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The official website for the nutritional supplement Anthogenol tells us that it is a potent antioxidant that gives nutritional support to the vascular system, especially to the thin and delicate capillaries in the body. One of the major active ingredients in Anthogenol is Masquelier French Pine Bark. Masquelier French Pine Bark is named after Professor Masquelier who worked at the University of Bordeaux during the 1940s and made a number of discoveries in the field of health and nutrition. French Pine Bark is high in antioxidants and is especially beneficial for the vascular system in the body. The official website claims that Anthogenol will enable oxygen to be better distributed throughout the body.

Product Details

We are told that the ingredients in Anthogenol include Masquelier Original OPC’s which are rich in Flavan-3-Ols from Pinus Maritima Bark and Vitis Vinfera Seeds. This nutritional supplement is not marketed primarily as a nutritional supplement to combat aging of the skin, but rather as a nutritional supplement to improve the overall vascular system of the body. Of course, if one of the effects of taking this product is an improvement of overall distribution of oxygen to the body, this could have an enhancing effect on the complexion of your skin. It is not however a replacement for an anti-aging cream specially formulated to combat lines and wrinkles, assuming that wrinkles are your primary concern.

Anthogenol cannot be ordered directly from the official website and there does not appear to be a money back guarantee, nor any offers of a free gift via the website. The official website tells us that you can buy Anthogenol in certain retail stores, although it doesn’t tell us which ones. The official website does not give any details on the price of this nutritional supplement, but it can be ordered from online pharmacies at a price of $59.95.

The Good

  • There is a well constructed official website giving detailed information on this product.
  • Research does show that French Pine Bark does have a beneficial effect on the body’s vascular system.
  • Anthogenol can be ordered from online pharmacies.

The Bad

  • Anthogenol cannot be ordered directly from the official website.
  • There is no money back guarantee upon purchase.
  • We are told that you can buy Anthogenol in retail stores, but it does not give any details about which stores actually sell it.
  • A nutritional supplement such as Anthogenol will not replace a good quality and effective any aging treatment.

The Bottom Line

Nutritional supplements, particularly those with high antioxidant qualities, can be a useful tool in an anti-aging regimen. They do not however replace good quality anti-aging creams; rather, nutritional supplements should be used in conjunction with creams that include effective anti-aging ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000.

6 thoughts on “Anthogenol Review”

  1. I’m not interested in anti-aging but I did use this product for my circulation as I get extremely cold feet in the winter – it worked great! To this day nothing else I have tried helped but these tablets.

  2. I have been using anthogenol for approximately 2 years and have had improvement in my skin texture but the most noticeable improvement has been in my hair. There have been a few occasions when I have ran out and within weeks my hair has returned to the oily limp state it was in before taking starting these pills. If it makes such a noticeable improvement on the outside I can only assume it’s making even more of an improvement on the inside. I swear by this product and after my recommendation my mother and sisters have seen the same improvements.

  3. i just start Anthogenol capsule for about one week, i notice my skin start glowing and look nice. unfortunately my knee start getting pain, i am wondering weather i keep using it or completely stop. please some one give me advise. what to do?

  4. I had been taking Anthogenal for three weeks and I think my skin has improved. But I noticed that my knees are very painful at times and I am only 42 and never experience this pain before.

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