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When it comes to beauty products and anti-aging remedies, virtually all treatments offer a few active ingredients. These are generally the substances that aim to minimize fine lines, battle crow’s feet, boost collagen levels and aid with deep facial creases. One of these components is known as Argatensyl. It’s added to some topical serums and creams to potentially assist with tightening the user’s complexion and minimizing wrinkles that commonly come from natural aging, sun exposure, free radicals and collagen loss. Argatensyl was developed by and belongs to the LS Argan program.

One skin care treatment that incorporates the innovative active ingredient Argatensyl is Dermapril-SP. It is stated that the “molecules of Argatensyl are originally round in form (when in a liquid product), but do flatten when rubbed into the skin.” The application of Dermapril-SP endeavors to encourage a tightening or stretching effect. This is supposed to lead to fewer wrinkles and fine lines in a very short time-span. Argatensyl is essentially a “high molecular weight protein,” which is drawn from natural argan fruit. Other skin care treatments for anti-aging also utilize Argatensyl as an active component to potentially battle wrinkles and routine signs of aging.

Product Details

Argatensyl is basically a natural substance, or active component that’s added to some skin care treatments. The purpose of this ingredient is to smooth, tighten and stretch the user’s skin. This can lead to a firmer complexion with fewer fine lines, expression creases and facial wrinkles. Argatensyl is taken from argan fruit and can be found in topical anti-wrinkle creams such as Dermapril-SP. As far as product guarantees go, this depends on the actual company that sells each product containing Argatensyl. For example, Dermapril-SP seems to offer a very solid guarantee. Other active ingredients may additionally be added to the different wrinkle products that contain Argatensyl at the manufacturers discretion.

The Good

  • Argatensyl is natural and is extracted from a fruit called argan.
  • Skin care products containing Argatensyl can be easily acquired online without the assistance of a licensed dermatologist.
  • Argatensyl may assist with tightening the user’s complexion in an innovative new fashion.

The Bad

  • There is very little data provided on the company that discovered and manufactures Argatensyl.
  • Not many skin care treatments for anti-aging actually contain the active ingredient Argatensyl at this point.
  • It may be difficult to determine if the substance Argatensyl is benefiting your skin, if other active ingredients are also found in the skin care product you use.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing different products that contain Argatensyl as an active ingredient, it appears that this substance may be beneficial to some skin types. It’s always good to see a real active ingredient that’s actually natural, or is derived from a natural source. However, this doesn’t mean that Argatensyl won’t irritate your skin. It’s a bit tough to tell what sort of potential side effects may arise with Argatensyl at this point. However, as a whole this looks like an exciting new ingredient. To learn more about this active anti-aging component, consult your dermatologist.

1 thought on “Argatensyl Review”

  1. This ingredient is listed in a “instant firm” product that was recommended to me at a local (well known) makeup/skincare retailer in Tampa. I have one deep vertical furrow on my forehead which has not responded to Botox or any of the similar Botox type products. The young girl in the store asked me if I had tried this firming/tightening product and I said no. (I am skeptical of all products that promise instant results). She took a Qtip and applied an amount (smaller than pea sized amount) to my “problem wrinkle”. She said….”it’s suppose to work in 3-5 minutes” . I was thinking…”yea right” . Although when she walked away I thought I felt a little tightening but I thought it was my imagination. She grabbed my arm and took me to the mirror and the furrow was gone. It was gone!!! It literally disappeared in less than 5 minutes. I bought this product on the spot. Of course, I thought the “lasting effect” would be gone before I got to my car. It ended up lasting about 6 hours. The cons (for me) . It gives me a headache and I feel a little tired after I apply it. If I didn’t have those side effects, I would probably take a bath in it. That’s just my two cents.

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