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Unlike many specific anti-wrinkle products that we look at here, Argireline is actually a patented peptide complex that is currently used as an ingredient by numerous beauty product manufacturers. Argireline, which goes under the scientific name of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, is manufactured by Lipotec. Lipotec is a Barcelona-based cosmetics research lab. It is interesting to note that some of the products that feature Argireline as an active ingredient also sell themselves as “made in the USA,” neglecting the fact that Argireline’s real point of origin is in Europe.

So what’s so great about Argireline? The peptide is derived from natural proteins, and claims to actually relax facial muscles to the point of paralysis. This goes well with the company’s “like Botox without the hassle” claims. The theory guiding both products is that relaxed facial muscles will minimize current wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle contractions, as well as prevent new wrinkles. Muscle contractions are guided by a chemical reaction called the “SNAP receptor complex,” and Argireline is specifically designed to interfere with this reaction.

Product Details

With so many anti-wrinkle creams produced by multiple manufacturers all using Argireline, what’s the difference? For starters, different Argireline-based products use different concentrated solutions of the product. Despite what users might think, a higher concentration solution of Argireline may not be best. Lipotec’s own product trials show that a solution concentrated at 5%-10% has been most effective to date. Before buying an Argireline-based product, try to determine what concentration of the peptide is included. Although raw Argireline is available straight from Lipotec, it is only intended for industrial use and users should not try to formulate their own products at home.

Argireline can currently be found in creams, serums and eye creams. One caution about this peptide is that, like with many cutting edge technologies, long terms effects of consistent Argireline exposure have yet to be observed.

The Good

  • Available in many different products from many different manufacturers.
  • There is a lot of research available regarding this product.
  • Claims to mimic the muscle relaxing properties of Botox with topical application.

The Bad

  • Effects of long-term use are still unknown.
  • Lipotec, who conducted a lot of the quality research on Argireline, have no say regarding the products in which this peptide is used.
  • Not all Argireline products may feature the peptide in its ideal concentration.
  • Not available directly from manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

Argireline certainly seems to be a potent medicine. However, we’d be a bit more comfortable with it if we knew how it might effect skin in the long term. That’s always a factor when looking at new “cosmeceutical” products. Additionally, the use of Argireline by third party product manufacturers is completely unregulated. We’ve seen some products that will use Lipotec’s Argireline testing data as a validation of their own creams and lotions. However, there is obviously no guarantee that these products are even including an ideal concentration of Argireline in its product, much less how the peptide will react with other included ingredients. There’s definitely a lot of “miracle” potential in Argireline, but we’d be sure to thoroughly research any product that features it before purchasing.

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22 Comments/Questions/Answers to Argireline

  • 1


    Can i use argireline if i am pregnant?

  • 2


    I inadvertently used products with argiline in the, specifically Victoria Principal products, the whole time I was pregnant. My daughter is now a healthy 8 month old. However, if I’d known at the time, I would NOT have used these products. I guess i just had information overload and over looked the ingredient; even though it clearly says “with Argiline” `on the face of the products.

  • 3


    what do you know about this cutting edge new product called IQ-DERMA?

  • 4

    wiliam stingone

    where can i get argireline

  • 5

    S Brice

    I am 43yrs of age and have been using a product I found in Paris called Serutox with 10% Argireline that is fantastic. I cannot believe how great it works.I have used it for 5yrs now and have stopped getting Botox injections.Saved lots of $$. Cheers!

  • 6



  • 7


    Where do you find Serutox in the US?

  • 8

    valentina santos

    where can i buy argireline? can i buy it in london?

  • 9


    where can i find argireline?

  • 10

    becky cotanch

    where do I buy argireline, or how do I order it??

  • 11


    Are these products animal friendly? I want to try (Argireline) This was recommended by Dr.Oz show?

  • 12


    i use Victoria Principal’s Reclaim products which uses Argireline as an ingredient. This is an amazing product. I saw results the first week i started using it.

  • 13


    Where can I buy Argireline

  • 14


    The Victoria Secrect Products are wonderful!

  • 15

    Jean Paulus

    Where can I buy Seutox in the US. I
    Live in VA. I have been getting Botox
    for years but would like to see I can use Seutox instead

  • 16


    I have recently completed a line for sale in my co. Our product has 10% Argireline & 8% Matrixyl 3000, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein along with many beneficial ingredients. Will be available for sale soon at an affordable price.

  • 17


    where Can I get Seutox in the US. I live in MA

  • 18

    Janet Mahon

    Please can you tell me where I can buy your new face product thanks

  • 19

    Linda in TX

    I started using Victoria Principal products in 2006 when I saw an infomercial on TV. I have had good results with minimizing fine lines and keeps my skin looking young. I am now 71 yrs old. I plan to keep on using it.

  • 20


    where can you find Serutox in the US?

  • 21


    I live in Vienna, Austria. Qhere can I get products with Argiireline or Seutox? Thanks

  • 22


    what does anybody know about the Elite products that have argireline in them and how much of it do they have ?

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