist that should have tipped me off my doctor was incompetent. It’s too late for me – but I can not stress enough that there does appear to be a valid reason why Artefill is so hard “to come by” in the US. Whether it is the product – or the doctors adminstering it – really doesn’t matter once the stuff is permanently injected into you.

  • 2


    Lynn – I am very sorry you had such a bad result from Artefill. I was apprehensive about it too, but I was tired of short-lived fillers and opted for Artefill because it is supposed to last about 5 years. I have only had one treatment and will have one more in three months. However, the first treatment looks great. My marionette lines are not totally gone, but they are greatly reduced. Also, I think my doctor is a pro – he does cosmetic dermatology exclusively. I wonder if you were able to get any correction to your procedure, and I hope that you were.

  • 3


    Lynne – I, too, am sorry you had such a bad result – the product isn’t really approved for anything other than the nasolabial folds and using it other places is risky – especially in the mouth/lip area. It has to be surgically removed. My doc is one of the ones who did the clinical trials and he’s very careful about where and how deep it’s placed. If you have someone who hasn’t worked with it extensively, you take a huge risk. I had it done 2 yrs ago in the naso folds and I love it. i only wish your experience had been positive. Done right, it’s a great product.

  • 4


    Yo,I am Peace Brother Jerome Watkins, and besides being a gifted Rapper & Poet< I knows about the skin, my father is a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Jamaica, Watch out for these permanent fillers, they migrate under the skin, and leave you with bumps and bruising, Instead , rub olive oil on the wrinkles evryday, along with mayonaise. It will give you natural results!
    My pleasure in saharing with you -good luk! Brutha J

  • 5

    joan dickens

    I am going to have artefill done under the eyes and above cheek bone to fill in what I have lost thru the years giving me a more rested look. In reading info it has been stated that it is only used on marionette lines. So am I making a mistake in doing this, I have seen photo of women who have had it done and it looked very good. They are going to use a canjewla? so the can bypass any blood vessels for brusing

  • 6


    After receiving Artefill six months ago, I’m compelled to share my experience. I was hesitant, as a health care professional, to receive Artefill in an unindicated area, under the eyes. Yet, the physician and Suneva sales representative were very enthused and confident about injecting productunder the eye.

    To be fair, the product looks great under the cheekbones, an area where Artefill is indicated. However, I developed what appeared to be a granuloma under one eye a few months after treatment. The lump did not resolve after two injected doses of Kenalog a steroid, three weeks apart. I realized the physician did not have the experience to treat the complication and consulted with a reputable dermatologist. She said the product placement was improper, injected Kenalog 5 in the proper manner, and shrunk the lump. Most physicians do not have training in Artefill injection under the eye, but want the experience and money. Please don’t waste your money and be their experimental model.

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