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Anubis Cosmetics is a Spanish company which manufacturers a range of skin care and body care products. It has a men’s skin care range as well as a separate women’s skin care range. There is an official website in English and in Spanish, and products can be ordered directly from the website. Anubis Cosmetics manufacture and sell products for individual use as well as for professional use in spas and beauty salons. The main anti-aging products for women in the Anubis Cosmetics range include an anti-cellulite product called Algae Rojas Concentrate. The main active ingredient in this product is red seaweed. There is also an anti aging moisturizing and cleansing skin care range, called the Anubis Cosmetics Origenes range.

Product Details

We know that as we age, parts of our body become more prone to cellulite. The official website for Anubis Cosmetics tells us that their anti-cellulite range combines a number of different seaweeds, namely red seaweed, brown seaweed and green seaweed. We are told that the Anubis Cosmetics product known as Algae Rojas Concentrate in this range will attack cellulite in your body, fragmenting and draining lumpy fatty tissue, and eliminating toxins from your body. We are told that if you use this product you will see visible and long lasting results after the first treatment. The anti-cellulite packs cost $120 and consists of six doses.

The official website tells us that the anti aging products within the Anubis Cosmetics Origenes range are enriched with phytohormones and isoflavones, extracted from soya and clover seeds. The manufacturers claim that the Anubis Cosmetics Origene Night Cream will regenerate and refirm you skin. The official website tells us that the ingredients in this cream include active oxygen, rosehips, phytohormones and isoflavones. It can be ordered directly from the website for the price of $86.50.

The Good

  • Many of the ingredients in the Anubis Cosmetics range are natural products.
  • The Anubis Cosmetics range has an official website in English and Spanish.
  • Products can be ordered directly from the official website.

The Bad

  • The anti-aging products and anti-cellulite products in the Anubis Cosmetics range are not the only products available on the market that contain algae and phytohormones.
  • There does not seem to be a money back guarantee nor offer of a free trial sample via the website.
  • The products in the Anubis Cosmetics range are relatively expensive.
  • Anubis Cosmetics seem to be more focused on eliminating cellulite than on treating wrinkles, which is great if you’re looking for a cellulite creams but maybe not if you’re interested in anti-aging treatments.

The Bottom Line

The products in the Anubis Cosmetics range are relatively expensive and we cannot see why one would choose them over and above other products that contain similar ingredients, especially since we simply have no comparative proof showing how this brand stacks up to others. Anubis Cosmetics could be OK anti-cellulite treatments, but we’d pick a cream that features cutting edge peptides if we were looking for a wrinkle treatment.

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